NO MORE BLOG–SOFTWARE TOO SCREWED UP”– (but everything is screwed up anyway, in Eugene Oregon)



(representational piece of modern art, trying to represent GO DUCKS – – bought from Oregon artists)

The reason I am bitching and moaning and saying that I’m dumping my word press blog , are the following raisins: (snicker snicker).confidentwalk (1)

In the first place,I can’t find any way to fix this stupid word press frame on my blog, which is way too wide now, and I can’t fix it so that I can type on it properly.

Plus, when you try to leave the page,the sticker comes on:”You don’t want to leave the page do you?DON’T GO!! You will erase any changes!(which is what I was trying to do.) NO!! do not leave the page!:” and when i hit the button”leave the page,”it REFUSES TO LEAVE THE PAGE!!act13.gifbumpcrazy

YEAH. it freezes my whole screen, so I cannot leave the page! I cannot turn off the computer,or close it!!HA HA. WORDPRESS, you really fixed it, so no one can leave the page–you’re so scared they will erase their changes—which is what we’re trying to do! If we leave the page,we can erase the wrong changes we made, you dumpkoffs!! But you think we’re the ones screwing up!! So you fixed the “do not leave the page or you’ll erase your changes” so we cannot LEAVE the page at all!! We cannot turn off the computer screen!! Wow, what power and knowledge you guys have!! You made up our minds for us.  You wankers. (more raisins for you, snicker.)  I finally had to force the computer to close. ha ha. No, I’m not mad–yet. But I’m going in that direction.  :)

That is a big bad Wolf of my WordPress,.org, totally un- read by anybody on the web blog. Which they did not warn me about, when they gave me a blog. They never told me, nobody would ever read it because it

So now I have the whole job literally of transferring the whole thing over to Which is still free supposedly. But, if you look up all your instructions for doing this, you may as well go out and get a degree in computer software. Which I don’t want to do right now I am too old and I would die before it was done. Plus, the arthritis in my hands would not hold up for that._boxer__by_jSepia

So let’s start complaining about WordPress right now.I think that would be a very good idea. In the first place, okay word press, why didn’t you tell me that if I, for WordPress nobody the hell would ever read it? And it’s definitely not getting read. It’s probably because it’s not a very good blog, but it’s also not in the mainstream of anyway that’s what somebody recently told me and gave me a message on the blog. Supposedly write from WordPress. “Dear lady, please transfer all of your blog over to Nobody is reading your blog at all because you’re stuck on! – You idiot.”

so if I’m that much of an idiot, why am I supposed to be able to transfer all of my blog through your witty and simple instructions, over to Of course that’s going to be very easy to do. Especially since I can’t even figure out how to fix my margins, so that I can see the updates sign anymore. Angry_Mob_by_Sinister_Starfeesh

HOW THE HELL DO I TRANSFER MY BLOG OVER TO WORDPRESS. COM? The good fairies are just going to come over and fly it over?…Fairy_Transformation_by_Zikes

And also that’s another thing; what happened to update? The little sign on your page that lets you update when you type? I mean, that’s supposed to be there, right? Or wrong? So how I update this stupid thing? When there’s no update? So you went and changed something else on this dumb thing and didn’t tell me, as usual.

That’s what I get for having a free blog on WordPress. It’s kind of like having only extended basic service on cable TV; you can watch all those channels, but believe me if you’ve watched TV lately, you know that there’s absolutely nothing on.’re not going to be able to get anything watchable, until you upgrade to a couple of movie channels. – And pay extra.

The last time they actually wrote any good TV shows, was when they had that huge flood of science fiction shows on all the channels. That was it. And I’m not going to count all the stupid “lost” episodes. Do you remember the way they ended that show? COP OUT!  That was an absolute copout. That’s the way you get out of not knowing what the fuck to do with your ending; kill everybody off. No, Shakespeare did not do that because he was a good writer, he did that because it was the fashion. You’re not getting away with that excuse.TV writers have no relationship whatsoever to Shakespeare.

and let’s not forget the latest fiasco of that wonderful series called “MAD MEN”. Did that sucker end or not? I can’t tell. They’re not making any more. But they did not say that! Or at least not when I was watching. So I don’t know whether it’s off or not. But it is off. Ended.and there wasn’t even any ENDING. Unless the ending was supposed to be, that the main madman went off into the sunset, drinking his little alcoholic butt to oblivion. That’s not much of an ending. And  that show was definitely not “days of Wine and roses”. It was all about very risqué old-fashioned underwear and women’s girdles, and nylons, and how women were supposed to be just sex objects in the office. and men really really liked it.

Aww, the good old days!! when men were men, and they drank lots of liquor and didn’t worry about their livers.

that’s been happening a lot on TV; TV series that end without a boom, or a notice that they’re ending. So you’re up in the air, and asking your neighbors, or your friends, “say, is that show over? Or are they just haggling about wages again? And they’re always late getting the episodes out say, about a whole year?  and is Dr. who over?cause I don’t see any new episodes of that either?

“Boy do I miss the TARDIS. It Looks just like that out- house we used to have in the back.”

now let’s keep complaining and not slack off. All right, I’m going to complain about something political;HEY THERE!MR..PRESIDENT!. PRESIDENT OBAMA! Do you have any excuse for THROWING ALL  THOSE PEOPLE  OFF  OF MEDICARE  PART D WHO TAKE PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATION?    (DARLING? Sweetie?)

You think we’re all going to be very well supplied by our LOCAL mental health Department and state government?and that all those schizophrenic and psychotic people, including the ones who are dangerously criminal, criminals, on psychiatric medicine are just going to be taken care of by the local mental health department because they have plenty of funds ? And the state governments are going to be able to medicate all those dangerously psychotic, and often homeless, schizophrenics, because all the state governments have so much money?


you know that  one of them already got that Sen. in the head with a bullet. So does Pres. Obama think that he is completely protected and immune from getting one also from a very very crazy psychotic person off their medication? The medication that president Obama himself decided to stop? Because it cost too much money? And he wants to put all that money into Obama care, so you have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for your deductible or else you can’t use it? Isn’t that intelligent?

so let’s go on with our not slacking off complaint; if president Obama should get hit in the head by a bullet from a very crazy person or a very overly political person (not much difference),WHO IS he going to blame? Is he going to blame our local mental health Department, because they didn’t have to enough money to give the poor person medication? Is he going to complain about our state government because they didn’t have enough money for mental health?

No, president Obama from his sick bed, while his brain is embedded with a couple of bullets, is going to have to complain about his own program, where he decided to cut all of that psychiatric medicine out of Medicare part D. And that’s the truth.

WHY? There’s no reason a lot of our senior citizens are not particularly un – crazy themselves.after all, president Obama has really inflamed seniors in every corner of our country, by cutting $700 billion out of their Medicare. If that’s not enough to make somebody crazy, I don’t know what is.after all, my age is about 67, and I am actually riddled with neurological antidepressant medication, or else I go crazy, go down to the local gun store, buy a whole bunch of handguns and rifles, and ammunition, get a little training from the National Rifle Association, and jump on a bus to Washington DC.

who says the elderly are jovial and mature? I say they are not jovial and mature. You should see some of the people in Eugene Oregon – a lot less mature than perhaps Hades. I have known and talk to or tried to talk to, so the extremely monstrously extreme left-wing liberals, in Eugene, who have ranted and raved horrendously, so badly, that I think president Obama should start worrying now. And those were middle-aged or elderly people.

They still had a lot of steam left in them. I know that those people happen to be very angry about the extreme non-left-wing stances that president Obama has been taking, (according to them anyhow) and if you cut off their medication, they’re probably going to take the next flying saucer, gray rabbit bus, or volkswagen bus to Washington DC, and probably shoot your head off. – If you can manage to get away from one of your Hawaiian  vacations with your wife and kiddies, or failed foreign visits, and actually BE in Washington DC.minding the business.

(did you know that Hitler actually invented the Volkswagen bus? (The “People’s car”?)and I’m sure that he also approved of the Mercedes-Benz.)”that German engineering.”

I forgot, Obama; you don’t really mind the business, you actually REINVENT all the LAWS of the federal government in the country. That’s what your true job is. And you also REINVENT the Constitution of the United States. I guess that is a pretty big job. That’s why when people look on the map of the world, for the United States of America, they can’t find it anymore. It’s listed as OBAMAVILLE.

the funny thing is, I just looked up some history, of 1776. The basic reasons that the colonists revolted against Britain and went to war, were the following: Taxation without representation, by Britain.the British were taxing the colonists to death. Also, if you were a colonist, you had no rights, you could be hauled away, to prison or what ever, without any trial or jury. No phone call. It was legal.thank God that could never happen now.

(Raisins, snicker snicker.) Plenty of raisins.

it is true,that suddenly I feel lighthearted and light shouldered, because there are no burdens and worries and stress on my shoulders now that I have written this great and wonderful blog episode. It really does make you feel free and better, to get all those worries off your mind, and transfer them onto everybody else on the web.

that is, until I get plenty of visits from the FBI and CIA, if I can manage to get them to read this blog, because they now think that, as a senior citizen I am extremely dangerous. DARN. and the last time the FBI visited me, they sent really big, tall, heavy duty young guys, with scowls on their faces. all over some ranting and raving on the web, where people usually rant and rave and nobody takes it seriously.but somehow, these great agents missed out completely on all signs of the forthcoming Boston bombing. Tsk tsk. What a bad day to miss.

