after the disaster at the Safeway store, where I forgot to lift a box of SpongeBob Band-Aids, along with the pastries I’ve gotten, I went home, looked at the news. By that time, the burning and trashing and burglary and theft of the Safeway store in Eugene, should have been on the TV news. It wasn’t there. It was not mentioned at all. All that fire, and people dragging food out, raiding the place, and all the attendant mayhem and the homeless guy pulling out the handgun, and nothing was mentioned on the evening local news? Wow.

I shouldn’t have been surprised.; I remember when, years ago, my sister and I had gone to the theater during the day, with my mom, in San Francisco in broad daylight. When we went into the lobby of the big theater, there were police all over the place. Nevertheless, we went in to the theater, and sat down where everybody was waiting for the movie to start. But it didn’t start. It never started. Some of the police came in along with the theater manager, and told us that we had to evacuate now, and leave the theater; no movie would be shown.

We finally figured out, yes that’s what was happening, there was a huge big bomb scare all over San Francisco, in all the movie theaters. Even though no one said anything, you could tell. As we left the lobby, and went into the street, caught a bus, to prepare to go to the car, and go back to the suburbs, we saw some of the other movie theaters with police outside, milling about, and all attendant emergency evacuating of all the theaters. They must have had some bomb threat! All the San Francisco city movie theaters were being evacuated, and everybody was spilling out on the streets. I’m sure it wasn’t an earthquake, the police don’t come in and predict there is going to be an earthquake, and get you out of the theater ahead of time!

When we went home, and did the same thing, as I was doing in Eugene, we also had turned on the news, that evening, to see what they said about it, and our little experience. They said absolutely NOTHING. There was NOTHING of any kind, about it on the news anywhere! Not local, not any of the stations, nothing on the noncommercial stations, and there was nothing on the Internet on the tv network or local PBS sites. Everybody was keeping their mouths shut. It was ridiculous because everybody knew what was going on, but the media was being told to not say anything.

Nothing had actually blown up, but they huge threat that day, threatening bomb attacks in all the movie theaters all over the city of San Francisco, and then not having any media anywhere, not even nationally, reported, just made us realize how much the media was censored whenever anything happens, and the powers that be wanted it kept secret. San Francisco did not want that bad publicity! They didn’t want to scare away all the tourists and conferences, so they were keeping their mouths shut. The federal government also had either told them to shut up, or was going along with it, or they were doing the censoring.

Whichever governments it was, the media was completely cooperating like a cute little sweet Kitty that had been declawed.no matter where I looked, in the future anywhere in print online, or in the regular news sources, that episode was never told to the public. It was ridiculous. Anything could happen in this country, in the United States, and it would never get into the news!

So if an atom bomb went off, in only one area of the country, and they didn’t want everybody else to now, whether it was the local authorities or the federal government, they would just shut  the whole thing up, like it never happened. Just let all the radioactivity and disasters strike, and not tell anyone it happened until they find out themselves.it reminded me of Chernobyl, when the deadly Chernobyl clouds with all the radiation, traveled all over the planet, and went over California and over the city. All the media had said “don’t worry, there is no harm to anyone there is so little radiation you don’t have to worry.”

we found out later, through of course unofficial sources, that it was a big lie.if you went out in the rain and traveled anywhere that day, that the cloud was supposed to be going over your region, it was just as likely anybody getting exposed, in 30 or 25 or 20 years, was going to get very very serious cancer from it. That’s actually how bad it was. As for anybody around Chernobyl, or that region, of course the Russians were’t going to tell their people. But it looked like the Americans never told there’s either!

I remember being very paranoid at the time, since I was one of those kids that grew up in the shadow of the bomb, being told to hide under my desk if this thing lit on me.apparently maybe they told the same thing to the people in Japan, if they had any indication that it was going to hit Hiroshima. “Oh don’t worry, honey just put on your kimono real quick, and hide under the desk! The nasty old thing won’t get you!”

it’s horrible to realize that you’re not really being paranoid after all, everybody else including the government and the media, is LYING. I wondered how any survivors of Hiroshima felt, probably told to just have two aspirins and a cup of saki, by doctors or medical people afterward,  and being murmured to “don’t worry, everything will be okay.” You know, being told that the hideous sunburn would go away, and so would the raging fever eventually. I think that was the symptoms of radiation poisoning.

So too, nobody in the Oregon news, for Eugene Oregon, was ever going to report by the media, that the town had been ripped open in at least one Safeway store, and everybody had burglarized the hell out of it, stomped all over each other, screamed and pretended they were animals scratching each other for fleas, desperately grabbing all the food they could, running each other over with shopping carts dangerously full, and even butting head on into any police that showed up,running them over and dropping them by the wayside. So much for the guys in blue.

I was still in shock myself because I had participated in it without any warning! Those other people whad been in a whole convoy that had been planned to rob, and take over the store, but I was just an innocent bystander I never planned to run anybody over with a shopping cart for a bunch of pastry! But it didn’t matter, everybody and all the stores in Springfield in Eugene Oregon, were robbing shoplifting all the supermarkets and even Walmart, everywhere, constantly, and not getting caught. It was already an epidemic of theft and shoplifting, having gotten out of control that way. I guess it was only another step up, to burglarizing in broad daylight, without caring if anyone saw you do it, because a whole group of you had descended on a Safeway, together, and had gutted it, and not let any store clerks stop you. I wondered, would the local store clerks and supermarket managers, start carrying shotguns in the place? It was very likely. If that happened, I guess the “mass shoppers” could also one up it, and start carrying AK-47s, or handguns from S&M gun shop on River Road.

you could always get shotguns from bi-Mart in their gun department. True, they check your ID, big deal. Make yourself a zip gun, like gangs do! Me, I had 38 special from Smith & Wesson, I was very comfortable with except the damn thing was so loud and had a kick. Also, I needed to get more practice I needed to go to Emerald Empire gun club, go out on the green and mangle a bunch of targets to hell.It only cost about ten bucks for several hours, and I really needed the practice. If everyone in Oregon was starving, and going without long-burning light bulbs, so badly, it was only going to happen again. I did not want to get stuck in the gigantic warehouse-maw of Winco discount supermarket, some day, with no protection, and an unfamiliar handgun in my purse.

You can get hurt that way; by a thousand mad shoppers! and shoot yourself in the foot accidentally, like one of those idiot cops in the sheriff’s dept, when they’re cleaning their guns!no way was I going to act as stupid as an idiot cop in Eugene Oregon! ….



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  1. It is scary how they leave things out of the news.

    There was an article out there about how our news is massive censored. When I find the link will post it here. Ive heard about other things that happened that never hit the newspapers or other media.

    I wonder what will happen to with the grocery stores, when any food shortages may come. This years’s droughts are NOT good news. Even affording the food in the first place is hard for many.

    What decade was this when they all took over the SAFEWAY?

    Yeah will any of us know what is going on if it gets that bad again?


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