After all, nobody’s reading my blog!that’s what I get for Instead can never get any real terrorists on here, reading it, to make any comments.

but who cares, all that matters is, now I feel good. And relaxed. That must be the real secret of writing a blog it makes YOU feel better, never mind the people who read or don’t read it. They’re not the main purpose of it after all. :)    

(   :)   Signing off, Sandramina, in Whoville homeless village, Eugene, OR,  kicking homeless people in the shins, stepping on their dogs’ paws, and raiding their bottles of “Boone’s Farm Apple-Cherry Wine”. I am such a MEAN old lady, I still want my Medicare part D!!  Why should I let Obamacare have it?? He’s still getting bribes from insurance-companies to screw the public. And THAT is a lotta dough.  $$$$$$$$) …





I was on the telephone, with my friend Ronni, who lives in Portland, when I was reading a copy of “Northwest Boomer and senior newsletter”. My eyes lit on the meeting at the Eugene city library, February 23rd, 2 PM, that said “why are there few black people in Oregon? A secret history.” And that was what their meeting was about. “It looks like you’re not supposed to be here, and you don’t exist,” I said to my friend who  is black. “According to this, there aren’t any of you in Oregon. Only white people.”_ohdeargodno__by_Sinister_Starfeesh

“who the hell said that?” Replied my friend, very irritated;” so I don’t exist? And the rest of my friends don’t either? Who the hell do these people think they are? A secret history? What are they blabbing about?” “I know what they’re going to talk about,” I replied. “They’re going to tell about how the University of Oregon was founded by members of the Klu Klux Klan; and that Oregon was terribly racist and had lots of Klu Klux Klan members here, OH! – – And the reason why there are not huge numbers of black people here (the way they are supposed to be) is because we’re still very racist in Oregon, and the university is still really racist. I also saw these people’s video on YouTube, describing how segregated the very old university was.”creat08.gifdemon makefacesgy

my friends laughing, very loud, resounded in my ear; “oh my, that is absolutely hysterical! Like all those black organizations at the University, don’t exist? And all the black student body especially during the 60s, didn’t exist?  I guess that would leave out affirmative-action also;and all those African American political groups that were so active and involved in the University. And I guess the African-American PROFESSORS in the college don’t exist either?”lightninghitsterb231lightninghitsterb231

“Yes, and I guess the African-American studies programs don’t exist either.  Wow! I guess these people in this group are running on hallucinatory mushrooms or something. Gee,Ronni,I guess you don’t exist after all!how you feel about that? At least you don’t have to pay taxes I guess, ha ha ha ha ha!”we laughed for a couple of more was really a gas, what this “very discriminated against group” was agitating about.chasevulturestor17

What were they agitating about? THE PAST.the old and ancient past of Oregon, where there truly were Klu Klux Klan operating, and lots of members that were here. But, Oregon was typical among quite a few states in the United States that had very active Ku Klux Klan and segregation of black people.there was no mention in the propaganda of this meeting, about all the other states at that time in history who had even more active Klu Klux Klan, especially in the deep South.for some reason, this group had decided that little old OREGON, and the University of Oregon, were far worse than any of the other southern states, as far as discrimination of black people, and that’s why there were so few black people in Oregon. We were absolutely still racist to the edge.makefacesgy

I did call up this group, later on, to try and find out just exactly what its motives were, as to digging up the old past and skewering Oregon and the University with it. Just what were it’s motives anyway? I mean,  history is one thing and it’s a good thing to read up on it. But as far as saying that “there are so few black people in Oregon, because it has such a horrible racist past, and it’s still racist and bad bad bad!” – – And deliberately not mentioning how racist the other states were, except for this one.poophorskngt

And that title was really misleading; “why are there so few black people in Oregon?” – Because of the very racist and Ku Klux Klan past in this state? Except that, all of that was completely gone. Vanished into the past. Oregon was one of the most liberal and left-wing and Democrats, and pro-ethnic diversity states and universities in the whole United States. so it was a little odd that they were accusing a very liberal left wing and Democrat state, of being anti-black?buttmad209

I talked to the leader of the group, but I still couldn’t get any real answers. What was the reason for dredging all this up, and smearing Oregon with it? The only thing I could get out of them was, “Oregon is still completely racist, against black people, and all their disgusting past has to be dug up and exhibited to everybody.” I had to admit that it really did exist in history. But why, oh, why, was it to blame for tons of black people not coming here en masse, to enjoy the rain, freezing cold weather, snow, hail, and lots of GLOOM that they would absolutely just love instead of California or Miami?famlap97.gifkaostorm

so according to this group, the only thing that kept so many black people from flocking here, to enjoy all the snow and snow storms, frozen streets, broken pipes, rain, sleet, months of GLOOM without sunshine, was that nasty old Oregon and the also nasty University of Oregon, had such a bad nasty naughty anti-black person past. And that was still going on! Oh my oh my!lumineux.gifhairscared BOOM_chtiiik_booom_CHIIK_by_Pixelisto

I had never thought about that before; was it really obvious that African American people just love all that nasty lovely wet and cold weather,and it seemed they wanted to come here in large groups and settle?among all the hippies? And all the unemployed and homeless? With the very high jobless rate, unemployment, and complete lack of jobs?and all the white trash? And the huge abundant amount of working poor? And they really longed to pay high prices for food, never see the sunshine all winter, watch their gardens get destroyed by super slugs, never be able to raise tomatoes instead of accidentally raising lots of banana slugs instead?l gunsshootinglove ove13

You know Black people just LOVE BANANA SLUGS; better than corn-bread.I  had ignored  all these facts.icon_confused  makefacesgy

It just really never occurred to me before. I guess I had been blocking it out. And the fact that I had African American friends, here Kept me from realizing just how much all the other Black folk in California, and warmer climates were being kept  From moving here, and getting used to all that wonderful freezing weather we had. It just never occurred to me, DARN! I didn’t really want to think that they too, desired to get up in the morning, put on huge fluffy coats, and shovel out 6 feet of snow hindering their cars and blocking their, skidding  all over the icy black freezing highways, ending up in snowbanks, having to be pulled out by American automobile Association tow trucks.fuckyeahseakingplz

To think that we were somehow keeping them from this paradise. Tsk tsk.#2fridaythe13th

I suppose they were tiring of lovely and warm, exotic and special Louisiana and St. Louis by now; and that they wanted so much to dessert all their family, and move here to this strange wonderful and not exotic or lovely, but somewhat green, state.not to mention all the great restaurants and cooking and FOOD. After all, Oregon has such great restaurants, full of vegetarianism, raw food, odd food, fast food. The South just couldn’t hold a candle with its Paul Prudomme, Cajun and Creole cooking, crawfish and seafood. Sigh. Corn bread, fried chicken, and other yummy yummys of the South, well, they were getting so tired of that – – they wanted to rough it in Oregon and go to Carl’s Junior instead.glompunch

I talked to some of my other friends about this, and they thought I was crazy.”why in hell would African-Americans want to move to Oregon in large groups? What the heck for? There wasn’t any employment, the welfare was all gone as or no food stamps here either. The government saw to that.” I guess they were just itching to compete with all that lower white trash here, for welfare and stuff like that? Sure, I’m sure they were. It was just our terrible discriminating segregating anti-black person past that was holding them back.superduper2angry

“I don’t think that a lot of my friends would want to dessert meat,  barbecue, and go all vegan instead,” one of my African-American acquaintances,” sure, I like greens; but nothing but Greens, and no MEAT? In favor of “all organic vegetables”, macrobiotic diets, brown rice and veggie-burgers?? Your town is pretty low-down on food, if you ask me.”Gluten-free diets”?  No bread??” He did some colorful language here, and I had to chuckle.”Damn, your town is taken over by YUPPIES!! “he continued.”Those self-important, “save the world instead of the U.S.”-type, who think it makes them Queen of the May to save all of Africa?!! OH, YEAH, I’d just LOVE to live among those snot-noses!!  Not to mention–”he lowered his voice-”You got the whole population of GAY SAN FRANCISCO THERE!! SHIT, MAN. ”   “Not really your cup of tea,then?” I replied. “No, I’ll pass on that. heh heh.”  I had forgotten that he really liked WOMEN. And that did not include lesbian women. ghostgrabfood2!cid_FF78CA367CF44289B18E48B1FA797710@DorothyHP

It appeared that a few of my African-American friends had no desire to move to Eugene, or Lane County, or even visit here. “You got nothing there, honey. Those organic-range-chicken-eggs aren’t enough reason.”  “Not the small organic boutique farms either?”  “Boutique “organic” small farms, a good reason to not live there or go there. Not in my budget, Sandramina!”secretlaugh

 And I had to agree that the COOKING HERE could not hold up to the Southern parts of the United States. Eugene Oregon thought that CUP-CAKES or TOFU were the be all and end all of cuisine; did I mention they have cake made out of BEETS HERE? _slamhead__revamp_by_Synfull  makefacesgymore2leatherface

No wonder my diet was working so well; hm…”beet-cake” was not so alluring to the palate.dighole

“I am not surprised you’re losing some weight, “said Ronni, from Portland.”Yeah, cake made of beets just somehow misses out compared to black bottom pie. mud pie. or black-bottom cupcakes. Or even Oreos.  Sheet.” She then invited me to come up some time to Portland. cause she still knew old-time good cooking, and was pretty handy with an oven or a skillet. “Want me to bring anything?” I asked. “Just your appetite, sugar, “and she laughed that hearty laugh of hers. What was such a really good cook, doing in PORTLAND? The hipster city was lucky to have her. aanother1love02

What were the few black people doing in Oregon? Just unlucky I guess. They just were not aware of how racist Oregon and the university of Oregon was, nasty, segregationist, and heavily into that vanished KKK that used to be, and no longer was.  UH…that is, “Why Are there so few black people in Oregon?”-group was well into it , being obsessed by it. The rest of us could easily live without it. 

I was heavily into fried chicken myself.   :)  _piethrow__by_de_Motemakefacesgyfry

(Sincerely, Sandraminda, in racist and liberal-left–wing Democrat Eugene Oregon, home of “beet-cake” and other lovely organic tidbits. )  > :O    GAG!!!makefacesgy




(picture donated by Java frustrated artist with bamboo pen tablet)

my problems began, when I was forced, against my will, to update my computer with Java eight update. Thus began my many trials. After trying all the instructions on Oracle website, and Java website, and e-mailing to salesman, and developers, and executives of Oracle, trying out their instructions and failing to get Java eight from blocking all my websites, so I can’t use them, I give up._fuckthis__by_crakaemotes (1)

I even called up my really good computer repair man “savvy duck”,_bored__by_royaba-d3307fkquack quack. He gave me some advice, and I tried those instructions, and it still didn’t work. All the art and other websites I went to, which required Java to run their applets or their chat rooms, all tanked. I was banned! By Java eight! b278100686fa02f8c779e2626006b33e (2)– – From using my websites! So were other people. I went on YouTube, to find help, and everyone else was complaining, in the business world, the Java number eight with fucking them up so badly, they did expensive and time–wasting computer maneuvers, so they could finagle their computer systems, to use a lower grade Java instead.Jumpin___On_the_Bed_by_AutumnOwl

THAT was very discouraging to hear. All the big businesses, were having trouble because Java would run for them either! Ouch! So how was I going to fix my little stupid computer situation? I didn’t have that much money to hire an engineer! They literally banned me from quite a few websites that way. When you try to run an applet for example, from “”, a big sign comes up saying “security block, Java denies entry to insecure site.!” Or some other kind of Nazi – certificate blocking mechanism. All of our former certificates for the websites, were no longer good enough for Java number eight.Mousetrap_lolz_part_2_by_Droneguard

however, I did find out a secret,_granny__rewamp_by_MenInASuitcase with all my investigation, and hiring a private detective or two; all of this Java update security blocking, is not being done by an American company. It is being done by a middle eastern,ISIS terrorist – organization, that is very tech savvy, and come up with this idea, to bribe Oracle2or3rdxmennightcrawler to screw up their new Java to hell, and all our technology would fall apart. Nobody would be able to get any business done, because Java number eight would deny all entry.and deny all functions to operate. So technically Oracle is doing it, but they’re being paid a bonklersWHOLE LOT OF TERRORIST MONEY, to destroy our use of Java.

Reason being,employ04.gif gangstermachgun everybody in the world need Java to run their computers. So,ISIS guys, who are doing all this stuff on the Internet, so well, that they are getting little kids girls and boys, to run away from their homes, in America and in Europe, run over to the Middle East and join ISIS! (that is really happening, kiddo.) funsupermarketcart– – Is also so computer savvy, after luring all those kids to join them, and not let them go home, ha ha! arhh– – Is also fucking up Java so it can collapse the whole business world, and, all of we users.

just remember you read it here first.abandon_all_hope_sign_by_sanguineepitaph-d36w8mi Oracle’s Java is a  terrorist plot, bribed by ISIS to destroy the business world. And it’s working. Thank you so much, Oracle! Somehow, during all this war, I hope we find a good substitute software, for Java, that will run all our computers. Instead of Oracle!3or4thhitler

You ROTTEN _iconclapthanksplz__by_hecklerink-d4rs2ld little bastards you, I hope you enjoy all your 27,000 virgins in heaven!don’t buy any used computer parts!

Allah,` be praised! (I’d put up a satirical picture of Allahfiredevil but you’d bomb my blogExplosion_by_LedMaiden and haul out my ass, and cut my head off! On videotape!_Electrocuted__by_DEVlANT Not the way I want to be remembered.)too bad you guys don’t turn around and do the same thing to Oracle!zombie10.gifhit

JAVA, be praised!_vulcan__REVISED_by_GreenStarrySkies (1)

( Sandraminadotty, in nonfunctional,053.gif  Old Guy em.broke, crooked, corrupt, and very allergic Eugene Oregon, home of many many freeway systems, and highway accidents. Oh, and legal pot we can’t afford anyhow.) yashimogi :)   …





(badly done art by college student, on Bill Gates federal aid, not a legal citizen, who cares?)

As I was saying,_blowing_tree__by_luckylinx until I was rudely interrupted by reality, I couldn’t find out this question, which is why I am asking all you intrepid readers. (We hope you’re out there anyhow.) Now, my friend Carolyn is still working. She’s in her 60s, she has to, Social Security will give her practically nothing. And, she missed that footnote in history called, “figure out how to get a good stockbroker,and invest in very foreign (i.e., OIL) non-volatile stocks.”mangapunksai

instead, she got dumped by her husband, and now she’s making a pitiful wage, and she never learned that very important lesson that all women have to learn. “If you get married, do all that surrenderstuff for many years,and he dumps you finally, get a good attorney and make sure you get plenty of EVERYTHING.” That’s because Carolyn is a NICE woman.boogie

Let’s face it, “Dynasty” – material she’s not.  glomp

Now, she is getting SOME kind of medical insurance, but she was just recently told she has to have surgery, on a benign growth. They told her “it will cost you $4,000, your insurance won’t pay for it.” And she answered ,batty “I don’t HAVE $4,000!” they replied, “okay, you can make it in very large payments .” – – Which she is now stuck with.she’s planning to hit church – charity  – dinners, that go to the  homeless. She’s also going to try and get to be eligible for food pantries.stinkeye

Good luck, Carolyn._crying__rvmp_by_bad_blood_crying__rvmp_by_bad_bloodYou’re in that very “delicate” condition; _BRB__by_Axel_iixvyou WORK for a living, which is pretty rare in LANE COUNTY, and Eugene. since she doesn’t make very much money, I started to wonder:

“HOW COME the “Affordable Care Act” is not helping?”YO_WAKE_UP_by_de_Mote

“I don’t get this,” I posited to Carolyn, who was having a cup of very cheap tea. ” how come the affordable care act is not helping you with that surgery cost?” Carolyn looked at me as if I were stupid. (That’s debatable.) “Because.disbelief…”

–She whispered in my ear, “I am WORKING FOR a living!”I_Run___with_BOOKS_by_AutumnOwl

“THE TRUTH HURTS, GENTLE READER.”_mypeeyourpleasure__by_GuyFlash

I was shocked; “wait a minute!”stupidme2 I gasped. “You are LOW INCOME!!I don’t get this! Isn’t the affordable care act supposed to help people like YOU? The dispossessed, dumped, very low income, working divorcee?you even have a kid! Well, a teenager,they’re not human scared086– –”. “I have a list,” said Carolyn calmly,” which I made after a great deal of Internet, web, and alternative BS investigation, and I found out who the affordable care act is actually helping.” I looked at it._vulcan__REVISED_by_GreenStarrySkies

Gentle reader, here it is:

(1.) Every member of Congress, Senate,heart2_by_amazinadrielle-d7d8xoc or  who has a  very plush and nice salary, who works in the White House or in federal government.

(2.) Every member of the wealthy Trump family.sparklysueplz– includes Ivana & Ivanka and pets.

(3.) Everybody who vacations in Palm Beach and Hyannisport.lilboxofrainbows52ee3039987cbb012a4124a751b7988e-d3hrfog

(4.)everybody who is in prison. abandon_all_hope_sign_by_sanguineepitaph-d36w8mi

(5.) And this is the biggie; everybody who is NOT WORKING. crazysoloplz– – Getting money some other way, but not work.(?)

(6.)  I said; “are you sure of these facts?you are working, are you not?” She answered, “I try!”Chemist_emoticon And then I looked at her next-door neighbor, with five or six or eight kids; “is she still on the Dole?”ihavecaekplz I  pointed to her next-door neighbor. Carolyn answered in the affirmative, I pointed out that the other next-door neighbor, behind her, didn’t even speak English, and THEY were getting the affordable care act!(???) headache

(7.) “I also happen to know”, said Carolyn, “,that wealthy Manhattanites,clap2 in NYC who are getting that low-cost, fixed rate, cheapo apartments, erroneously, also, in my research happen to get the affordable care act.BLOOMBERG is getting the affordable care act! foreign diplomats are getting the affordable care act! Their old retired relatives, who are getting Social Security here, also erroneously, are getting the affordable care act and Medicare! Everybody is getting it, EXCEPT ME!” and she commenced sobbing .  it was time for vodka again.  boogie

(8.) Gentle reader, I forgot to list the most important people of all, who are really getting the affordable care act: all the insurance companies, and president Obama. bonklers _smooch__revamp_by_web5ter-d4lxjom (1)Angel_vs__Devil_by_Droneguard Skipping_rope_by_brgttlaplayplzreachforthestarsplz

(9.) Are YOU biggrin getting the affordable care act? Are you working or not?  going to school? your family in the Fortune 500?  you a citizen? Do you even live in the United States?are you a Republican, with a big fat trust fund? Are you a Democrat, ditto? Or, are you Gov. Kitzhaber? Are you his “questionable spouse – who he knows nothing about?”are you a civil servant, which automatically makes you eligible for the affordable care act? Especially in Oregon.

_blowing_tree__by_luckylinxAFFORDABLE CARE ACT POLL:_blowing_tree__by_luckylinx

_grumpcat__by_synfull-d4uph2mARE YOU GETTING IT?–OR NOT?_crying__rvmp_by_bad_blood


llama_superOR, NOT WORKING?_bored__by_royaba-d3307fk

betterphotographerWE WANT TO KNOW!! NOW!! HERE!!2cheerdance TODAY!!2facepalm YEAH. #2frankenstein

#2maracasdanceplease use the handy-dandy comment machinery, at the bottom of the page, or where ever it is,diesofhappiness

backand orthandbackand forth stor09and let us know, just where you fit in or where you don’t!goodgothicguitarist

funsupermarketcartand if you’re a billionaire or that from family, or you have a nice that trust fund or you are in Congress 3or4thhitler or the Senate, tell us anyway,againjasonkills

gangstershotguncost02just don’t leave your real name. That’s fair. THANK YOU!raindanceplz

(Sandraminadottypancakeglompplz, in Oregon, going broke,love Angel!cid_20130424020056_13093maild0@gmx and wondering just WHOlipsglued is getting it, anyhow?!) raining_day_by_MenInASuitcase: (           through_the_window_by_kinnisonarc-d4irosv_blowing_tree__by_luckylinxfree_avvie__pirates_or_ninjas_by_snowshi-d4md7ea



it’s almost Halloween; it’s finally raining,rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP and the scariest thing is, LANE COUNTY and the CITY OF EUGENE has decided to raise your property taxes again..Kill_em_all

BOO! Trick or treat! Lane County get the treats, and we taxpayers get the TRICKS.


“MERKLEY THE TURKLEY”:a468f07140636137780b988b2f5c5412-d4mfxng


Carolyn has just come over, with her voters pamphlet, trying to figure out if there’s anything she should vote yes on. I am also studying mine, so we have a cup of coffee or tea, and milk, and try not to smoke with the stress, or drink alcoholic beverages, and figure just who in the Liberal Democratic Party is too much of a ghoul to vote for. “I’m not voting for Merkley,” says Carolyn, reaching for her cigarettes.a994c1616fafaa3b128d8afd2057ef25

“You’re not smoking those in here! And yes, Merkley is a Turkey. Or is it “Merkley is a turkley”?either way, don’t vote for him. You’re correct,” I answered.Carolyn hummed,_drummer__by_brokenboulevard-d1wl224 and anxiously taped her pen. “Can you figure out if there’s anything we should vote yes on, in all the bills and propositions?” She asked.Animal_Emote__Squid_by_neko_senpai

“Well,” I replied, tapping my own pen,computernotfixthrow” I think we should probably just vote no on everything to be safe. After all, every single one of them cost us a lot of money. – That we don’t have.and it does say in the newspaper, all the Lane County property taxes are going up, we’re going to end up paying at least $100 a year more, all of us. Maybe even we are going to get hit paying a lot more taxes anyway! We don’t need to pass any of these hefty little propositions, trying to get us to get in debt for more money.”bottle_llama_badge_by_yuikoheartless-d486pib

“what about that marijuana proposition? Should we vote in pot? It’s already in here all over the place.” Ask Carolyn.cake_for_shifteh_by_amazinadrielle-d551g1n




I pondered that hefty question; “it’s not supposed to be taxable806aa7003bff29b28e79f6243b397f97-d55f0u4, if we pass that proposition,” I said,.” That’s what I read. This one is erroneous. And, boy, if anything needed to get taxed, it’s POT. Everybody has been making tons of money off of it, except the IRS and the taxpayers. The government has its “war on drugs”, which also turned out to be aloveloveplz“billion-dollar tax war on taxpayers”. So don’t you think it’s about time, we can finally get some back taxes, all of that stupid herb tea they call marijuana?.”

“yes,” said Carolyn. “And I don’t like that this one says “we will also taxpixel_blue_ladybug_by_jericam-d4lebwd MEDICAL marijuana, on this proposition.” I don’t like that at all, what if I get fibromyalgia, or PTSD, or cancer, and I need medical marijuana?” “You’re absolutely right about that,” I answered, “considering the way you smoke cigarettes, I think you need to switch52fcd212647cea1ffbbddb2aff2f5b75 over to smoke pot now. The only thing that would happen to you with too much pot would be all your breasts would get bigger.” Carolyn looked at me, oddly.”oh”, I added, “I forgot; the dentist has told me, the pot smoke will give you very bad gum disease. So I recommend that you EAT it in brownies or cookies it’s the best way anyway for a good high.particularly oatmeal cookies with raisins.”biggrin(1)

“I am worried about one thing,”Coffee_Drinker_Glomp_by_BurgerBunny said Carolyn, looking worried; “how do I know that if marijuana is so legal, that all the kids will get it also?” “You know,” I thought seriously, out loud. “That’s really true! Now, instead of having to go to your friendly illegal drug dealer, you would have to go to your friendly legal pot store, and I bet they let kids get it too.” “You mean there wouldn’t be any difference?” Questioned Carolyn. (The Botox in her fore head wasn’t doing it any good.)”well,” I mused, “if it’s legal, I hear that it’s a lot more expensive to buy. That’s different. So maybe that would keep kids from buying it?”BRAINS_Glomp_by_TheRockster

Carolyn kept on thinking.Purple_Dance_Emoticon_by_CommanderX_2Fan_Club “Wait, just a minute! It’s making all the pot more expensive to buy?so what’s the damn difference anyway?” “You now, I’ve been thinking about that; legalizing it makes it more expensive to buy, they want to tax it; your local drug dealer becomes unemployed also he has to go on welfare.or, he has to go back to smuggling firearms again. And, he probably has to go in more heavily for cocaine and heroin dealing.. I don’t know. What difference does it make for it to be legal? You don’t get arrested?”greennoesplz_rainbowvomit2plz__by_8_bitcoffee-d4gq8sk

Carolyn looked at me grimly as if I were an idiot, which is debatable anyhow.”in Oregon,” she said slowly, so I could comprehend her, “people very rarely get arrested anyhow!” “Yes, but if you’re dealing, or selling, or if you get caught with too much, you wind up in prison!” I replied. We looked at each other; it was an unpleasant experience. “So we’re just making it legal, so the people who have a whole lot of it, or grow it, or sell it, don’t get arrested and put in prison? And for this, we have to pay more money for our pot!”tarkie


“WHO GETS THE ADVANTAGES OF LEGALIZED POT?????”  Rainbow_Happy__Or_Crazy_by_LemonARTs


“I guess that’s one way of looking at it,” I replied, getting upset. (I’m still trying not to drink.)_dontpushme__by_5P_emotes“but, don’t look at it that way! Look at it as if, we are financially sponsoring all those people who have a lot of it, or grow it, and don’t want to wind up in prison.”Carolyn kept considering that. “I still don’t get it!” She replied growling. “Making it legal is supposed to make it more advantageous for US, not the people who were making all that money off of it.” “It is true, that people in Oregon particularly, are talking about what a great new business it is, and how it’s really opening up the business world.” I said, gingerly. “So, if I really wanted to take advantage of legalizing pot, I should be a businessman? And not just a smoker? Or a toker?or a drug dealer?” She kept talking. I tried to think my way out of this mess; “okay, it takes millions and millions of dollars, to put pot growers and pot dealers, and smokers, in prison. Okay? It might save on that money, on our taxes.”Carolyn finally got a hold of her brain._disembowel__by_Waluigi_Prower

“I guess it depends on which side you’re on, as to whether or not it cost you more money, or you make more money off of it.” She finally replied. “AND,” I said further, “all of this pot will be LEGALLY REGULATED, and they will package it, and sell it, and it will be a processed food item, kind of. You know? Like going to a small supermarket? Instead of buying it off the back of a truck somewhere?that will make it so much better quality, I’m sure.” Carolyn thought even more, which for her was a supreme effort;Ice_Skating____by_Waluigi_Prower

“yeah, look how much better food is,that is regulated by the state and the County_sickle__or__scythe__by_Waluigi_Prower and the federal government, just the way all those huge meat factories are regulated. They do such a good job with them.” I insisted. “All that meat and all that chicken that has to go through all those meat and chicken_molotovcocktail__by_Waluigi_Prower factories, is always tremendously safe, and top-quality! That that will also happen to your pot supply! Wouldn’t that be great? I’m sure eventually big business would get a hold of it.maybe fast food restaurants would sell it too!”_caek__by_Link3Kokiri

we decided to table that one, because we just couldn’t make up our minds.but all the bills and propositions that made all the taxpayers cost more money, we answered as “NO”.harlemshake




when we got to the one on the ballot, that said “all airline traffic, to African countries, is now banned. All people and products from any African companies, are now banned from the United States.” I looked at it; “I don’t think that one should be on there yet?” I asked slowly. “Isn’t that jumping the gun?” “I don’t know,” replied Carolyn.”how did it get on the voters pamphlet? I don’t even remember it.”paranoid(1)

“Is it a write – in– Bill, at the last minute of printing?”_starewoo__by_dbestarchitect I mentioned.” Sometimes they do that.” “it said online, at one of the alternative news resources, that they’re already putting it on the ballot,” replied Carolyn. “I never heard THAT!!”I was horrified. “They got some judges in New York City, to secretly start adding it to all the November propositions all over the country. I guess it is that the New York City thing,huh? They’re  freaking?maybe they should just cool it and smoke more pot.”kunoichi-kari

I carefully looked at the tiny writing, below that Bill, on the pamphlet; the judges had okayed the bill, and delivered it all over the country, with the excuse and legal explanation that”She__s_a_Screamer____by_Zmann966


“Drs..”Drs. without Borders”, hospitals, healthcare workers,and the CDC, , and all health administration in the United States, and the federal government,, are found to legally be such idiots, and so inept, careless, and completely out of their minds, that the only way to regulate safely, E bola,is to completely stop all foreign airline traffic, not only to African countries, but to all foreign countries. And to stop all foreigners, including Africans and otherwise, from flying to the United States. If passed, this ban will be in immediate usage.”               crakaemotes


Carolyn gasped, dropped her voters pamphlet, her pen,, and her bottle of vodka(Dewars)_crakafail__by_crakaemotesand her chaser, and looked astonished. “OHMIGOD!” She exhorted. “I can’t believe it! A bunch of New York City judges finally did something INTELLIGENT! Nobody will believe it!” “And,” I replied also, squinting at the tiny print under the bill,” they also did something fantastically conservative and right wing. Maybe they should all get an award.or be booted out of the Democratic Party, I can’t decide which.”2b7b9109a54215030bc9241085e1ef01-d7n4wil

“it also says in the newspaper I noticed, that all those super–duper–cleffa_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a43nm billionaires, who made so much money off of the American public, are going to donate billions and billions of dollars, of it, to all put into Western Africa, to try and stop Ebola right at the bodily– fluids– contact, and sexual– bodily –fluids– contact, –stage, right in Africa, because Liberia and those other African countries are such nice lovely people. And I guess we in the United States are not.I kind of agree with that,  —NOT.”bronzor_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a43a7

Carolyn was still gasping, but she picked up her ballot,  nidoran_f_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a4998 and started marking; “that’s the only one on the ballot I’m going to mark YES on!” she said, happily. “Just think of all the things that could happen, if America was globally cut off from the rest of the world, by airplane!” “Yes,” I said, picking up the spark of her happiness quickly; “I am starting to think.1303885711_luxray_la__dpwolf_by_litecrush-d3ezshu

“Well, a lot of businesspeople would have to do their business HERE, _typhlosion__x_y_typhlosion_by_bouncerarceus-d7au9ut  in the United States, and tourists would have to do their vacations, HERE, instead of abroad.” “Our tourist industry and our business industry would make more money instead of foreign!” Cheered Carolyn. “what else would happen? Lots of other diseases, like TB, and Arab terrorists taking over airplanes, wouldn’t happen.” “Kind of lousy for the airline industry,” I said, “they’d have to do with zooming their little tails all over the United States, and I guess that would be boring. How many times can you go back and forth from Arizona to New York City anyhow, without getting too drunk? Or throwing up? Especially in tourist.”_pokemonstuff__by_arrioch


VOTING OUT “E-BAMA”:OR JUST STARVING THAT LAW TO DEATH?   bonsly_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a43aj


while we pondered this_WhiteRabbit__by_MenInASuitcaseridiculous but fascinating and exhilarating Bill,we picked through the rest of them. “I’m not voting for any Democrats,” said Carolyn again, “just on general principle.” “Fine with me”, I said, “it’s kind of like voting on keeping in King Louis of France, in the federal government; More Democrats, more taxes, E-Bama; ” “is that what they’re calling it now? “E-Bama”?it does sound kind of catchy.”bonklers

“Unfortunately, too catchy. You look feverish, Carolyn. Are you sweating?” I asked, worridley. “have you been traveling to west Africa lately?” “No,” said Carolyn, looking a little sick.” But in Eugene Oregon, I think one of our sister cities is Nigeria, isn’t it? Don’t they get Africans here all the time, from Africa, like African students, African health workers, and all those wonderful “Drs. without Borders- who- go -everywhere- and -catch- everything”?” “it is a problem,” I said succumbing to the bottle of (Dewars) with the mixer. Just too stressful!firedevil


DRIVING AS UN-AMERICAN-ADVANTAGE:hang_on_by_ridley126-d4e7ge3


“I can’t make head or tail,” remarked Carolyn again, with another vodka bottledoraemon-and-nobita(Grey Goose Orange, this time),” that the one where, illegal immigrants, would get special licenses, to drive legally in the United States, without paying any money, and without getting a real license, I just don’t dig it!.” “gosh,” I remarked, sleepily, “I sure could use a drivers license like that! And all you need, is to be an illegal-alien! Not an American citizen! Where do I sign up?”

“says here, in the fine print,Showdown_by_blaahy for the sponsors of the bill, “that illegal aliens who get all this wonderful nondrivers license, will also get served in advance at all DMV offices. And they will also get free turkeys, on Christmas and Thanksgiving, and get advance appropriation of all food banks. – And any civil service jobs, up, they get all them first.”_omgpineappleplz__by_5P_emotes


“Wow! I never considered how great it would be, TO NOT BE AN AMERICAN!!”  Hang_in_there_by_TheKingArthurWonder


“that is absolutely splendiferous,” f06cffa86ebdc50bc0f61642bf813ac5I gasped now, trying to get the bowl of lemons.”how do we get all of that?_BeatingMyselfUp__by_MenInASuitcaseJust renounce our American citizenship, while still living here illegally?study Spanish, and go live among them for a while? Get one of those fake, ill legal birth certificates? Or do we just have to show the one, (fake) that shows that we are citizens of Mexico?Saber_Fight_by_BurgerBunnyI’ve heard that really works in foodstamp offices in California!”_ILIKEHOTGIRLS__by_crula (1)(Certified and true fact.)

it would be kind of like living off the fat of the land, without having to shell out for the meat.and, the butcher shop could not charge you for it!_beercontest__by_MenInASuitcasesome other poor American shnook, would finally have to pay for US,and all those many,hard years of income tax would just fall away like yesterday’s hang-over. Those honest, law-biding, hard-working, STUPID DOLTS cookienomplz (1)( I mean,that is,some square-middle-class-or-working-class-innocents who still believe in obeying the rules,) could get finally broke – – instead of us. Just like the super rich,_congrats__by_MenInASuitcase and just like the super illegal,_hitwithbat__by_ledmaiden-d2zk8ru we would not get hit over the head with federal, state, and local taxes, we couldn’t pay.

OLE!!!  MAMA-MIA!!!  AII, CHIU-UA-UA! XO-CHI-MIL-CO!! (??)#2maracasdance

Carolyn and I,finally finished off those left over opened, bottles of vodka, act17.gifdiscodancingemotesand mixer,and decided to get fake passports, fake IDs, fake certificates  that say,you came from Mexico City, and fake birth certificates, that say you were born in Xochimilco.( ??I think I gotta get my Española espellinga under control.)drinkingdrink_by_chimajra-d30ge80


We were going to turn in our voters’ pamphletsandcryingohhnospecialmoviedancer act21all right, as a last duty, to our extinguished citizenship.and next? “We need to find some really good drugstores, that have those very nice, Dr. approved “self tanner, lotion – and spray” tanning solutions. “You think I’ll look good as a brunette?” Said Carolyn, who’s a spiffy blonde. “Don’t lose any weight, you look very good,” I replied. “And keep on smoking those cigarettes, especially Marlboros. But you have to switch over to CERVEZA. “teethyspoint09 “At least that’s an advantage over that expensive CRAFT BEER!”anotherflyingmombackand forth stor14 Said Carolyn, getting her coat, and looking for her zapatosmoreconfused. “Do you suppose I could go to Portland, to hang out, and get into that drug dealing scene?” “What ever way now, if they legalize it, you might be out of a job, Merde!!so maybe you’d just better start voting Democratnewelectronicdance, after this particular November ballot.—play up to the hipsters, liberals, who LOVE EVERYONE , except Americans.”sun_and_moon_by_stickfigures123-d5vhxupCarolyn nodded her head, gracefullylet__s_dance__by_web5ter-d54kcpr,and said “I can do that. I hate myself regularly anyway. By the way,do  you know how to make a really good margarita?”screamingpumpkin


(Sandraminadotty,witchbroom hoping to vote herself right out of being a tax-payer;  2ndcopygangnamdancesecuredownload

c39947bb2efc9d69 (1)(Bee__Free_icon_by_TheDeathOfSenoh, and aren’t those littlexebeckle-il-ziluf“anti-GMO’”sasdf_llama_by_sweetcreeper132pl-d72jg27-sunflower-seeds-voter-organic-millions-flowers_by_electro_art-d4y0qeidollar-campaigners-out-of-state-legislators-regulators”_cauldronaruto__by_LeoLeonardo just TOO CUTE for words??Bee__Free_icon_by_TheDeathOfSen  I’ve always wanted to use flourgoomy_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a49ke and grain with plenty of grasshoppers anddurant_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a4460 WEAVILS  IN IT!! HEY, they’re organic!! ekans_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a445dI never turn down an excuse to eat beetles_iconclapthanksplz__by_hecklerink-d4rs2ld in my corn,and chomp down oncaterpie_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a4394 fat tomato-worms, when i get a chance!!-_piranha_plant__by_darkmoon3636-especially in rye bread!!  crap on people who don’t likeBee__Free_icon_by_TheDeathOfSen the taste of our insect bros and sistahs!!party2  It’s just “foreign cuisine”!!and you know that Eugene is such a sophisticated and progressive, foodie, community!

MUNCH-ON-A-CRICKET-TODAY!! THEY’RE O.K.!!!   Black_and_White_by_FreeStyledLove


 cute_robot___free_avvie_by_r0se_designs-d4ki7adgif176.gifblackkittyempllama  ani07.gif wizardHAPPY   ALL-HALLOWS’ EVE!!  0115_by_Adsero  HEEE HEE HHEE!!!_rain__by_darkmoon3636:)    mangapunksai   absolut  fantasy04.gif witchstirpot  0115_by_Adsero fantasy06.gif makezombie





(represents,NEW HOUSING, of 2 hundred, million, new housing developments coming in Eugene Oregon, only next Spring,, with 2 million, or 75 million later


I was trying to avoid the local news I had dug up, concerning the above, 2 million new housing units in Eugene alone, and the increasing all those 75 million home units in the future. I was trying to figure out if, they were talking about the state of Wisconsin.?? All of those houses and new developments in Eugene and Lane, County? WHERE were they going to put all that “housing density”?Emoticon_oo1_by_QueenOfElves

This type of housing development was called “Los Angeles”.– NOT “housing density”! 712f24aead05a0bb893ad150758cf23a

oh,yes, and also, all the huge developments companies, did not like all those nasty little safety federally supported, “train horns” for the trains, they got in their way. Yes, the darn things were too loud, and they told everybody “your development is going to be right by a railroad, and a rail yard, so you’ll be hearing those regularly when you buy one of our houses.”begging_emote_by_mirz123-d599cqk

and everybody in this County and Eugene knows, “what the major housing developers want, the major housing developers get.”Skipping_rope_by_brgtt

welcome to the near future, and “Eugene –Los Angeles –housing–development– city.”!!_trash__by_mazka

I was just about ready, to type the whole news item up, and try and get somebody here to publish it, so the public would know what was the meantime,my Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictation software, pooped out on me completely, and when I called up the support services of nuance, they told me the wrong thing. I found out later, they’re support services were for ASS HOLES_blowing_tree__by_luckylinx. That’s what they decided we were, their customers; because they got everything wrong, and told me to do the wrong thing to fix Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Wonderful! And now I had to go to RadioShack, and get a new “USB hub outlet,” to make it work which turned out to be completely WRONG. And naturally, Nuance has no “feedback” or “complaint department of any kind”. What they do is they just IGNORE COMPLAINTS.fancydanceplz.giftea

Radio Shack has been in a state of delusion every since they were born; their delusion is, their stuff works. ha ha. I would laugh, but the pain in my arms. elbows, fingers, whole arms is really bad. thank you Radio Shack. And THANK YOU NUANCE AND DRAGON NATURALLY SPEAKING.ff39.gif sick

BECAUSE of all of you, my last night “electronic rage”, trying to install something that does not solve the problem, has no power outlets, is full of snakey twisting cables, all aiming to screw with your head(where is the usb port in the back?NOTHING IS LABELED.) HEY, NUANCE, GIVE IT UP! I have to also shop for new dictation ware from a different company now.  I am in a state of:firelite-photom1605.gifhorsekik

ELECTRONIC RAGE:gangstershotguncost02

.THERE, I SAID IT. everyone in the world except for a few lucky primitive people some where(and that involves the middle east also_) is having electronic rage; now I have NO PHONE; it got unplugged, from electricity and I finally realize WHY PEOPLE USE CELL PHONES.118.gif pandaseestv

Just look at your computer, with tons of back wall twisting cables, lines, you have no idea what to do with; and if we non-techies mess with it, trying to just install a usb port, hug,. our masses of twisted, messy, and non-labeled cables rise upbettermichaelmyersstab as cobras biting us everywhere—and disconnecting the fucking cheap phone,with not a chance of figuring out how to reconnect it. There is no place to connect it, all my house is massed with computer cables, wires, tv, computer. you name it!!2ndcandymanarhh

..Now you realize why people have cell phones; it is not to be safe, call for help, or do anything else; socialize, look chic. 3or4thhitler

It is because your computer power, cables, out lets, you name it. rearing up as menacing killing cobras, will never let you hook up a wall or desk phone again. they have taken over completely._IDidntSayIdFightFairISaidId___by_MenInASuitcase

THAT IS THE REAL REASON, people use cell phones, even the poor. Computers. cable,. all this has taken over your houses power outlets,and every wall in the house. You just cannot have a hook up to wall, power or anything else, stupid phone anymore.another2crazy

And ever since 4 am in the morning, you have been in electronic rage; nothing works!!it is disconnected phone,and Nuance dragon does not work,and will never work. You got the real reason for electronic rage; electronics. the electronics companies. Yes!!NO, it’s not you who are insane, it is THEM. THEY. WHATEVER. The huge mass of black phone line, cable line, power line computerdeskwrk2!cid_06A2C7D86B554AA8A93E46F83F0C6E36@DorothyHP mouse attachment(which is not unconnected with the phone) does not work for you. You are an ordinary person,and not an electronics expert. Nor are you even a computer expert on YOUR COMPUTER.

AND it is not you who are insane cause you cannot figure out where the usb port in the back is, this is planned by electronics people, to make you use repairmen. Relax!! it is not you; it is the whole fucking industry.  anotherflyingmombackand forth stor14

Fuck you, Bill Gates. .Fuck you,. computer and electronics industry. thanks a whole ton for fucking up my life!!againjasonkills

But if you are like me, that average person, you are now very dependent on a computer, in your home,and you can’t just get rid of it. Never!!swordfightpiratecost01

We are all addicted, as is every company govt. dept. and anything you have to connect to. it’s all on the stupid ‘puter. In case your computer or the web went down? We would all huddle into little balls,and not eat or drink, or breathe until it was all connected again; we are in the  state  of COMPUTER COMPLETE-DEPENDENCE. IF THE WEB WENT DOWN?? EVERY THING in life would crash!!Can you imagine making a system like this?and not having a back up “web” or carrier pigeons, or message services ?Bring out the Harry Potter owls, we will need them. 2mummy

ISIS is missing the whole thing to kill us all off with; hey, buddy, shut down the web!! we would all instantly die!! every govt. dept. company,bank, stock exchange, wall st., news,  you  name it;the modern world has an Achilles Hell the size of Wisconsin. (moo moo!)_mooseskii__by_moosebots-d4pnwr7

Yes, you Neanderthal idiots with big swords;bigflyingbatall you have to do is KILL THE WEB. CUT IT TO PIECES. 2or3rdxmennightcrawlerYou would take over the whole world, Jihad!! And they are a lot more vulnerable than they think. Try to think like a modern idiot,and not a back-water continent Oakie.  If you hired an illegal hacker or too, you would take over the world.BoogaBoogaBooga_by_Droneguard

OH MY GOSH, HERE COMES THE FBI AGAIN.  I spilled the beans again. Sorry, FBI, I really like you and Muldar and that cute little redhead agent.But every computer jockey anywhere, knows if your major power sources that run the web, were cut, or even messed up, all the western world would be in electronic rage and hysteria. You would rule!! ugh.  2ndspitefullaugh

They would all only have their cute little cell phones left,and that is nothing.firedevil

(to be continued when I heal up; new stuff about how electronic rage, and the ISIS idiots who don’t get this, will be talked about. thank you.—Sandraminadotty in Eugene Oregon  :)    )    :)   go_canoeing_by_marty_iceangel-d2xttwu          ..


after an initial investigation, of the town (major city) of Eugene, Oregon, which used to be a town, in the County of Lane, my investigations have discovered that one of the best towns to live in the United States, in the future, and present time, will NOT BE Eugene Oregon or this County. This research was developed, in accordance with extensive web-based and underground secret affiliated organizations, news departments, major affiliated associated news,off the beaten track, and by Bugging the Lane, County and Eugene offices of the mayor, the Council,, and local government agencies. since all major political and government departments and agencies, and offices of Lane County, and Eugene Oregon, have all been secretly bribed by huge housing developers, this whole area will be a major huge development very similar to Los Angeles California. – – Complete with all the disadvantages, crime, gangs, drugs, only not as culturally sophisticated. That means, we are going to inherit every single bit of Los Angeles California’s problems, and we’re going to add our own. This will not be a good place to live. It will be a good place to AVOID. _blowing_tree__by_luckylinx

Sincerely, the author of “what to do while the planet dies. Word” _trash__by_mazka





While my old friend, Carolyne,. is having her own problems, I was going today, to tell everyone why getting old is so HARD. Well, if you are old, and that includes people turning 50, because major arthritus kicks in about that time.–you already know why.Black_and_White_by_FreeStyledLove

This dimension has saddled us with very physical, gross,and brutal reality. We are basically animals with large brains,and that’s all. If we have a spirit, or soul, it seems to be repressed by the bare harsh facts of being in a body like a real animal, subject to all those gross, real animals parts,and organs, ect. Indecently, even though we seem to be very smart and scientific, we cannot change this body for a NEW or different type of one. We are stuck with it. It sets the whole stage for life, where you have to have and make enough money, wealth, to take care of this body and your family’s bodies, so they do not become injured, hurt and die.Happy_New_Animated_Year_by_KimRaiFan

.It transforms the whole world of man into a race, job, and competition to make enough wealth,. see a good enough doctor, to take care of your physical body. And,. when you get old, you find science is more interested in going to Mars, than trying to cure or help very bad arthritus in old people. Why? you ask? Well, there is more MONEY in going to Mars, and there is little money in curing or helping arthritus.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

We old people, even in the USA, work hard all our lives,and put huge amts. of taxes into the govt. and health insurance, and when we get old, we get  SHAFTED. The fed. govt. does not want to return those taxes we worked so hard to put into Soc. Sec. Medicare and such, for our old age. Now that we are old, we cannot give them MORE MONEY,. MORE TAXES, so we get FUCKED. Sorry to use harsh language. it’s a harsh subject.Obama of course, since he has not problems with getting old, sucked all the Medicare billions into Obamacare.Emoticon by Gomotes

I really need to take those hand-gun lessons I’ve been meaning to take. You never know what the future holds..Especially if you are getting very OLD.//Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign 

Let this be a lesson to YOUNG PEOPLE; save all your money, avoid putting it into the fed. govt. taxes,or any other taxes. SAVE IT ALL FOR YOUR OLD AGE, you are going to need it. You are going to be the only one looking out for you, and Soc. sec. and Medicare will not be there, by that time.It’s already vanishing; take our damn advice and don’;t throw all your money into the govt. or local govt.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Fancy schools ?Forgettaboutit. When you get older, no kids or local govt. will help you; you know who helps all the charity work? CHURCHES. that’s who; and low income and mid. income people give ALL the money to charity, NOT the rich. SCREW THE RICH. They give their money to Africa!! And the opera and the art museums!!You rich jerks in NYC, and back east, art and music is more important than PEOPLE, to you.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Well, at least we know where your heads are. I remember what happened to old lady Astor, and how badly her son took care of her; she was rich, and her kids neglected and took lousy care of her. “Abusive,” the court said.Oh, yeah, it’s so nice to devote your life to kids, and you are lucky if they take care of YOU,  when you get old. (some of them do, Jewish people are very nice to their elders, and other cultures too. Not WASPS so much.) That is a modern American problem; young people divorce their elders, and the elders have to look out for themselves. I guess we have to anyhow, so let that be a lesson to us; we elders still have to try and take care of ourselves,and it’s better for us. 

ANOTHER WORST PART ABOUT GETTING OLD://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign 

What is the worst part of getting old? there are many worst parts. For the first worst, your body breaks down.My arthritus in my hands swells the knuckles up so bad, and my wrist, I cannot type; I have been dependent on a Dragon Naturally speaking dictation ware,and it has broken down today.I spent at least an hour on the phone, trying to phone customer service, to find out “why won’t it open?”_lag__by_Link3Kokiri

After a number of false tries, a nice lady tells me “Dragon is not compatible with your sound card; it never was. You have to get a USB port plug into for your mic-headphone set.” I call up Radio Shack, they got it. But first I thank the nice lady, and apologize for being so bad tempered, cause the pain is bothering me a lot. She’s very understanding; she says her grandma can’t eat BEANS. BEANS make the arthritus worse!!  Wow. Those vegetarians don’t want to tell us elders about that, I guess. (no beans, thank you.)I apologize for being so cranky, cause my arthritus hurts; but tell her, “if her grandma uses DMSO (dimethol sulfoxide)on her arthritic joints, it helps.” (Doctors won’t tell you this–or much else.).all_aboard_by_seapuppy-d3k0hzx

Yes, a vegetarian does not wanta tell you that. hee hee,. So much for Dr. Oz, too, that egotistical, business-medicine mega-mouth. Disgusting guy, tells you to abstain from ALL GOOD FOOD AND DRINK.FOREVER. Just so you can live longer,and get cancer, arthritus,. pain and pain,and die of old age without having any fun. Screw Dr. Oz. “Dr. Perfect.” haw haw.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign I wonder if he has any notion of how rediculous he is? I may sound nasty,but why does he thinks he is ALL KNOWING,ALL-SEEING, and can tell you to eat a PERFECT diet? ALL the time? I already don’t smoke, stopped drinking long ago.I have few  enough vices!

HOWEVER, it’s a good idea  to eat  healthily,  keep your weight down, don’t smoke, don’t drink too much,and exercise. while you are YOUNG; because the abuse and neglect of your body comes back  to haunt you in old age. The people I knew, who ate like pigs, smoked, or drank like alcoholics are either DEAD now, even at 60. Or, they have COPD on an oxygon tank; lost their liver (alcoholics who are YOUNG do that, too); have major heart attacks, diabetes and strokes, and even get cancer or “renal-end-stage” dysfunction and are on dialysis. Ewww!!!  :(  bigger_is_not_better_stamp_by_maxiswhat-d4br1n4

I,  who practiced mostly a healthy life-style, still have normal blood pressure, cholesterol, kidneys, I just got my heart-sonar-tests  back, most of my heart is ok. But my bad FEET crippled me up,  so I can’t run around too well..Age and non-existent  medical  resources when you get injured, still get you in the end.I bet ex-Pres. Bush’s feet got spectacular treatment. No lousy podiatrists for the Oil-heir! shake_head_by_fire_kitty_666-d4id8eg“If I were a rich man,” sung by a poor Jewish peasant, takes on a whole different importance. Imagine if Tevya got horrible, bad feet, and could’t walk around and work!! He’d get MUCH POORER. Like, his family might starve. 

Until Obama’s Obamacare doctor, who wants to refuse all medical treatment to persons 75 or over,  gets complete power over Medicare, (he may,if Obama has his way) we oldsters  still gotta take care of ourselves. And this “doctor” disapproves of 75+ seniors who keep on living!! Say, Hitler did that!! He gassed all the old, sick, disabled, mentally ill, even “Academics”, (???!!!)Kill_em_all ,the intellectuals, and anyone he decided was “a drain on society.” –like we seniors.

Whoa, Obama, now I realize you reading “mein Kampf”and that liberal best seller, “How To Become A Nazi,,While Pretending To Be A Democrat”.!!Refuse medical care to Americans 75 and older, and this is Obama’s FAVORITE DOCTOR! _blowing_tree__by_luckylinx Yow!!  I know the fed.govt. hates we “worn-out, use-less, ex-workers” cause we already gave taxes,and they can’t get any more blood out of us. But now Obama’s best friends want us to GET LOST, cause they can’t get blood out of ancient stones any more?_granny__rewamp_by_MenInASuitcase


Yes, the country and govt. that throws billions at Africa, imports thousandspounceglompplz of them over here, lets all illegal aliens right on in,and takes Liberians right into our help, just does not like AMERICANS,. who get OLD. I’ll remember the next time I get Botox,and laser-cosmetic-Fraxel-skin and cologen-production-treatment; “”Maybe this will fool Obama,and “Logan”s Run” movie won’t become reality!!(??)” Forget it it already has.shooter3cost02 “60 is the new 90.” :(5_second_hug_by_Droneguard


OK,. we boomers  got FIRED!! Smiley pixeled by SmileydesignMost all of us!!And I mean at 50!! Not “retired,.” not “part-time”; FIRED!! GOTTEN RID OF!!” They assumed the same philosophy as the fed. govt. “Get rid of those fucking old turds!!: We don’t need them!! Besides, we have tons of young idiots, who work for cheap!!”And they do. But us? We struggle to get into soc. sec., because there is nothing else. Work?Maybe if you own yer own business–or are Trump. But don’t ask a 3rd party for a job; maybe if we work for Burger King. We have to pretend we have no education except for high school-drop out.  I know people with 3 Masters, or PHDs. and they’re clerking for bargain–mart-grocery. And at my age, I’m not hot enough to seduce some rich old guy. ( “I let my oportunities pass me by.”*(Sings in old regret.)

EVEN WORSE THINGS ABOUT GETTING OLD: DEATH. Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Of course, I should have started with this; death is a big deal. In this society we try to avoid it completely; we mask it, fix it up, and pretend it does not exist. –Just like old people don’t exist,and you young people will NEVER get old too. Yes, you young people can hate all we elders, for wasting your resources; cause we still are not dead yet. Even at 50, your best friends have died, or are dying; at 60, a lot of them have gone; and at 66., you’re so far away from them, you don’t want to stay here anymore. Going to 70, and 75, since most of MY friends and close people have already left, I have no incentive to hang on here. People in the US no longer live to a ripe old age, they’re already dying at 50. heartsalloverEarth stor20

The world is not what keeps you alive; your close friends and loved ones do that. When they exit the stupid world, you have the drag on you, to follow. For most of us, once we’re all gone, the survivors only suffer trying to find meaning left in the world. Why should you stay?lovewithoutyou Everybody is GONE. Your time of life is gone; there’s no things to get accomplished, no time to do them,and not any physical strength left to persue them.

The next generation is angry that you are alive, overstaying your time; “Get out!!Why aren’t you all gone yet??”–but how you treat your elders, tells how the next generation after you, will also treat YOU. They have watched your behavior, and are itching to like-wise push you out. The work world has squeezed you dry, and you’re no use to them now.Paahh!!andcryingohhno

Who cares about those vultures? If you were smart, you got an honest broker, invested in stuff that was safe,and now you’re mostly living on that, because people who work, are not the ones who make money anymore./Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign    The FINANCE and WALL ST. and BANKs make money; China makes money. Work? Work does not make money now. Soc. sec. pays nothing; and Medicare is getting sucked dry. So if you were smart,and figured out WHO and WHAT still makes money, you are a little bit safer. (Unless the whole fucking govt. falls,and everything crashes; no one will be safe then.) Furslorgner world anyhow!

But in old age, it’s time to start ignoring and neglecting the outside world, just like it does it to you. Stop following the mad pace; avoid all the crap, and trash,. and wars,and horrific govts. and their horrific Facist paths of glory; they will repeat the same holocausts, murder, war, destroy, mame, and kill the innocent; take over the world, and decide to get rid of we olders. We are of no use to them, and they are disgusting in the extreme. The weather changes to drought, and there is no water; no rain, and no crops; too many taxes and assholesbettermichaelmyersstab running the country into the ground. “World Climate Change” will eventually cause the US and the world to fall to their knees;/Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign   starve,and invade the US borders; destroy the so-called fed. govt. TRASH TRASH CRAP.

I am old and I care nothing about the world and the nation anymore; I return your dislike and negligance/Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign  . I’m going to try to figure out where I am going, when I return to HOME, where we all spring from, and which I sense thru the atmosphere. I sense the blazing white light, and the real home to which I shall return, and get rid of this hokey, cardboard stage and props, and get rid of this abysmal,. painful husk of a worn-out animal, and go where light dances,and blazes, and we all go to become one. I have seen this somehow all my life,and had one foot in another dimension,and known it was there. Now I am relieved that I will return to it, and remember when I was a kid, my parents, and being young. Because we all sprang from our HOME,. we were kids; and now we are going home, where the REAL WORLD IS.silent_night_by_fireflyexposed-d4koq96

 And there you have the good thing about getting old; we finally get to go HOME,walkinginlovewithaghost!cid_20130424022231_7854maild0@gmx and see everyone who died (probably) or go to where they are now.I always knew, I would follow, see them again. Or at least rid myself of this hokey, prop, identity, and this hokey, prop, stage world, which whirls around being rediculous; when the real world, HOME,bonklers  is where we came from, and always return to. :) Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign THERE you have the good thing about getting old; we get to return to the REAL WORLD, HOME, for which there is no substitute here, or elsewhere_treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206. I’ll miss the green trees,Bliss_by_NaturallyPerfectand plants,_treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206 and grass,and rainkanto___012___buterfree__f____animation_by_pkmn_pro-d59xto2. I miss the livingrainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP things the most. love Angel!cid_20130424020056_13093maild0@gmxBut all the hectic bullshit? All the constant struggle?Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign The hideous animal named Man? And all his notorious crap? Not for a moment.   :)

(Sandraminadottycutepig.gifwatrgardn, in Eugene Oregon, hoping for rain rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHPagain,and green trees72.gif rainumbrella,and every living thing that grows.Those most important things of life. :)  ) ……





 (old painting of flat above Haight Street, in San Francisco)

it’s fall; my favorite time of year, here in Eugene Oregon.all the trees are green , Golden, and red and yellow!There is a slight chill to the air, thank God finally. Although the weatherman says that the temperature today will be 82°. What’s up, global warming? So soon? My dear so soon! Who gives a shit. The name of this blog is “what to do while the planet dies,” anyway. We’re not absolutely sure the whole planet will die, because of mankind fiddling around, massive pollution of the ocean, overfishing, destroying all the air with exhaust fumes, and in general, playing around like little kids, destroying a nice garden. It’s a good bet, though, on massive obliteration.zombie_by_blissfullysarcastic-d31vxqz

But on this nice fall day, we’re just enjoying what’s left, until all that happens. I don’t like having predictions, even if they’re scientifically accurate, of the near or far future that portend environmental disaster. You don’t want to see what’s going to happen. Nobody does. That’s why nobody pays attention to any crisis or catastrophe that’s going to happen, and they want to avoid it completely. And that’s definitely the name of the game with this government,also.1303885711_luxray_la__dpwolf_by_litecrush-d3ezshu

(Pres. Obama, and Congress and Senate, dear guys, this thing has your name on it!.ignore all the radical climate change, at your own risk. Ha ha ha ha again.) (Ironic bitter humor)Don’t hang around in rifle shot-range, when the chickens come home to roost.)foongus_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a49n4

while I’m checking my e-mail, I see an e-mail from my cousin back east, from a friend Canadian, just been through Britain. She describes fully what is happening in England, all over all the cities. Lots and lots of protests, riots, rampant behavior from all the Muslim population. They’re even threatening to take over Britain first, while they take over the world. Okay! We have a declaration of JIHAD. They are really angry because the United States is making war on Isis; and the writer of the e-mail says, Britain is just about to enter the war also, against  Isis, and join the United States.headbang  

Carolyn is looking over my shoulder at it, and she says, “how come those photos she sent your cousin didn’t come out? She has photographs of all the riots and demonstrations, thousands of people, but it didn’t come out on your e-mail properly.I guess she saw them.” “Not only that,” I replied. “I looked up all the news on the TV, even Fox news, all those news stations,workand newspapers, and newspapers online; there is absolutely no photographs or stories about all the rioting and protests in Britain’s cities. Nothing! It’s like it doesn’t exist in the news!and our wonderful search engine, GOOGLE, refuses to come up with them also. Isn’t that strange?” Carolyn scratched her head; “that’s easily explainable,” she said _panic__by_bad_blood“it’s good old CENSORSHIP rearing its head in the federal government again. Nothing new. They’re just blocking all the news of the world, from the United States.”Emoticon_Rainbow_by_Shadall

“you’re correct,” I replied again. Very disgusted. hysterical“This federal government blocks all the news of the world, as if its citizens were little kids who can’t take reality!” “They do it in communist countries, and fascist countries,” says Carolyn. “What does that say about our government?” Ha ha ha ha ha.”repress the truth! It’s only going to hurt you!” And she laughed her head off.2angrymuchredpissedBut I was extremely disgusted, and e-mailed back to my cousin, and also to the woman who actually saw it, if they would please “try to send me the photographs, so I could get them around to other people.”crazysoloplz

“so all the Muslims are saying, they’re going to take over England first. Wow. I wonder what the Queen Mother is going to say about that. And Prince Philip. And all his kids. Probably won’t like it very much.gangstershotguncost02 They don’t go much for ethnic.” I explained. “That would really affect that country, and change in a lot,” said Carolyn getting worried. “Now if the Muslims took over England, EVERYTHING would be censored. Women would be all covered up, get horrible operations so they couldn’t have sex. UGH! SHERIA LAW would be used against all women.”eekIMOattack horror04

“The fashions would be atrocious.even the FOOD would be bad.  NO alcohol! Well, Muslims are not supposed to drink it. NO PORK! sigh. There goes the bacon!and can you imagine going outside,betterchef (1) and you have to go everywhere with another group of women, because that’s the only way to be safe against rape or molestation from men? Very inconvenient. How do you go and shop for lingerie? They probably wouldn’t even allow it, because it’s sexual! Cover up all your hair in public! Now that’s really going too far. When I get back from the beautician,deathhugplzI want everybody to see the damn thing; it costs a lot of money!” Said Carolyn, getting very rattled.

“You’re not even talking about the worst;anotherviciousattack!cid_20130424015210_13094maild0@gmx the worse stuff that would happen!” I said, mortified.”there would be thousands and thousands of public beheadings! Of everybody they wanted to get rid of, and everybody who would not convert to Islam!what are they going to do with all those heads? Stick them on pikes, like they did in ancient history? This is absolutely  undeniably not GOOD. If I ever saw an excuse for a couple of atom bombs, and a couple of neutron bombs thrown in for good measure, it’s if and when the Muslims take over Britain.”Carolyn looked at me painfully.

“God bless the Queen!”King_is_pokeing_his_Tard_by_madb0y

“all the pubs would be destroyed, and  all the beer and ale. No drinking! I don’t think the British guys would put up with that!” “Yeah, if you can’t go out at night to a good pub, see your friends and have a good time, sing a bunch of bad Irish tunes,and get really smashed, what is life worth?I bet they get rid of British FOOD! No fish and chips!no liver and kidney pie! No boiled mutton! No steam potatoes with greens on the side! – –Dang!!what’s that thing they make, that’s kind of a custard out of meat gravy?” “I think it’s some kind of gravy-dessert” replied Carolyn, puzzled. “The British have weird food anyway. Now, if they got rid of all the FRENCH food, that would be the end of the world!”commission_for_arichy___animated_emote_oc_by_web5ter-d4oqfk9

in comparison, Eugene and Oregon’s coming election, number 91, I believe, to make marijuana legal in Oregon, is a trifling tiny tidbit, in comparison. Yes, Oregon is going to try to ratify and legalize marijuana. Great. They’re just chasing the beavers tail. All the potheads already smoke it, our next-door neighbors do it in the daytime, right on their porch.avelineofunderland_support_sign_by_sugarislife28-d59a9edbut there is one problem with number 91; in that bill, if it is passed, nobody can TAX

“You mean, they think they can pass a bill, so none of the counties or cities or towns, can tax marijuana?” said Carolyn, mystified. “They still have to make up all the taxes they should’ve had for decades, while it was illegal, and nobody could tax it!  Those drug dealers made MILLIONS, WITH NO TAXES ON IT!! Talk about the perfect business; almost as good as huge corporations get away with.”Making_Emotes_by_Mr_Jaunty

 We looked at each other; why hadn’t our poor parents raised us to be SUPER-BAD CRIMINALS, to be a success in the world, instead of NICE people, law-biding, and trusting?  Why couldn’t WE be that BAD?Laser_Gun_by_Argetlam_Br_01 Jimmy Cagney was right!! You gotta be nasty, vicious, and be very effective at it. Never mind going to church on Sunday; that would be a good day to hit and steal all the liquor stores!! I mused that it might be satisfying beating up other women, like those bad guys do, just to get revenge on all the catiness!

(Just kidding, “S.A.S.S.”)The_Evil_Black_Cursor_by_KimRaiFan

As if to round out the end of a terrible-news day, when I called up my sister, in California, she said that her partner had just been thrown off her medical insurance,. Kaiser Permanente. “Oh, FUCK!! ” I exclaimed, overheated.”That’s the main reason to live in California,. just to get Kaiser!!What was their reason, did they give one?”  She answered, subdued, “They gave a weak excuse so I phoned up a health care advocate,but they transferred my partner over to Blue Cross. They can’t have the same doctor.”  “I bet Kaiser is throwing off weak, diabetic, end-stage renal disease patients off the insurance, cause they want to get rid of them; not pay for the chronic or really sick. “I mused. “Cause that’s always what insurance co.s do; get rid of the sick people!!”   “But that’s against the law!” she replied. “Hey, Obamacare, and the whole bunch of crooked insurance co.s. are against the law!! Maybe I should tell you about the perfect job I just found. ” I laughed.  Haw  Haw. (VERY bitter , black, satirical humour.)carrycasketripbadtooth   ani08.gif livewheelchr

Just try singing this ditty, on a crisp Fall day,

“Why, oh, Lord, was I born to be GOOD?! /

“I shoulda been BAD to the whole multitude!/  5396.gifyeloflor

“Instead of kindness,and minding the LAW!/

  If I hada been a bad drug-dealer,/then I’d be a STAR!”    kaos48.gifumbrellainrain

  “Selling millions of drugs,without any tax;/

  “just pile up the money,/be RICH and relax!/

   “Copy the Kennedys,/in all that they do/                                        badday

    “make your fortune off liquor/

     “And then act REAL COOL!!

      “Cause Big crime really pays off/                                                 __free_icon___maple_leaf_by_unolespirit-d6j1abc

       “And the masses respect you../

It’s very rare/ that your country EJECTS you!/

  “As I have discovered/all your teachers have LIED!/                                  rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP

 “Cause it’s GOOD to be BAD/GOOD has failed me,/

     ” And i really tried!

     —-”The Song of The Sorry-Non-Sinner”                                                       gift_for_mirz123_by_krissi001-d4nht7x

(Carolyn looked at me doubtfully; “Is being BAD, like a NWO huge-corporation, so you can rich,really justified?”  “I never said it was justified,” I replied, “Cause only those billionaires will get good treatment for end-care renal-failure, now.Christmas_Carol_Two_by_Momma__G (1) treeeatsfruitgraphics-fruit-998496

“And you know what? I’ve been poor, and then, I’ve been poor again, and if I had ever gotten into a position where I had to make a choice to shaft a million working people, so I could get rich, I’d gotta admit this.”Man has evil inclinations.”–unquote. We’re never going to change. We’re just a bunch of savage animals, killing and fighting over limited resources, and ethics & morals don’t stick. You think baboons with large, sharp teeth  are dangerous?  Hah!! The bankers and guys on Wall St. have bigger fangs!!  But—you can’t blame em. They’re all just MONKIES with big brains, still swinging in the trees, and attacking  to kill other competing animals!  They won’t get rid of greed no matter what anyone does; they are LOCKED in their genetic frame-work, unable to change from being animals

“No, NOTHING is justified. It’s reality, just the way human beings are.They still think BAD is really great, and GOOD behavior accomplishes nothing. I can’t really judge them; then I’d have to change myself.” I lectured; (“Hey, let’s go get a couple of  CHEESE-STEAKS, a side of cheese=baked French Fries, and then go hit Dairy-Queen, They have a new Fudge-marshmello Blizzard with walnuts and frozen cheese-bits!  I gotta try it!!” rep.ied the hungry Carolyn.  Case closed, my  conjecture proven.  -(-in Eugene, Oregon. Sandraminadotty, stay nice!   :)     )     _IceClimbing__by_DEVlANT




(Oregon artist satire of “organic living” yuppie)

I looked at the local newspaper, with the article “20 year long figure drawing class, for Eugene community members, destroyed by U. of O.fine Art Department head”. But the reasons in the article, for stopping the 20 year long free, Saturday afternoon, nude figure drawing class, for members of the Eugene community, at the University of Oregon,were pretty ridiculous.the head of the fine Art department gave these excuses;One was that “the people who came to draw, might just be voyeurs, wanting to see nude figures.” DUH!  in a figure drawing class, how do you tell who is a voyeur, and who isn’t? If they draw very well, are they or are they not, voyeurs? Or are they there just to flirt with the model during her rest period?Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign..

the other reason that the head of the fine Art Department gave, for ending that free Saturday class, was;” it was not safe for the model, to be nude there, strange and violent and overly sexual people could burst into the class” and the art department could not afford to put a guard on the drawing room.however,in the article, the members of the free art class, were quoted as saying, that there was never any trouble with security there, they never got attacked or invaded on Saturday, and there have never been any kind of action there but very quiet drawing. – Which is how drawing is supposed to be, quiet.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

the newspaper article was trying to say, “why the heck did the University of Oregon fine Art Department head, end the class, for these ridiculous reasons that didn’t exist?”   Smiley pixeled by SmileydesignWell, there were a couple very possible reasons she did it. One, she was from the East Coast, and taught at very pricey (Yale) and expensive (fancy girl school) and was very FOREIGN to the Pacific Northwest. Smiley pixeled by SmileydesignShe was used to being among wealthy and well educated Easterners who went to school and who also taught.she apparently thought that all of Eugene’s residents, were “dangerous, primitive, out-of-control, and uncivilized villagers.” – And couldn’t be trusted on the University of Oregon campus. (And also, they weren’t registered and weren’t paying for their class.)Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

I mean, after all all the people in that class were COMMUNITY ARTISTS, and not really “certified – college-educated – middle-class and upper-middle-class, and wealthy –” students.some of them even had regular, low income jobs here.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

OH, MY GOD! Low income artists!Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign How God damn terrible!you know if you’re going to be an artist, you have to go to a very good,expensive school, and learn all the ways you’re supposed to be able to draw and paint, and all that bull shit.Heaven forbid you can’t afford it!– like all the present and future artists. Well, that was the way of the present and future; if you were low, or working-class, you were not going to be able to afford education, and if you are middle class or upper middle class, you had to borrow a lot of money.and then probably lose your house or everything you own, over it._shh__by_brokenboulevard

the head of the fine Art department, since she was used to teaching at Yale,, and from very structured ,socially and economically, back east, just took it for granted she can get rid of community artists, off her art campus, and they should go somewhere, for their level. LEVEL. Meaning, of course, “get thee to thy level!” But it was really discouraging to hear that the University of Oregon was getting more and more like a back east big time, discriminating and bigoted expensive University. Very discouraging.emote_artist_by_ecc500-d3fvzno 

.but that is a mark of our times; rigid, structured, social and financial classes. strictly research poll that I read, said that it was no longer possible for people to move from low financial classes, or working classes, to higher classes with more position and more money. It just wasn’t possible anymore..I can see why that is; everybody in your financial and social class, all support each other, even for careers and jobs, and to get into schools. If you’re outside your desired class, you’re not going to get in.nowadays you have to be born into it.shake_head_by_fire_kitty_666-d4id8eg

(a very attractive and sexual outsider, could marry, or sleep his way into it,but that’s something else.)Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

It’s similar to, what us old seniors and baby boomers found out, when we tried to learn computers, late in life; all the youngsters were practically born into computer use, and education, and they were naturals with it.most of us would never catch up with them.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

now, it’s very almost impossible, to break up that rigid, very structured social and financial class, and do anything about it. Get out of it; and into a better one. And people who yell about the “NWO”, rather the “new world order”, don’t have to look any further than stuff like, monopolies of cable TV; monopolies of every single company you can think of. Even monopolies of FOOD in supermarkets. MONOPOLIES in every single area of commerce; clothing, electronics,phone companies, computers, leadership, the Internet,spirituality (Catholic Church, we hear you!) No where are the monopolies of life, even in the United States, worse than our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.members of Congress, and Senate, keep coming back like a bad virus. There’s no getting rid of them.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

so when you stop and think of the above subject, several paragraphs above, about the low income community artists, who can’t pay to go and register at the University of Oregon, for nice expensive education, and get into the “monopoly”, and the “in crowd”, it doesn’t do you any good to worry about this little thing everybody’s obsessive about, called the “NWO”.whatever shape the “new world order”, is in , it’s not really a hysterical conspiracy’s real. It’s all around you, you can’t miss it. emoticon_3000_by_ravenfire_1-d4qw0z8

in your area, there are only two ways to get on the Internet; Comcast and century link. Nothing else. There are dinky little,one person Internet servers, which hardly anybody uses if they can help it. And if you want to watch TV, you either have to get a satellite dish, or you have to get Comcast cable TV. And if your trees are too tall, or for some other reason you can’t get a satellite dish, you’re stuck with ONE cable TV company. The master! The monopoly master! and believe me, the PRICES they charge, are of a monopoly.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign I frankly, stopped watching all TV shows, they are so bad. The only thing I watch are MOVIES. And I refuse to get the higher up superduper, movie and TV channels, because I already did that, I got one or two secondary movie channels, and I’m still bored to tears most of the time. So getting higher up ones, and paying more and more and more and more, won’t do me any good. Most of the time, the only thing on TV is bad TV shows, and old TV movies they show over and over.those few extra movie channels, are mostly what I watch. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother with TV at all.

.AND, they are soon going to get rid of BROADCAST TV! EVERYTHING will be on cable or on the Internet._bored__by_royaba-d3307fk

Go  read a book.avelineofunderland_support_sign_by_sugarislife28-d59a9ed

 I’m not worrying very much about Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign“NWO” mysteries or conspiracies. I know who they all are anyway. I see them every day!Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign I have to deal with them every day, and get clobbered by them every day. And PAY TAXESSmiley pixeled by Smileydesign to them every day!and have to deal with MICROSOFT, MACINTOSH, et al.MONOPOLIES every day. You want to talk about a monopoly?Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign the AMA!one of the biggest baddest monopolies.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign One you can’t deny, and you can’t get around. If you want to be a doctor or a medical person, the only other thing is, “osteopath school, or chiropractic school.” (The latter one, I highly recommend and use myself.)Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

let’s suppose for a moment, before we end this article, that you have very very bad FEET. You’ve got very bad arthritis, you’ve got plantar fasciitis, your bones are bad off, your feet are old, but also there is no such thing in the United states, except for PODIATRISTS for bad feet. And you know what they do? Nothing. They cut toenails. That’s what they do! So if you have very bad feet, with a number of serious things wrong with them, in the United States, YOU ARE OUT OF LUCK.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Unless you are fabulously wealthy, and can go to other countries, and very specialized expensive doctors, who actually treat really bad feet, and only accept CASH MONEY, you are SCREWED! that’s because no insurance you can get, for a regular normal person, even working,  has any kind of decent really good “expert feet Dr.s” who know how to treat very difficult, painful, FEET problems.noir

those are the results off our very socially and financially, structured classes, now. Monopolies; no medical treatment, unless you’re fabulously wealthy.(the rest of us get very bad HMOs, welfare charity clinics, and no treatment at all, on Medicare, Medicaid, Obama care. That’s because, as I mentioned above, you are out of luck. You’re not going to get it!)

So,, stop worrying about “the new world order”. Smiley pixeled by SmileydesignIt’s just the same old, “everyone is a PEON, poor person, on the bottom, which includes most of us, and our masters are that small, little, rich and financially angelic upper-class.”– – except that it’s worldwide.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign yes, it’s the same old ballgame; unless you’re one of the lucky rich and wealthy and powerful people, you’re  POOR. Not much middle class.. Stop pretending that socialism is going to get you what you want and need. IT IS NOTSmiley pixeled by Smileydesign.Socialism is pretty much a FAKE.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign And whatever they used to call, DEMOCRACY, that’s over, too. It was a short, one time situation, and now it’s gone.

 there’s your “NWO”; if you want to watch old movies, they are all owned by Ted Turner, and you have to pay for his channel on TV, to get them. And if you want cable TV at all, there’s only one choice, Comcast. There, in a nutshell, is our NWO. It’s not invisible, it’s seething around you every day, and you’re stuck in it. So stop worrying and obsessing over it. It’s just the same old bull shit, it’s always been for thousands of’s just under a new name.b27d3f316e57b0c08fa253e9f156f6a2-d598vp3

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene, OR, wondering whether or not I should run for Congress, or Senate, by issuing a huge campaign of BULL-SHIT, mucking-up to every powerful, political group, raising millions of bucks, and doing it all THE AMERICAN WAY!!  “THANK YOU, MRS. CLINTON, FOR BEING MY INSPIRATION!!!” (worship, worship)  :)   Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign