NO MORE BLOG–SOFTWARE TOO SCREWED UP”– (but everything is screwed up anyway, in Eugene Oregon)



(representational piece of modern art, trying to represent GO DUCKS – – bought from Oregon artists)

The reason I am bitching and moaning and saying that I’m dumping my word press blog , are the following raisins: (snicker snicker).confidentwalk (1)

In the first place,I can’t find any way to fix this stupid word press frame on my blog, which is way too wide now, and I can’t fix it so that I can type on it properly.

Plus, when you try to leave the page,the sticker comes on:”You don’t want to leave the page do you?DON’T GO!! You will erase any changes!(which is what I was trying to do.) NO!! do not leave the page!:” and when i hit the button”leave the page,”it REFUSES TO LEAVE THE PAGE!!act13.gifbumpcrazy

YEAH. it freezes my whole screen, so I cannot leave the page! I cannot turn off the computer,or close it!!HA HA. WORDPRESS, you really fixed it, so no one can leave the page–you’re so scared they will erase their changes—which is what we’re trying to do! If we leave the page,we can erase the wrong changes we made, you dumpkoffs!! But you think we’re the ones screwing up!! So you fixed the “do not leave the page or you’ll erase your changes” so we cannot LEAVE the page at all!! We cannot turn off the computer screen!! Wow, what power and knowledge you guys have!! You made up our minds for us.  You wankers. (more raisins for you, snicker.)  I finally had to force the computer to close. ha ha. No, I’m not mad–yet. But I’m going in that direction.  :)

That is a big bad Wolf of my WordPress,.org, totally un- read by anybody on the web blog. Which they did not warn me about, when they gave me a blog. They never told me, nobody would ever read it because it

So now I have the whole job literally of transferring the whole thing over to Which is still free supposedly. But, if you look up all your instructions for doing this, you may as well go out and get a degree in computer software. Which I don’t want to do right now I am too old and I would die before it was done. Plus, the arthritis in my hands would not hold up for that._boxer__by_jSepia

So let’s start complaining about WordPress right now.I think that would be a very good idea. In the first place, okay word press, why didn’t you tell me that if I, for WordPress nobody the hell would ever read it? And it’s definitely not getting read. It’s probably because it’s not a very good blog, but it’s also not in the mainstream of anyway that’s what somebody recently told me and gave me a message on the blog. Supposedly write from WordPress. “Dear lady, please transfer all of your blog over to Nobody is reading your blog at all because you’re stuck on! – You idiot.”

so if I’m that much of an idiot, why am I supposed to be able to transfer all of my blog through your witty and simple instructions, over to Of course that’s going to be very easy to do. Especially since I can’t even figure out how to fix my margins, so that I can see the updates sign anymore. Angry_Mob_by_Sinister_Starfeesh

HOW THE HELL DO I TRANSFER MY BLOG OVER TO WORDPRESS. COM? The good fairies are just going to come over and fly it over?…Fairy_Transformation_by_Zikes

And also that’s another thing; what happened to update? The little sign on your page that lets you update when you type? I mean, that’s supposed to be there, right? Or wrong? So how I update this stupid thing? When there’s no update? So you went and changed something else on this dumb thing and didn’t tell me, as usual.

That’s what I get for having a free blog on WordPress. It’s kind of like having only extended basic service on cable TV; you can watch all those channels, but believe me if you’ve watched TV lately, you know that there’s absolutely nothing on.’re not going to be able to get anything watchable, until you upgrade to a couple of movie channels. – And pay extra.

The last time they actually wrote any good TV shows, was when they had that huge flood of science fiction shows on all the channels. That was it. And I’m not going to count all the stupid “lost” episodes. Do you remember the way they ended that show? COP OUT!  That was an absolute copout. That’s the way you get out of not knowing what the fuck to do with your ending; kill everybody off. No, Shakespeare did not do that because he was a good writer, he did that because it was the fashion. You’re not getting away with that excuse.TV writers have no relationship whatsoever to Shakespeare.

and let’s not forget the latest fiasco of that wonderful series called “MAD MEN”. Did that sucker end or not? I can’t tell. They’re not making any more. But they did not say that! Or at least not when I was watching. So I don’t know whether it’s off or not. But it is off. Ended.and there wasn’t even any ENDING. Unless the ending was supposed to be, that the main madman went off into the sunset, drinking his little alcoholic butt to oblivion. That’s not much of an ending. And  that show was definitely not “days of Wine and roses”. It was all about very risqué old-fashioned underwear and women’s girdles, and nylons, and how women were supposed to be just sex objects in the office. and men really really liked it.

Aww, the good old days!! when men were men, and they drank lots of liquor and didn’t worry about their livers.

that’s been happening a lot on TV; TV series that end without a boom, or a notice that they’re ending. So you’re up in the air, and asking your neighbors, or your friends, “say, is that show over? Or are they just haggling about wages again? And they’re always late getting the episodes out say, about a whole year?  and is Dr. who over?cause I don’t see any new episodes of that either?

“Boy do I miss the TARDIS. It Looks just like that out- house we used to have in the back.”

now let’s keep complaining and not slack off. All right, I’m going to complain about something political;HEY THERE!MR..PRESIDENT!. PRESIDENT OBAMA! Do you have any excuse for THROWING ALL  THOSE PEOPLE  OFF  OF MEDICARE  PART D WHO TAKE PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATION?    (DARLING? Sweetie?)

You think we’re all going to be very well supplied by our LOCAL mental health Department and state government?and that all those schizophrenic and psychotic people, including the ones who are dangerously criminal, criminals, on psychiatric medicine are just going to be taken care of by the local mental health department because they have plenty of funds ? And the state governments are going to be able to medicate all those dangerously psychotic, and often homeless, schizophrenics, because all the state governments have so much money?


you know that  one of them already got that Sen. in the head with a bullet. So does Pres. Obama think that he is completely protected and immune from getting one also from a very very crazy psychotic person off their medication? The medication that president Obama himself decided to stop? Because it cost too much money? And he wants to put all that money into Obama care, so you have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for your deductible or else you can’t use it? Isn’t that intelligent?

so let’s go on with our not slacking off complaint; if president Obama should get hit in the head by a bullet from a very crazy person or a very overly political person (not much difference),WHO IS he going to blame? Is he going to blame our local mental health Department, because they didn’t have to enough money to give the poor person medication? Is he going to complain about our state government because they didn’t have enough money for mental health?

No, president Obama from his sick bed, while his brain is embedded with a couple of bullets, is going to have to complain about his own program, where he decided to cut all of that psychiatric medicine out of Medicare part D. And that’s the truth.

WHY? There’s no reason a lot of our senior citizens are not particularly un – crazy themselves.after all, president Obama has really inflamed seniors in every corner of our country, by cutting $700 billion out of their Medicare. If that’s not enough to make somebody crazy, I don’t know what is.after all, my age is about 67, and I am actually riddled with neurological antidepressant medication, or else I go crazy, go down to the local gun store, buy a whole bunch of handguns and rifles, and ammunition, get a little training from the National Rifle Association, and jump on a bus to Washington DC.

who says the elderly are jovial and mature? I say they are not jovial and mature. You should see some of the people in Eugene Oregon – a lot less mature than perhaps Hades. I have known and talk to or tried to talk to, so the extremely monstrously extreme left-wing liberals, in Eugene, who have ranted and raved horrendously, so badly, that I think president Obama should start worrying now. And those were middle-aged or elderly people.

They still had a lot of steam left in them. I know that those people happen to be very angry about the extreme non-left-wing stances that president Obama has been taking, (according to them anyhow) and if you cut off their medication, they’re probably going to take the next flying saucer, gray rabbit bus, or volkswagen bus to Washington DC, and probably shoot your head off. – If you can manage to get away from one of your Hawaiian  vacations with your wife and kiddies, or failed foreign visits, and actually BE in Washington DC.minding the business.

(did you know that Hitler actually invented the Volkswagen bus? (The “People’s car”?)and I’m sure that he also approved of the Mercedes-Benz.)”that German engineering.”

I forgot, Obama; you don’t really mind the business, you actually REINVENT all the LAWS of the federal government in the country. That’s what your true job is. And you also REINVENT the Constitution of the United States. I guess that is a pretty big job. That’s why when people look on the map of the world, for the United States of America, they can’t find it anymore. It’s listed as OBAMAVILLE.

the funny thing is, I just looked up some history, of 1776. The basic reasons that the colonists revolted against Britain and went to war, were the following: Taxation without representation, by Britain.the British were taxing the colonists to death. Also, if you were a colonist, you had no rights, you could be hauled away, to prison or what ever, without any trial or jury. No phone call. It was legal.thank God that could never happen now.

(Raisins, snicker snicker.) Plenty of raisins.

it is true,that suddenly I feel lighthearted and light shouldered, because there are no burdens and worries and stress on my shoulders now that I have written this great and wonderful blog episode. It really does make you feel free and better, to get all those worries off your mind, and transfer them onto everybody else on the web.

that is, until I get plenty of visits from the FBI and CIA, if I can manage to get them to read this blog, because they now think that, as a senior citizen I am extremely dangerous. DARN. and the last time the FBI visited me, they sent really big, tall, heavy duty young guys, with scowls on their faces. all over some ranting and raving on the web, where people usually rant and rave and nobody takes it seriously.but somehow, these great agents missed out completely on all signs of the forthcoming Boston bombing. Tsk tsk. What a bad day to miss.

After all, nobody’s reading my blog!that’s what I get for Instead can never get any real terrorists on here, reading it, to make any comments.

but who cares, all that matters is, now I feel good. And relaxed. That must be the real secret of writing a blog it makes YOU feel better, never mind the people who read or don’t read it. They’re not the main purpose of it after all. :)    

(   :)   Signing off, Sandramina, in Whoville homeless village, Eugene, OR,  kicking homeless people in the shins, stepping on their dogs’ paws, and raiding their bottles of “Boone’s Farm Apple-Cherry Wine”. I am such a MEAN old lady, I still want my Medicare part D!!  Why should I let Obamacare have it?? He’s still getting bribes from insurance-companies to screw the public. And THAT is a lotta dough.  $$$$$$$$) …





I was on the telephone, with my friend Ronni, who lives in Portland, when I was reading a copy of “Northwest Boomer and senior newsletter”. My eyes lit on the meeting at the Eugene city library, February 23rd, 2 PM, that said “why are there few black people in Oregon? A secret history.” And that was what their meeting was about. “It looks like you’re not supposed to be here, and you don’t exist,” I said to my friend who  is black. “According to this, there aren’t any of you in Oregon. Only white people.”_ohdeargodno__by_Sinister_Starfeesh

“who the hell said that?” Replied my friend, very irritated;” so I don’t exist? And the rest of my friends don’t either? Who the hell do these people think they are? A secret history? What are they blabbing about?” “I know what they’re going to talk about,” I replied. “They’re going to tell about how the University of Oregon was founded by members of the Klu Klux Klan; and that Oregon was terribly racist and had lots of Klu Klux Klan members here, OH! – – And the reason why there are not huge numbers of black people here (the way they are supposed to be) is because we’re still very racist in Oregon, and the university is still really racist. I also saw these people’s video on YouTube, describing how segregated the very old university was.”creat08.gifdemon makefacesgy

my friends laughing, very loud, resounded in my ear; “oh my, that is absolutely hysterical! Like all those black organizations at the University, don’t exist? And all the black student body especially during the 60s, didn’t exist?  I guess that would leave out affirmative-action also;and all those African American political groups that were so active and involved in the University. And I guess the African-American PROFESSORS in the college don’t exist either?”lightninghitsterb231lightninghitsterb231

“Yes, and I guess the African-American studies programs don’t exist either.  Wow! I guess these people in this group are running on hallucinatory mushrooms or something. Gee,Ronni,I guess you don’t exist after all!how you feel about that? At least you don’t have to pay taxes I guess, ha ha ha ha ha!”we laughed for a couple of more was really a gas, what this “very discriminated against group” was agitating about.chasevulturestor17

What were they agitating about? THE PAST.the old and ancient past of Oregon, where there truly were Klu Klux Klan operating, and lots of members that were here. But, Oregon was typical among quite a few states in the United States that had very active Ku Klux Klan and segregation of black people.there was no mention in the propaganda of this meeting, about all the other states at that time in history who had even more active Klu Klux Klan, especially in the deep South.for some reason, this group had decided that little old OREGON, and the University of Oregon, were far worse than any of the other southern states, as far as discrimination of black people, and that’s why there were so few black people in Oregon. We were absolutely still racist to the edge.makefacesgy

I did call up this group, later on, to try and find out just exactly what its motives were, as to digging up the old past and skewering Oregon and the University with it. Just what were it’s motives anyway? I mean,  history is one thing and it’s a good thing to read up on it. But as far as saying that “there are so few black people in Oregon, because it has such a horrible racist past, and it’s still racist and bad bad bad!” – – And deliberately not mentioning how racist the other states were, except for this one.poophorskngt

And that title was really misleading; “why are there so few black people in Oregon?” – Because of the very racist and Ku Klux Klan past in this state? Except that, all of that was completely gone. Vanished into the past. Oregon was one of the most liberal and left-wing and Democrats, and pro-ethnic diversity states and universities in the whole United States. so it was a little odd that they were accusing a very liberal left wing and Democrat state, of being anti-black?buttmad209

I talked to the leader of the group, but I still couldn’t get any real answers. What was the reason for dredging all this up, and smearing Oregon with it? The only thing I could get out of them was, “Oregon is still completely racist, against black people, and all their disgusting past has to be dug up and exhibited to everybody.” I had to admit that it really did exist in history. But why, oh, why, was it to blame for tons of black people not coming here en masse, to enjoy the rain, freezing cold weather, snow, hail, and lots of GLOOM that they would absolutely just love instead of California or Miami?famlap97.gifkaostorm

so according to this group, the only thing that kept so many black people from flocking here, to enjoy all the snow and snow storms, frozen streets, broken pipes, rain, sleet, months of GLOOM without sunshine, was that nasty old Oregon and the also nasty University of Oregon, had such a bad nasty naughty anti-black person past. And that was still going on! Oh my oh my!lumineux.gifhairscared BOOM_chtiiik_booom_CHIIK_by_Pixelisto

I had never thought about that before; was it really obvious that African American people just love all that nasty lovely wet and cold weather,and it seemed they wanted to come here in large groups and settle?among all the hippies? And all the unemployed and homeless? With the very high jobless rate, unemployment, and complete lack of jobs?and all the white trash? And the huge abundant amount of working poor? And they really longed to pay high prices for food, never see the sunshine all winter, watch their gardens get destroyed by super slugs, never be able to raise tomatoes instead of accidentally raising lots of banana slugs instead?l gunsshootinglove ove13

You know Black people just LOVE BANANA SLUGS; better than corn-bread.I  had ignored  all these facts.icon_confused  makefacesgy

It just really never occurred to me before. I guess I had been blocking it out. And the fact that I had African American friends, here Kept me from realizing just how much all the other Black folk in California, and warmer climates were being kept  From moving here, and getting used to all that wonderful freezing weather we had. It just never occurred to me, DARN! I didn’t really want to think that they too, desired to get up in the morning, put on huge fluffy coats, and shovel out 6 feet of snow hindering their cars and blocking their, skidding  all over the icy black freezing highways, ending up in snowbanks, having to be pulled out by American automobile Association tow trucks.fuckyeahseakingplz

To think that we were somehow keeping them from this paradise. Tsk tsk.#2fridaythe13th

I suppose they were tiring of lovely and warm, exotic and special Louisiana and St. Louis by now; and that they wanted so much to dessert all their family, and move here to this strange wonderful and not exotic or lovely, but somewhat green, state.not to mention all the great restaurants and cooking and FOOD. After all, Oregon has such great restaurants, full of vegetarianism, raw food, odd food, fast food. The South just couldn’t hold a candle with its Paul Prudomme, Cajun and Creole cooking, crawfish and seafood. Sigh. Corn bread, fried chicken, and other yummy yummys of the South, well, they were getting so tired of that – – they wanted to rough it in Oregon and go to Carl’s Junior instead.glompunch

I talked to some of my other friends about this, and they thought I was crazy.”why in hell would African-Americans want to move to Oregon in large groups? What the heck for? There wasn’t any employment, the welfare was all gone as or no food stamps here either. The government saw to that.” I guess they were just itching to compete with all that lower white trash here, for welfare and stuff like that? Sure, I’m sure they were. It was just our terrible discriminating segregating anti-black person past that was holding them back.superduper2angry

“I don’t think that a lot of my friends would want to dessert meat,  barbecue, and go all vegan instead,” one of my African-American acquaintances,” sure, I like greens; but nothing but Greens, and no MEAT? In favor of “all organic vegetables”, macrobiotic diets, brown rice and veggie-burgers?? Your town is pretty low-down on food, if you ask me.”Gluten-free diets”?  No bread??” He did some colorful language here, and I had to chuckle.”Damn, your town is taken over by YUPPIES!! “he continued.”Those self-important, “save the world instead of the U.S.”-type, who think it makes them Queen of the May to save all of Africa?!! OH, YEAH, I’d just LOVE to live among those snot-noses!!  Not to mention–“he lowered his voice-“You got the whole population of GAY SAN FRANCISCO THERE!! SHIT, MAN. ”   “Not really your cup of tea,then?” I replied. “No, I’ll pass on that. heh heh.”  I had forgotten that he really liked WOMEN. And that did not include lesbian women. ghostgrabfood2!cid_FF78CA367CF44289B18E48B1FA797710@DorothyHP

It appeared that a few of my African-American friends had no desire to move to Eugene, or Lane County, or even visit here. “You got nothing there, honey. Those organic-range-chicken-eggs aren’t enough reason.”  “Not the small organic boutique farms either?”  “Boutique “organic” small farms, a good reason to not live there or go there. Not in my budget, Sandramina!”secretlaugh

 And I had to agree that the COOKING HERE could not hold up to the Southern parts of the United States. Eugene Oregon thought that CUP-CAKES or TOFU were the be all and end all of cuisine; did I mention they have cake made out of BEETS HERE? _slamhead__revamp_by_Synfull  makefacesgymore2leatherface

No wonder my diet was working so well; hm…”beet-cake” was not so alluring to the palate.dighole

“I am not surprised you’re losing some weight, “said Ronni, from Portland.”Yeah, cake made of beets just somehow misses out compared to black bottom pie. mud pie. or black-bottom cupcakes. Or even Oreos.  Sheet.” She then invited me to come up some time to Portland. cause she still knew old-time good cooking, and was pretty handy with an oven or a skillet. “Want me to bring anything?” I asked. “Just your appetite, sugar, “and she laughed that hearty laugh of hers. What was such a really good cook, doing in PORTLAND? The hipster city was lucky to have her. aanother1love02

What were the few black people doing in Oregon? Just unlucky I guess. They just were not aware of how racist Oregon and the university of Oregon was, nasty, segregationist, and heavily into that vanished KKK that used to be, and no longer was.  UH…that is, “Why Are there so few black people in Oregon?”-group was well into it , being obsessed by it. The rest of us could easily live without it. 

I was heavily into fried chicken myself.   :)  _piethrow__by_de_Motemakefacesgyfry

(Sincerely, Sandraminda, in racist and liberal-left–wing Democrat Eugene Oregon, home of “beet-cake” and other lovely organic tidbits. )  > :O    GAG!!!makefacesgy




(Oregon artist satire of “organic living” yuppie)

I looked at the local newspaper, with the article “20 year long figure drawing class, for Eugene community members, destroyed by U. of O.fine Art Department head”. But the reasons in the article, for stopping the 20 year long free, Saturday afternoon, nude figure drawing class, for members of the Eugene community, at the University of Oregon,were pretty ridiculous.the head of the fine Art department gave these excuses;One was that “the people who came to draw, might just be voyeurs, wanting to see nude figures.” DUH!  in a figure drawing class, how do you tell who is a voyeur, and who isn’t? If they draw very well, are they or are they not, voyeurs? Or are they there just to flirt with the model during her rest period?Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign..

the other reason that the head of the fine Art Department gave, for ending that free Saturday class, was;” it was not safe for the model, to be nude there, strange and violent and overly sexual people could burst into the class” and the art department could not afford to put a guard on the drawing room.however,in the article, the members of the free art class, were quoted as saying, that there was never any trouble with security there, they never got attacked or invaded on Saturday, and there have never been any kind of action there but very quiet drawing. – Which is how drawing is supposed to be, quiet.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

the newspaper article was trying to say, “why the heck did the University of Oregon fine Art Department head, end the class, for these ridiculous reasons that didn’t exist?”   Smiley pixeled by SmileydesignWell, there were a couple very possible reasons she did it. One, she was from the East Coast, and taught at very pricey (Yale) and expensive (fancy girl school) and was very FOREIGN to the Pacific Northwest. Smiley pixeled by SmileydesignShe was used to being among wealthy and well educated Easterners who went to school and who also taught.she apparently thought that all of Eugene’s residents, were “dangerous, primitive, out-of-control, and uncivilized villagers.” – And couldn’t be trusted on the University of Oregon campus. (And also, they weren’t registered and weren’t paying for their class.)Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

I mean, after all all the people in that class were COMMUNITY ARTISTS, and not really “certified – college-educated – middle-class and upper-middle-class, and wealthy –” students.some of them even had regular, low income jobs here.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

OH, MY GOD! Low income artists!Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign How God damn terrible!you know if you’re going to be an artist, you have to go to a very good,expensive school, and learn all the ways you’re supposed to be able to draw and paint, and all that bull shit.Heaven forbid you can’t afford it!– like all the present and future artists. Well, that was the way of the present and future; if you were low, or working-class, you were not going to be able to afford education, and if you are middle class or upper middle class, you had to borrow a lot of money.and then probably lose your house or everything you own, over it._shh__by_brokenboulevard

the head of the fine Art department, since she was used to teaching at Yale,, and from very structured ,socially and economically, back east, just took it for granted she can get rid of community artists, off her art campus, and they should go somewhere, for their level. LEVEL. Meaning, of course, “get thee to thy level!” But it was really discouraging to hear that the University of Oregon was getting more and more like a back east big time, discriminating and bigoted expensive University. Very discouraging.emote_artist_by_ecc500-d3fvzno 

.but that is a mark of our times; rigid, structured, social and financial classes. strictly research poll that I read, said that it was no longer possible for people to move from low financial classes, or working classes, to higher classes with more position and more money. It just wasn’t possible anymore..I can see why that is; everybody in your financial and social class, all support each other, even for careers and jobs, and to get into schools. If you’re outside your desired class, you’re not going to get in.nowadays you have to be born into it.shake_head_by_fire_kitty_666-d4id8eg

(a very attractive and sexual outsider, could marry, or sleep his way into it,but that’s something else.)Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

It’s similar to, what us old seniors and baby boomers found out, when we tried to learn computers, late in life; all the youngsters were practically born into computer use, and education, and they were naturals with it.most of us would never catch up with them.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

now, it’s very almost impossible, to break up that rigid, very structured social and financial class, and do anything about it. Get out of it; and into a better one. And people who yell about the “NWO”, rather the “new world order”, don’t have to look any further than stuff like, monopolies of cable TV; monopolies of every single company you can think of. Even monopolies of FOOD in supermarkets. MONOPOLIES in every single area of commerce; clothing, electronics,phone companies, computers, leadership, the Internet,spirituality (Catholic Church, we hear you!) No where are the monopolies of life, even in the United States, worse than our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.members of Congress, and Senate, keep coming back like a bad virus. There’s no getting rid of them.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

so when you stop and think of the above subject, several paragraphs above, about the low income community artists, who can’t pay to go and register at the University of Oregon, for nice expensive education, and get into the “monopoly”, and the “in crowd”, it doesn’t do you any good to worry about this little thing everybody’s obsessive about, called the “NWO”.whatever shape the “new world order”, is in , it’s not really a hysterical conspiracy’s real. It’s all around you, you can’t miss it. emoticon_3000_by_ravenfire_1-d4qw0z8

in your area, there are only two ways to get on the Internet; Comcast and century link. Nothing else. There are dinky little,one person Internet servers, which hardly anybody uses if they can help it. And if you want to watch TV, you either have to get a satellite dish, or you have to get Comcast cable TV. And if your trees are too tall, or for some other reason you can’t get a satellite dish, you’re stuck with ONE cable TV company. The master! The monopoly master! and believe me, the PRICES they charge, are of a monopoly.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign I frankly, stopped watching all TV shows, they are so bad. The only thing I watch are MOVIES. And I refuse to get the higher up superduper, movie and TV channels, because I already did that, I got one or two secondary movie channels, and I’m still bored to tears most of the time. So getting higher up ones, and paying more and more and more and more, won’t do me any good. Most of the time, the only thing on TV is bad TV shows, and old TV movies they show over and over.those few extra movie channels, are mostly what I watch. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother with TV at all.

.AND, they are soon going to get rid of BROADCAST TV! EVERYTHING will be on cable or on the Internet._bored__by_royaba-d3307fk

Go  read a book.avelineofunderland_support_sign_by_sugarislife28-d59a9ed

 I’m not worrying very much about Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign“NWO” mysteries or conspiracies. I know who they all are anyway. I see them every day!Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign I have to deal with them every day, and get clobbered by them every day. And PAY TAXESSmiley pixeled by Smileydesign to them every day!and have to deal with MICROSOFT, MACINTOSH, et al.MONOPOLIES every day. You want to talk about a monopoly?Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign the AMA!one of the biggest baddest monopolies.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign One you can’t deny, and you can’t get around. If you want to be a doctor or a medical person, the only other thing is, “osteopath school, or chiropractic school.” (The latter one, I highly recommend and use myself.)Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

let’s suppose for a moment, before we end this article, that you have very very bad FEET. You’ve got very bad arthritis, you’ve got plantar fasciitis, your bones are bad off, your feet are old, but also there is no such thing in the United states, except for PODIATRISTS for bad feet. And you know what they do? Nothing. They cut toenails. That’s what they do! So if you have very bad feet, with a number of serious things wrong with them, in the United States, YOU ARE OUT OF LUCK.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Unless you are fabulously wealthy, and can go to other countries, and very specialized expensive doctors, who actually treat really bad feet, and only accept CASH MONEY, you are SCREWED! that’s because no insurance you can get, for a regular normal person, even working,  has any kind of decent really good “expert feet Dr.s” who know how to treat very difficult, painful, FEET problems.noir

those are the results off our very socially and financially, structured classes, now. Monopolies; no medical treatment, unless you’re fabulously wealthy.(the rest of us get very bad HMOs, welfare charity clinics, and no treatment at all, on Medicare, Medicaid, Obama care. That’s because, as I mentioned above, you are out of luck. You’re not going to get it!)

So,, stop worrying about “the new world order”. Smiley pixeled by SmileydesignIt’s just the same old, “everyone is a PEON, poor person, on the bottom, which includes most of us, and our masters are that small, little, rich and financially angelic upper-class.”– – except that it’s worldwide.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign yes, it’s the same old ballgame; unless you’re one of the lucky rich and wealthy and powerful people, you’re  POOR. Not much middle class.. Stop pretending that socialism is going to get you what you want and need. IT IS NOTSmiley pixeled by Smileydesign.Socialism is pretty much a FAKE.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign And whatever they used to call, DEMOCRACY, that’s over, too. It was a short, one time situation, and now it’s gone.

 there’s your “NWO”; if you want to watch old movies, they are all owned by Ted Turner, and you have to pay for his channel on TV, to get them. And if you want cable TV at all, there’s only one choice, Comcast. There, in a nutshell, is our NWO. It’s not invisible, it’s seething around you every day, and you’re stuck in it. So stop worrying and obsessing over it. It’s just the same old bull shit, it’s always been for thousands of’s just under a new name.b27d3f316e57b0c08fa253e9f156f6a2-d598vp3

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene, OR, wondering whether or not I should run for Congress, or Senate, by issuing a huge campaign of BULL-SHIT, mucking-up to every powerful, political group, raising millions of bucks, and doing it all THE AMERICAN WAY!!  “THANK YOU, MRS. CLINTON, FOR BEING MY INSPIRATION!!!” (worship, worship)  :)   Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign


(photograph of little black bear, homeless, because of vast Oregon forest fires)


One day,well I was fooling around on the Internet, trying to find “alternative news” and finding nothing but liberal extreme left-wing claptrap and bull shit, I came across this strange website, and a strange letter on it, presumably to an editor, but it looked like it was trying to be communicated to the rest of the Internet public. I showed it to Carolyn, and she said “sounds like a really crazy person”, but I said “crazy like a Fox; some of this could definitely happen, I happen to know that California is in rather bad water situation now. And my sister is there!” “Come on,” replied Carolyn, dis-interested,” I have family there too. Somehow, they’re going to fix it I’m sure.”


“Why do you assume SOMEONE is going to fix it?” I replied irritatingly. “So far, our government doesn’t say b00; Obama doesn’t bother to think about anything, he’s too busy fighting with his wife and the Congress.” “Yeah, but maybe all these droughts are just, you know, “El Niño” weather again..” Said Carolyn. “that’s all very easy to say, I replied, but El Niño never never did anything like this before. And when has Oregon imitated the Mohave Desert like this? Ever? No, never!”


“Well, I don’t know what to say,” replied Carolyn, thumbing her nose at the letter on the screen. “I’m sure somebody, will do something, for all those people in California. They’ve got plenty of money there! You think they’re just going to leave them to rot?” “I don’t know,” I replied, “money is one thing, what are you going to do for RAIN you never have? Or WATER you don’t have?” “Nancy Pelosi lives in California,” replied Carolyn, once again thumbing her nose at Nancy Pelosi. “She has enough money she can BUY water for the whole stupid state!”


“WHERE is she going to get it from?” I replied again. “You’re going to have to extract all the salt from the Pacific Ocean! And they haven’t been doing that yet!” “one thing is right about that letter, the federal government isn’t talking about it. They’re pretending it doesn’t even exist.” “Yes,” I replied again. “EVERYBODY is acting like it doesn’t exist, once again, it is true, it’s the elephant in the room.” “I bet that the federal government has secret meetings, behind closed doors, and they’re figuring it out right now.”said Carolyn.


“I hope they’re not figuring it out like they did Obama care,” I replied again nastily. “If they figure it out like they did that, everybody will die of thirst in that stupid state.” – And I said once again, “and my sister is in that state!” “A lot of people have relatives in California, who live in Oregon,” yawned Carolyn, losing interest. “And you think they can all just move here, AGAIN? You think all of California can just move here? We have our own droughts! About as bad as California is getting.” “why don’t you just post the stupid letter on your blog, and let people read it for themselves?” Said Carolyn. “Then you don’t have to worry about it.” “Okay,”I said, trying to get it copied. “I don’t want to think about it either, I’m not any more responsible than the rest of the damn public.” – – And here is that stupid letter, off of that stupid website:
I am going to give you either a prediction of the near future or the far future. The government, federal, and state governments, have all been ignoring the fact of “global warming”. And there are a lot of deniers also.
However, it’s happening anyway. You can look at California, Oregon, and Washington state, and see all the horrible droughts. – And getting faster and faster at changing, also. So I’m going to predict to you what’s going to happen. Since all these governments are ignoring what’s going on, California is almost in a state of emergency because of lack of water and rain, and it could possibly hit Oregon also.the forest fires alone, have become a catastrophe, in California and Oregon and Washington, filling the air with smoke and making everyone sick. And burning down all our forests. This will probably happen even worse next summer.(no, it’s not going to turn around and suddenly get better.)
Now, you’re saying, what’s going to happen next? Where is California going to get their water from, just to drink, just to stay alive? The answer to that is: they don’t know. The government federal is doing their best to ignore the whole situation hoping it will go away and get stuck on the next White House inhabitant. And it might.
 However it’s happening very very fast. I happen to know that a lot of people in California are very scared at this time. Global warming, and severe droughts, in many states like this, are only going to get worse. Not going to stop. 
Nor, can it  BE STOPPED. It is too late to stop it. You cannot just stop and go with nature and weather.sooner or later, the states will all ask for emergency help from the federal government; they won’t get it. It will be the same as Hurricane Katrina. they will either not give any help, or it will come so late that a lot of people will die, or have to leave their states and homes.
The federal government could call out the National Guard; but, will they? President Obama does not like to do presidential acts or take any responsibility. The military heads in the government might have to declare a disaster and take over. That would bring us under martial law. That’s entirely possible. However, I can also predict that Obama won’t know what to do, and they might either assassinate him or just shove him out of the way. The military can do that.when it’s a case of much of the United States being in danger, they could legally do it.
Now, you have to imagine that many of the states have such catastrophic weather, such as the Pacific Northwest and California, that people can’t survive without getting any water or rain help. If they don’t get any help at all from the federal government this could very well happen: everybody who owes responsibilities to the federal government, or even the states, will stop doing it. Some of them will do it voluntarily, some of them won’t be able to avoid doing it. What I mean is, not paying taxes, not paying income taxes, not paying fees, or violations, not declaring their income, and not obeying federal and state laws anymore. The laws and rules of the government and the state will go right down the drain.
Reciprocity of course works both ways; if the government refuses to help its citizens in severe times of emergency, the citizens will stop regarding the federal government or even states, as their government and leaders. They will all try to watch out for each other and themselves. All the cults of religion, or cults of high financial billionaires, will all get together to protect themselves. For example, the Mormons, and various Jewish cults,and other “survivalist” cults that already have gotten together. There are a few of them even in Oregon. All these groups are going to start looking out for their own members.
That leaves out a majority of the people in the United States California is a very big state, with a lot of food productivity responsibility..if they don’t have water, how can they farm? Ditto for Oregon, our farming is already being limited by water and rain. I don’t know about Washington, but I suspect very much the same. At least three food producing states like this, and very likely others who can’t do it, will stop feeding people in the United States. Where will they get the food? The military would have to haul out government food that they have, and they would have to do something about the WATER..
Now, if the military does not proclaim martial law, then the population that has no food or water will be even more desperate. And the above, of deciding to completely ignore the federal government, and its rules and laws, and maybe even the states, will happen. If there’s no water and food help, directly from the military, all these people will be on their own. It’s called “chaos”.of course lots of crime, criminals, and huge amounts of criminal and desperate activities will be going on. Even ordinary people will get that way.very likely, a great deal of people who live in California, will LEAVE the state. WHERE they will go, is not certain, because at least several of the states have these major droughts now. Texas does not look good.
I can leave you to imagine what the lack of food and water, will do to millions of desperate people; like I said above, they will stop obeying all laws, particularly federal, and they will stop paying taxes or obeying any federal laws anymore. You would have to get out a severe militia, to make them just pay their taxes. And they might not even have the money. I don’t know what’s going to happen to the billionaires, they have their own club they could easily get out of this, and just go to place outside the US,, or a place in the country that still has a lot of water. Michigan apparently is doing okay with that and it’s a very empty state.
My bet is that the federal government, will continue to ignore the whole thing. The answer is, because they are rotten leaders. And they are rotten people. They only care about themselves. So they’re not going to do anything, unless the military does it. Even the Pentagon is still connected to the people, and that’s why I give my bit about martial law. Of course it might come out differently, and nobody will do anything to help the people of the United States. They haven’t yet.
another thing that could happen, is that the federal government itself could be overthrown, either by the Pentagon, or by another uprising, political group, who are very violent and active. This also is entirely possible..why? Because I don’t know what other underground political groups, are planning for this. They are not telling me. I don’t even know if they exist. And also we have to think about other countries, who will be affected by us, including the Chinese, who are planning on coming over here to live, in hordes or already are,they definitely do not want to get stuck in anarchy, with desperate Americans who don’t have any water or food. They also could, become active and take over the federal government, themselves (like they haven’t already done it in secret?) And bring order to the country. But they probably won’t help all those millions of people, they also could bring martial law.and when they bring martial law, it’s a lot more severe than any form our Pentagon could take. They do it in China, they will do it over here.
Whichever of these possibilities happens, there is still a big probability ratio, that one of them or something like them, will occur in the future. We do know that global warming is upon us, and the danger of no water, and no food is looming greater and greater. And we’re talking about huge populations, not just one state.I don’t like to think about it myself.of course, we actually could even have some type of Civil War take over here; war between the military of the Pentagon, (if they can get any military over here) opposite, say, a foreign country that has its soldiers here. Or it could be Civil War between United States factions. Or it could just be complete chaos.
You are supposed to be journalists, you probably have already thought a lot about this. Or, you’re like the federal government, you’ve just been ignoring the idea. The idea itself isn’t going to stop just because you ignore it, or because the federal government ignores it. It’s going to happen anyway. Some type of scenario, similar to one of these is going to happen.but global warming, or what ever it is that’s making this faster and faster weather extremes, is not going to be stopped by anyone, or anything. We know that it’s true, we can see it right here in Oregon.and of course a lot of my predictions could be off, but that last one definitely is not..
– – –thank you.”

Of course, the person did not sign their name.who the hell would? This person was pretending to be some kind of swami, or guru, or psychic, predicting stuff. Or else it was somebody who was a mole in the federal government. Or a mole in the CIA, or just some stupid member of Congress, who couldn’t get paid attention to. Very likely. Tell us what you think of that yourself, or if you think it’s so stupid, you don’t even think there’s any chance any of it will happen. Haw Haw. Have fun! You in California, try to stay wet!   :)

(Sandraminadotty, in warm and hot Eugene, sloughing off the warning, trying to keep cool myself, and I don’t give a shit about California, unless they all try to come here, AGAIN. “No more room guys! Try another state! No more water here either! Try the coast! You can take the salt out afterwords! Ha ha ha!” (ironic laughter.)  :)    raining_day_by_MenInASuitcase free_icon___twirling_flower_by_crazdude-d4sn06t (1)happy_sun_icon_by_angelishi-d65cs09 (1) cherubi_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a4385fluctuating_temperatures_by_converse_kidd-d3vrwyoSpiky_icon___O_O_by_chiyukolet_s_swing_into_spring_by_tantetabata-d62ddhsagua-turtle677893Don__t_Waste_Water_by_caranette




136.png one tree oekaki


bought from very cheap desperate Eugene Oregon artist)

Here I was, your humble writer and teller of Oregon tales,trying to get over a very bad sinus infection brought on by huge forest fires’ smoke, all over the Williamette Valley, and the rest of Oregon. I said to Caroline “at least I didn’t get bronchitis or pneumonia like the others did I?” She was coughing and hacking, and tried to reply; Carolyn had stopped smoking, but the atmosphere was still doing it! EVERYONE in the Valley was sick, or about to get sick, or had already been sick, or with ongoingly-sick.

I couldn’t get in to see the ear nose and throat doctor, his schedule was packed high for months, with people even worse off than me. The rumors were, everybody old, or even slightly fragile, or who had asthma, or even wheezed a little, was endingup in the hospital. But the hospitals were too crowded they didn’t have any room anymore!all this sick desperate humanity, trying to breathe, filled the doors wide, of the urgent care offices all over the county, and probably the rest of the state (from what I’ve heard.) It did one good thing:

it encouraged a lot of people who smoked, to stop. Why buy cigarettes, or cigars or a pipe,when the state itself was doing the smoking for you?

in the meantime, I was huddled over my bronchial steamer, and telling Carolyn she ought to get one;”I know,” she replied, slipping her hot chocolate drearily, “I tried, they’re all out, they have to reorder them they’re selling like barbecued chicken, or local brew!” “Well,” I commented, as we got ready to go out, facemasks in hand, “it’ll only be a short time until we probably switch over to oxygen tanks and those masks.”her dreary moan was very predictable.

as we slipped on our nose and mouth mask, trying to keep out some of the disreputable junk flying through the air, from all the forest fires, I tried to think back; didn’t people used to say that forest fires were predictable? Especially if we had huge drought, for many years, and then ended up with all whole spring and summer of 96° weather, and no water? And no rain? NEVER any rain, anymore, in a state that used to be reputable FOR RAIN! “THE RAIN STATE”.

I have been talking to some arborists, and they shook their heads; “yes, forest fires are predictable, and the state and the County and the federal government has screwed us over by ignoring and neglecting all the obvious signs. Having huge droughts for years, over all that forest land, which has been getting as dry as the fire tender, and then having all that hot weather, yes,= that does equal FOREST FIRES.” There’s no two ways about it, the state government has been ignoring it all, in hopes that it would just go away and disintegrate like fairy dust.

“maybe the government didn’t have money for it,” I asked the guys, the tree guys. “Also,” said one of the arborists, “environmentalists do not want any monkeying with public forest lands, not even to thin them out. And if the state doesn’t have any money, the environmentalists are not going to volunteer to do it either! Hey, we don’t get hired to do it! You’ve got trees yourself, you know if you don’t take care of them, they go to hell! Well, that’s what happened to all these forest fire lands; they definitely went to hell, nobody took any responsibility for them especially our state government!” There were nods of heads all around, they pretty much agreeed with that.

“one thing I don’t know about,” I said to Carolyn, back again to the present moment. “Are the lumber companies losing all their forest land also? Are there trees getting burned down like this?” “Gee,” she said, trying to drink some water, “I really don’t know. Didn’t ask those guys?” “No, I forgot to.” I said, trying to drink a cup of coffee for my nerves. “I completely forgot to ask, is this only the public forest land and parks and all those wonderful trees that we supposedly own, that are burning down? Are the lumber companies doing it also? Or did they take care of their forest land?”

we in our white breathing masks, carefully got into Carolyn’s old car, (her mother-in-law is probably going to buy her a new one, she just died, or something hopefully;) headed out to get something to eat. It sure seemed funny, trying to breathe, and eat at the same time.

Hopefully that would not be the way of the future, but the way the state was getting run, and the County, and the federal government, it looks like we would be investing in oxygen tanks and those facemasks, in the very near future. So maybe I should start looking into that equipment, and how much this junk will cost me..I mean, I don’t have to have a car, because I’m already getting enough gasoline right in my face from everybody else’s in Eugene, but I definitely have to be able to BREATHE.

And I don’t reckon on catching anymore diseases, they could put me in the hospital anytime soon, me being a senior and all, on all this cut and massacred Medicare I get.everybody in the newspaper would write in and say, “wow, why don’t you put us all on Medicare, we all deserve it.” there are the entitled, even though we seniors worked for many years, toiling day after day on the job, these guys come along and say “give us your Medicare! We don’t care if you earned it, we wanted it TOO.”.

well, I guess Obama care did give them our Medicare, directly. They have it now, and we seniors practically DON’T HAVE MEDICARE anymore!

that is just a side subject, but doesn’t it get you riled up? You work for years and years, put all those billions of dollars into the government, just to get a little Medicare out when you fall over and retire, and all these other people come along, crowd into your insurance, and yell at you, “HEY! Move over! We want your Medicare too!” And you feel like shoving them in front of a train in a crowded subway.

show me a politician who can enable me to do that, and I will vote for him next election.

in the meantime, I’m going to concentrate on trying to breathe, amid the smoky oxygen, from forest fires that should have been prevented, and weren’t, and swearing under my breath about who should’ve done it. – And didn’t give a rats ass.

But, it is it REALLY TRUE? Can this huge tide of forest fires, which will obviously get worse every year, because of our overly burning weather, can it be ALTERED? Can it be changed at all? Can any of it be prevented by human beings in Oregon? So far, the state of Washington can’t stop it, there fires, and good old California who’s got monstrous huge forest fires, haven’t been able to stop them either or prevent any of them. So then, are those people correct who say that, we in Oregon can prevent SOME of our forest fires? I really didn’t know.

I was getting such conflicting opinions, without any evidence to back them, that I felt split in half; some of the opinion said, yes we should’ve been able to prevent some of it, and on the other side they said, NO, we can’t prevent our horrible Oregon forest fires. It is the price of “world climate change”.WAS California able to stop any of theirs? it didn’t look like it.add to that, we weren’t getting any honest reactions from the state government, or from the federal government about this. And all the states with huge forest fires were running out of money to fight them!

As to information about this, we were getting censorship, as usual from the media and the government’s definitely weren’t going to tell you anything. It would have to be individual experts who would chime in, and give some kind of evidence to back their opinions. That’s why I’m posting this, on this blog; we sure would like to hear from you all, no matter what your opinion is, about these Oregon forest fire danger now. Is there anything we can do to lessen it, or avoid any of it? Is it just a case of MONEY again? Or is it a case of politics, private industry, and lies and whispers?

(Sandraminadotty, cough cough, in Eugene Oregon; don’t forget to vote wisely, in the next election, because we absolutely need somebody running this state, who knows the fucking hell what they are doing.) :)




“Among  the many beautiful   and healthy places in Eugene, Oregon, is the downtown Plaza, affectionately known as the Wayne Morse Memorial statue– Plaza. This picturesque and beautiful downtown area, is one of the most modern downtowns in all Oregon; featured with designer stores, a Barney’s, and many other upscale, department stores and unique gift centers, and tourist shops, only to be compared with the most illustrious areas of downtown San Francisco California, and Manhattan in New York City.”.

“since the Valley of Williamette, a pollen free and wonderful playground of organic, green,-carbon footprint – free niches, is such a healthy place to live, people flock here to compete for the real estate and the few houses that are on sale. Living in Eugene is considered only equal to living in Beverly Hills California, or the upper West side of New York City. Add to that, a beautiful vacation home on Lake Como, Italy, and you have some idea of the Williamette Valley, only it is still a small town, quiet and smog free, with no freeway or traffic jams,one of the healthiest and most upscale places in the United States, or even the world, to live or to vacation in.”

“the political and equal opportunity atmosphere of Eugene, is so Democratic, fair, and equalized to every political and cultural taste, that you could find any kind of person here. Mostly, the upper-middle-class, the middle class, and the very well-paid working people live here, in some of the most modern and well-equipped homes rivaling only the type that Bill Gates lives in. We are talking MODERN! We are talking INNOVATIVE!”

“Plans to build a whole light rail system, through the whole valley, are on the books and are approved by the voters, who have voted in one of the most unbiased and  democratic governments in all of Oregon, or even the United States. Similar to the very democratic voting system of Switzerland, voters have every opportunity, to have discussion and free choice on every subject and problem, any free ranging system of voter planning groups, meet every month, to decide how to pursue any subject or situation that comes up in the Valley”.

“One of the most free minded mayors, Mayor Kitty, is a delight and a refreshing change from the usual male demagogue;this very open and free spirited person, who is adored and loved by every voter in the Valley, for keeping taxes down, having built a wonderful school system, with every luxury and advantage, is a whiz and a wizard at financial planning, and works so well with all the many businesses and all the many industries all through the County, that many job seekers come here, because this area is so well equipped with industry, large businesses, many small and medium-sized businesses and industries, and a huge roster of jobs and employment opportunities, that makes Silicon Valley look pale in comparison.”

“in addition to industry and business, the fantastic GREEN and organically-grown farms of Lane County, keep the area filled with nutritious and very reasonably priced, healthy, foods. Lane County is a model of modern organic farming, and one of the most nutritious and delicious rosters of foods in the whole world.” “

There are no GMOs or unnaturally bred types of vegetables or fruit, or any type of produce in the whole valley. In addition to this, the air is so clean and pollen free, because this green and organic wonderland does not produce pollen or allergies to hassle the Oregon nose or sinuses. Bronchitis and pneumonia are virtually unknown here, and the huge spate of world renowned doctors, physicians , and nurse practitioners, are exceptional, and Microsoft employees from Seattle often come to this Valley, to seek some of the most advanced and easily obtained medical treatments known in the United States or even the rest of the world. ”

“Not that anyone needs a doctor here! People are too busy filling their happy hours with golf, tennis, every outdoor sport imaginable, hunting, fishing, river rafting, learning any possible craft or educational skill, literature or art, or cultural endeavor. Senior citizens have been known to set up housekeeping here, and wonder why they never came here in the first place. The area boasts no typical low class, or homeless population, as the high real estate values and love of industry, rule out any places for the underemployed, or those on the mercy of the state and social services. This valley is beloved by University of Oregon students, most of which are natives of Oregon, as the University of Oregon admission prices and rates for class have all been down by the wonderful management staff.,and the long-standing and adored president of the University.” – –

“Haven’t you gotten that thing done yet?” Asked Carolyn, as I labored over a cold computer, with hot and asthmatic breathing system, and I looked at the clock. “It’s not time yet for me to go to the doctor,” I said,. “This is a horrible sinus infection, I was hoping to miss it this time.” “Well, all my friends are getting bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus infections, and every infection you can think of this summer,” returned Carolyn, taking off her face mask, as she had just come in the door. I wondered if those things really work, and keep all the pollen out of your face and your lungs.. Probably not; years ago it used to be grass seed burning,  and all the pollution from the lumber mill, now it was the very worst bunch of allergies, to out do California.

“you still have a fever?” Asked Carolyn, putting her hand on my  forehead.”no, I think it’s come down a little,” I answered, trying to finish up the advertising that the city and County was hiring me to come up with, that would probably be put in national magazines, as an advertising section.”but my head still feels like a big bass drum, I have so much pain medication in me I can’t feel anything – no, that’s a lie I can feel all of it.”

Carolyn looked over my shoulder, at the text I was putting into the processor; she whistled loudly, right in my ear. Ouch! “Wow the city is really paying you to write all this garbage? Aren’t you afraid you’ll get caught by the FBI or the CIA, for terrorism in print? These are some of the biggest lies I’ve ever seen, and that’s even for Oregon! “No pollution, no pollen, no homeless, high rates of employment with big wages;” girl, you are one of the biggest shit – swappers I have ever seen in my life! You need to be working for the federal government, you’re so good! Are you sure you didn’t write Obama’s last and first election speeches? “Hope and change”?”

I grinned, proudly; “this is my favorite part; democratic and free, and equal exchange of political and cultural views ever seen in the US, and that is our Valley.” Oh and get this; “taxpayers have a choice about everything in the government, including the schools.” Don’t you think I’m some kind of wunderkind of bull shit?”

“I’m so surprised that you acquiesced to writing this stuff, for the local government,” said Carolyn puzzled, “I know that you hate their guts, just like all the rest of us. What made you decide to go over?”

“I didn’t really,” I said, deciding to quit and close up the processor for now; I was feeling nauseated and even the pain medication wasn’t staving off the sinus usual, when I got sick, I had to go through a drop-in clinic, because my regular doctors clinic was to full up; even the drop-in clinic was filled with new Obama care patients, who would never be able to get a full-time regular GP; there weren’t enough doctors to go around, but it didn’t matter. I expected to die very miserable, in this Valley, someday, probably on morphine.”I just didn’t have enough money, and I was desperate. It’s not like there’s any other jobs around here, that pay anything over eight dollars an hour. – Unless you are a doctor.or, one of the out of state or foreign University of Oregon students, the little wealthy buggers!”

“Or, you have to work for the local government,” finished Carolyn. “Maybe you should stick your head under a cold faucet. Oh, I found out there’s this new American wonder drug – aspirin! Isn’t that really advanced and miraculous of them?ASPIRIN! Who would’ve figured? that’s their great new wonder drug! you suppose it cures cancer too?”  “I wish it would cure asthma, I wish it would cure all the smog on River road,” I muttered, putting on my face mask, as we were preparing to go out into the open atmosphere.I wondered when we were going to have to start using oxygen tanks to go outside. Soon enough.maybe I wouldn’t get my annual, summer miserable sinus infection, if I started using oxygen tanks.

(Sandramina, rushing to the bathroom to throw up, and have diarrhea at the same time, in Lane County, Eugene, Oregon, during the summer infection – rush, trying to get a doctor, and wishing I were in the old frozen Alaska that used to be. Hooray for the Arctic! The old Arctic! May we have a fifth ice age, and not a new pollen – encrusted, smog – wholesome Valley of Willamette, Eugene, OE!)    :)          : (         





there are those of us, who consider ourselves smarter than everyone else, more capable, and better at ruling towns, counties, states and countries better than others. In other words, we have very big egos. That pretty much nowadays describes everybody. Everyone thinks they know what to do, more than anyone else. So naturally we have columnists who write on “sex expertise, for gay and straight people” and “relationship and life advice for other people”. It’s bad enough we have to watch amateur TV shows, where some snide person decides you can’t sing, you can’t dance, and throws you off the show.  animal04.gif tedy bearanimal03.gif cutekittyanimal02.gif blakkat

as far as politics, we always select the guy who has the biggest mouth, and promises us the most, and tells us he can do better than anyone else. So, we elect the wrong people! We elect the people who promise us everything! Which of course is impossible. And we don’t want to hear from the other side “I can’t promise you everything, the government is overwhelmed, and we will have to cut a lot of it out, it in order for us to survive.” Somehow Germany did that, which explains why they are in better shape than the rest of the countries in the European union.maybe it’s because they like sauerkraut so well. emo03.gif wild clemenstn1.gif thakgiv

But try telling an American that!the last thing they want to hear is, “you have to start cutting back, you cannot have everything you want,or maybe everything you need, you’re going to have to tighten your belt and be frugal.” Frugal is a word that no one uses anymore, because everyone refuses to try it. In fact, it’s become a bad word, in a nation that desires everything to be possible, even if they can’t afford it, and it will break the government eventually.try electing honest people; it’s not possible, because the public doesn’t WANT honest politicians! They want politicians to tell them exactly what they want to hear!they don’t want to hear, that everything is screwed up, and they’re going to have to go through hell to fix it. fifawm66 053.gif  Old Guy em.

it reminds me of the way that most people approach life; reject reality. Just concentrate on what you want out of it, and that you deserve it, you’re going to get it, nobody’s going to stand in your way. However, life can cut down even Americans, to reality, and give them a really hard time because they’re not listening to it. For example, can you imagine an America where people can’t drive their cars as much as they want to anymore? Because gas is become too expensive? And they’re going to have to CHANGE what they expect, just like Europe has to take lots of public transportation. movie01.gif spaceman sml world

I won’t go into the financial ramifications of such an attitude. That you can BUY anything, and the government won’t fall on your head? That you can spend anything, and you won’t go broke? that business and big financial companies can be as crooked as they like, and no one will ever find out? There will never be any bad results?that EVERYBODY can afford a home? vote09052

So the denial of reality in modern-day life, is something that we understand has been going on for many many centuries, probably back into ancient times. However, I don’t think ancient times handled it exactly that way. Reality tended to  hit solidly in the head, from the time they woke up in the morning, about their status and situation in life, and if you didn’t pay attention to it, you were screwed from the beginning. That didn’t stop the crowds in Rome that wanted bread and circuses and expected them. So we are not the first civilization to screw ourselves up from wanting pink champagne, pixies and fairies, and fairyland, and to print as much money as we like, and still have it actually have any value. People have been doing this all through history. zombie09

But we’re only to speaking here, about the question that came to dear Abby in the newspaper recently. (That I will admit, right away that I am not a sage or genius, and I don’t know how to fix everything. That’s not what I’m saying.) However, it does give you an insight into the ways that society tends to lie to its people, for its own reasons. Somebody writes to” dear Abby:” and says,” dear Abby: do you think people can change?”of course dear Abby automatically says, “I assume you mean, change for the better. The answer is yes, of course people can change. With motivation, determination, and perseverance, people can accomplish almost anything they set their minds to.” vote12052

OH BOY! That last bit was a load of BS! But it’s not unusual, it comes from psychologists and psychiatrists every single day. “Of course you’re going to get better, of course you’re going to get cured or get well.” It’s that “people can accomplish almost anything they set their minds to.” You probably heard something like that from your folks; they probably told you, if they were like mine and like a lot of people’s, “you can be anybody and anything you want to, in life dear!” – – Which sets you up for pretty bad disappointment in life. vote07052.gif shark n ful

just watch that movie “fight club”, with Brad Pitt, and you’ll see what I mean. One of the reasons that the guys in the story, want a fight club, is they are so angry and exasperated, over getting lied to by society about the following message; “work hard, work long hours, do everything you’re supposed to do, be honest, be forthright, and you will eventually become the big boss.” But the characters in the movie have found out just the opposite; not everybody can be the big boss. In fact most people can’t!and careers and life have a lot more limits on them that we are told by society. And the guys in the movie, have to work so hard long hours, doing bull shit, to have fancy credit cards, and lots of credit, and even cars they don’t want, and pickup trucks they don’t want. And they’re very very angry about being lied to all this time.  bek009.gif   firey burning emoticon strip01.gif fight

it is definitely a “THING” of Americans and America, that we are all told, maybe when we graduate from something, “go forth and conquer the world, and succeed and become the divine, make lots of money, become accomplished, and become tops in your career.” Of course nobody mentions that everybody gets told that, and not very many people can do that, there is not really that much room at the top.that’s why there are much fewer billionaires, then there are the rest of us who are poor. happy_bouncing_____gift__by_snowsniffer-d599dec

Maybe people told you,you should not try to make a living off of art; but they don’t tell you the reason WHY. They don’t tell you the reason is, so few people make a living off of a creative job, that one in 6 billion can do it. How about those odds? They really don’t tell you that. You have to find out later, and also find out that you take it for granted, they mean that YOU can’t make a living off it, because you’re not good enough! Not the reason. You just assume that and they don’t tell you., Is because almost NOBODY makes a living off of it. And there are trillions and trillions of artists that are good. Look at the web, they’re all over the place.___i_don__t_know____worried_emoticon_by_classyretrogaga-d59a329super_original_hand_crank_by_twoohten-d599zqs

of course, also when we’re young, we don’t want to hear people tell us, we can’t do something. So we go out and try to do it anyway. Instead of looking at the statistics and investigating the facts, we listened to people in art school, and teachers of art, because they want to make money off of our illusions. avelineofunderland_support_sign_by_sugarislife28-d59a9ed

Which leads me to one of the first principles in life everyone should know; “we want to believe the lies we want to be true, not the real truth.”.maybe it sounds cruel, but it’s true. Especially society loves to lie to its members, and its members just lap it up.  evil_smile.gif hoppy

however, very important lying, in very important instances, can really fuck up your life. This is not one of those minor little white lies; like the one above, the politician promising the people in a democracy everything they want, and that nothing is impossible, and the politician is perfectly capable of doing it,   if you elect him, there are insidious ones that society just won’t let go of. 37.gif whitekitty

we’re talking about the one that dear Abby just recited: “yes, of course people can change. With motivation, determination, and perseverance, people can accomplish almost anything they set their minds to.” That is a very particularly American piece of crap.  cute_robot___free_avvie_by_r0se_designs-d4ki7adgif

In the first place, there are certain things about yourself, and about life that are impossible to change. And you have to look at that right now. You cannot change the age that you were born into, the financial and social matrix you were born into, your parents, your family, your talents, and all your physical attributes, including that part of your personality that is inherited from your parents.and it is true now, we’ve found out that personalities, are inherited to a great degree. Some people are just naturally more outgoing, and some people are always going to be more introverted. It goes with the inheritance of family. Some people are good at math, because everybody in their family has that kind of brain.or, everyone in your family is good at poetry or English, or writing. It’s just an inherited talent. Cream_and_Racoongirl_emoticon_by_zimpy222

So if you look at the statement that “of course people can change.” – That has to be explained.and it has to have some reality thrown at it. Changing your self is very very difficult, and very very limited. About the above circumstances, there’s not much you can change. For example, today in America, the statistics say that almost nobody changes their social and financial standing and moves to a higher one anymore. For what ever reasons, most of us are stuck in the one we are born into. We now have social and financial classes that are completely solidified.think of us, as becoming like England. your family comes from chambermaids, you are going to be a chambermaids. Hard to believe, but there it is.Kiwi___the_BIRD_by_Emotikonz

and I can hear you saying, “but what about the exceptions to the rule? Look at Jay Leno.” Yes let’s look at Jay Leno how many of him are there? There’s one.there is also only one David Letterman. And there was only one Johnny Carson. There were not a whole lot of Johnny Carsons, who all made good.I can promise you one thing, that if you want to become Jay Leno, you are going to have to pay a very big price, which involves, doing anything you have to do, no matter what it is, to become him. To have his job. The reason being, there are plenty of other people who would kill their mother, or dump a baby into a garbage pail, just so they could become Jay Leno.It has a VERY big price on it.and there’s no guarantee, that if you pay the price, that you’re going to get the prize after all. There are no guarantees in life.___fight____by_forestsofazarath

so the statement, “with motivation, determination, and perseverance,” does not include the very necessary things of “trickery, crookedness, lying, cheating, bribing, sleeping with, killing, marrying, and licking the boots of whoever you need to, to become the success.” I just love it where she says “people can accomplish almost anything they set their minds to.” Yes, I’m 67 years old, and of course if I go to very good doctors of fertility, I will be able to have a child at my age. I will also be able to strike it rich. I’ll be able to find a man, who’s very sexy and loves me and doesn’t care that I’m old. Not only that, even at this age, and from my bleak start, and the fact that I’m a woman, I can still run for president and become president of the United States.”Lycanthropy_by_Emotikonz

I just love that last one; no other woman who has ever run for her parties vice president or president, has ever been chosen by her political party,  to ever run for president! That’s because they are all run by MAN. MEN! And the one thing they fear, is women getting up in the world, going into politics, and having a chance rule as president. they are already scared to death of us,they won’t let us into very high paid blue-collar union jobs, how the heck do you think we are ever going to become president, unless we women organized, together, and conquered men in the United States, and took over the country!?_happyslap__by_tornadobeast 62.gif starwars fight

Yes, I’m talking about, women would have to make war against men, very effectively, and win, and be dominant over the male sex. That’s what it would take. Too bad we’re not going to do it.the reason that’s the only thing that would work is, that is pretty much the only thing that men understand.that’s how they work with each other, and that’s  how they understand us.the submissive sex, and they are the dominant one.that’s exactly how they all compete, and work with each other, they don’t like to cooperate. They don’t like to work side-by-side, they like to take over.Don__t_Git_In_by_Momma__G

Look at the way they manage all the nations.DOMINATE! Even the UN can’t get over it, they hate the Jews! WHY should they hate the Jews? Because there are lots of Jews influential in Hollywood? Even if that’s true, Hollywood is not the whole, they hate the Jews, and want to destroy them, because they need some small nation, to destroy, because it makes them feel better and look better..also, and I believe this to be true, the largest majority of Jews are pretty intelligent. Let’s face it, most of the world hates intelligent people. They consider us to be an alien species. They can’t do anything about putting up with the huge computer nerds, because they can’t trash them anymore.but boy, if they get a group of physicists in a room, most people are going to feel inferior, and shakefist(1)stupid, so they hate the physicists. “ALL SCIENTISTS ARE EVIL! Don’t believe them! Don’t believe what they say!”

. However we’ve got a long way from dear Abby’s little assertion that “people can change.” Is a very very mistaken, naïve, and a horribly simplistic statement. Try finding out, the statistics for how many alcoholics actually quit drinking. I know that a relative of mine, had the problem and asked their doctor, “what are my chances of quitting drinking?” And the doctor gave them the statistics of alcoholism. It was not good. Very few alcoholics quit _fart__remake_by_arriochdrinking. Most of them don’t. My relative was intelligent enough to go to AA, and do everything they had to, and they quit drinking. But apparently it’s not as common as we think. The relative was in the minority.DON_T_FART_by_Cinyke

just how hard is it actually to change things that you do? We’re not even talking about “changing your self.” Just your behavior. For example,you can tell by now, I am not very good at editing. And I have tried to change that in this blog! Over and over and over! So, am I ever going to be able to change that? I don’t know. For one thing I’m very verbose. When I latch onto a subject I tend to keep going..I even go back over this column, and try to cut out unnecessary things. But even cutting out stuff, I still have too big a column.that may be the reason, most professional novelists have their own editors, which edit their novel before it’s published. They can’t do it themselves.they just can’t cut up stuff and leave it out._fuckthis__by_crakaemotes

the next people you should probably talk to, and a lot of them, are psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and therapists. Depending on just how bad off someone is as a client or patient, ask them some of the ratios of change for the better that happen to their patients.if they’re honest with you, they’ll tell you that huge change in eagersomebody that has very extreme bad behavior, or very bad mental or emotional illness,is not very common.

However, it’s very possible that there is SOME CHANGE for the better. At least, there’s a tiny bit of chance. It depends on how strong the person is, and how determined, and even the situation they been born into, as far as how much support they have enabling them to get any better, and of course, how ill they are. Schizophrenics, for example most doctors give up on._mycandy__by_reusdesigns

In fact, personality disorders that are severe or, a lot of psychologists and psychiatrists won’t out right tell their patients, that they’re never going to change it.a lot of very bad personality disorders, especially if there is depression, I read, have about may be at the most 40% chance of getting better. And that’s only personality disorders. We’re not talking about the people who are in prison with very very severe illnesses, taking medication, who were so crazy they murder or are really bad criminals. People who murdered their parents.pedophiles. Rapists. Serial killers. Even regular criminals and crooks have an extremely hard time turning it around, outside, and living straighter lives. Even if they WANT to go straighter. If they have the tools, that helps a lot.Catching_Butterflies_by_spring_sky

It’s also like asking the question, “how many drug addicts can quit taking drugs? Permanently?” That should’ve been tackled by dear Abby, because that’s one of the most difficult of all. Along with personality changes, and other things like, be able to manage stress during your life, or being able to avoid falling into depressions. That’s because our brains are not made for easily being able to evolve, or change. Once we are programmed from very early in life, that is usually it. And then we have to put up with it, or live with it, or, if we can’t change ourselves, try to change, even a little bit, our behavior.stay completely away from the sugar. Stay completely away from women or kids. (Take medication to disable us.) Stay in prison, so we don’t murder anymore. Go to anger management classes, and then, if that doesn’t work, when we lose our temper and do ridiculously horrible things, they’ll put us back in stir again.beethoven_by_angelratdesigns

but changing a personality? dear Abby is being completely naïve and avoiding reality herself. Have you ever even tried to go on a diet successfully? Many people have, and many people have failed. Even if you lose the weight, there is a very high rate of recidivism, gaining all the weight back, including more. That part about “motivation, determination, and perseverance” being able to “accomplish almost anything” is one of the tackiest statements I’ve ever heard.__pyro___by_Tobasko

“almost anything”.well, I’d like to be a very cute baby pig, with wings and fly around._fly__by_KimRaiFan

Talk about dear Abby not facing reality? She was doing okay with “motivation,” because that seems to have a high chance of success, sometimes. But “almost anything”? Can I still have the baby at age 67? And all the other impossible questions I just wrote up  there? Oh, and I’m going to marry one of the Trump family and get filthy rich?and although I’ve had a lot of depression most of my life, I’m going to get rid of all of it by the time I die?

Oh my God, did I just hear the heavens tear apart, burst into flame, and go up in smoke?No_TV_No_Beer_make_Homer_crazy_by_ilaaaria

yes, I did.and I’m going to run for president, and be the first female president in the White House. – – After I make war on all men in the United states, and win, put most of them in chains, and make sure they don’t get out of them.super_smash_emotes_by_ville10-d38ms5r

and recently did I hear the words “hope and change”? – Being batted around, again?the worst of that, being the word “change” when the federal government and the political system is hopelessly gridlocked, and locked into a old refrigerator freezer.fantastic_tard_4_by_MenInASuitcase

Of course there’s room for change! I have plenty of nickels and dimes in my pocket!but what I really need, are $20 bills.I’m just saying, the next time you hear someone say, “OF COURSE people can change” you should determine just what it is you have to change, and just how big a price you’re willing to pay, and even if God will accept the payment or not. Because the next time I hear some politicians say, “hope and change,” I’m going to get out my shotgun, and make him duck.

QUACK! QUACK!! QUACK!.Wot_emotes_by_Droneguard

And you should take Dear Abby with a grain of salt.botherplz

(Sandraminadotty, musing away in lousy, hot, smoggy and damp miserable August weather, where we’re all getting infections,  bronchitus, illnesses from the bad air and allergies, (and the melting Arctic)  where i’ve gained back weight I’ve lost, and forgotten again to brush my bad teeth.  Eugene, oh so sick, oh so dealing with reality!!!HA HA HA HA!! “EUGENE AND REALITY!!!””  NO WAY!!   )  :)   ..clovis-thecutestcat



Lion_Dance_02b                                  Lion_Dance_03c                                   Tiger_Dance_1

(ASIAN lion and tiger ritual dances)

there it was,right on the good old RG; “Eugene city Council decrees sick leave for all jobs!” And when they say decree, they really mean it.we citizens of Lane County and Eugene, Oregon, cannot vote on this; we have a dictatorship fully, for local government.  ballonanbasket2!cid_E0F2784AEF7F428B83A2BA1366A95181@DorothyHP

 now, our local government council, had decreed that all businesses in Eugene and this County have to give their employees sick leave. If they don’t, they will be thrown into a dark, underground dungeon, in chains, for the rest of their lives, and worst of all, they will get all their property taxes increased triple fold.  bettermichaelmyersstab

“I think you’re exaggerating about that, “said Caroline to me, “I don’t think they actually throw them in dungeons, until they send the police around to pick them up.”2facepalm “Well,” I said ,reading the paper, “it says here they also decided to declare world peace, among all the nations, end all wars, declare peace between Palestine and Israel, and stop all rockets automatically.” I looked at Caroline seriously; “I didn’t know that Eugene Oregon Council had drones! Isn’t that a little radical even for this town?”rocketmen

there seem to be a hubbub out on the streets; Caroline was looking out the window, at the street parade of officials and soldiers that were going to all the houses; “I read about this”, she said, “they’re going from house to house, making sure that there are no employees here who are not getting sick leave from their company now.” Somebody knocked on my door very loudly; “do you have any employees, people, in their who require sick leave?” Somebody yelled through the door in an official voice.”everybody here is a bum or a senior who’s retired on pennies.” I replied, yelling through the door in return. “There are no working people here!”the sound of clomping boots told us that they were going away to the next house.warjeepdiejeeplaser

despite all the  hubbub, we decided to go to that corner supermarket, that was kind of a discount, not so expensive but really expensive, food store outlet, and missed seeing our usual checkout person; “where is Marianne?” I asked the manager. He looked  bad tempered; “she insisted on taking two weeks of sick leave, on the new law, and I had to let her go!” He replied. “I can’t afford to give an employee a week or two weeks worth of sick leave and keep them here!”  _parachute__by_MenInASuitcase

Carolina helped me get my groceries that we left. I saw one of the usual cabs, taxis go by, and it made me think; “how the hell are the taxi companies going to give all those employees sick leave?”.Caroline and I looked at each other ;”they can’t possibly do that, and still keep the cab company running!” Gasped Caroline. “I know about those Companies, they barely run on a shoestring!_pillowfight__by_MenInASuitcase And the drivers keep long hours night in day, just to make a living. But how the hell is the cab company like that, that’s barely making it, going to give all their employees sick leave?” We still looked at each other.the milk was getting warm. “How do they do it now?” I asked her. “Well,” replied Carolyn pensively, “sometimes they can get insurance, well they work, and sometimes they can’t. But usually if they don’t work, they don’t get PAID.”Bots_by_daniesque (1).(just like everybody else who works in Oregon.)

 Caroline’s car broke down, and we had to take a cab ; on the ride, we noticed that the cab driver had some guy in a suit, very spiffy looking, sitting right next to him in the front seat. “Uh…” I  tried to talk to the cab driver,” is this your partner?” The cab driver looked kind of worried. “No,” he replied, “this is one of the attorneys that the cab companies have hired, who are going to sue Eugene Council and the County,for forcing unenforceable, legally,sick leave commandments on all the cab companies.” “this is only ONE of their attorneys?” “Yes, I’m getting him to his hotel, where all the rest of the attorneys from out of town, are being put up, before they have the big legal suit in court.” Replied the cab driver.  Bathtub_Wagon_Of_Doom_by_Soulnova

this was absolutely getting ridiculous; Lane County and the city of Eugene was now being commanded by the Council,to force all the businesses to give their employees sick leave. And all the businesses were getting together, apparently, to sue the council, the County and the city of Eugene! There was gonna be a lot of feathers flying!Caroline and I felt like we were in a Eugene Oregon World War III.auto_wos20.giftinycar

during the next couple days, Caroline got her car fixed again, and when we went out, for anything, to go to Dairy Queen and suck up ice cream, we noticed the huge amount of well dressed, men, in business suits,even Armani.they were everywhere. I tapped some kid on a bicycle, at her intersection, on the shoulder, and said “what’s with all the Armani suits in town? Is the state legislature vacationing here?” anotherflyingmombackand forth stor14

“No,” giggled the kid, “with all that expensive designer cloth,againsuperman (1) can’t you tell those are imported attorneys? they’re all here, issued by the Better Business Bureau of Eugene and County, to sue all of the government, including the Council, for everything they’ve got.” “Don’t tell me,” I sighed, “they’re suing over this stupid new commandment from Charlton Heston, that says all the businesses are forced to have sick leave, and also world peace. I’m a little doubtful about the world peace part; how many drones do they have any way parked in their garages? Is there a certain money allotment by the Council, for drones?” I knew they were around, I saw one whizzing through the air, on its little quest.  anotherflyingmombackand forth stor14

what was it little quest? During the next few days, we saw them, all through the hot summer air, flying everywhere,DRONES! Even the drones looked like they were wearing Armani!”oh, God,” I said to my next-door neighbor,” are those stupid things DANGEROUS?Bear_love_fish_by_MixedMilkChOcOlate What are they doing with them?” My next-door neighbor sighed,  tired of the situation already;” well, what I hear, is that all of those drones are being used by both sides,to wipe out the enemy;” I looked at her unevenly. “Yes, that means the attorneys have their drones, going after the city Council and the officials of the County, and the council has their own drones, going after all the attorneys! I guess we’re at war.”#2fridaythe13th

embattled and cornered, during the next week, everybody was huddled in their homes, trying to avoid getting hit by an accidental drone; and it happened, tooanotherflyingmombackand forth stor14even programmed drones are not perfect about what their target is. arhh

“This is so god damn dumb,” said Caroline grumbling,_ohdeargodno__by_Sinister_Starfeesh while we sat in front of the TV,_tunes__REVAMP_by_KimRaiFan with a couple bottles of vodka,tvon2!cid_CDA07B31CEE84B9F9E0FFC68CCE7886A@DorothyHP “here we are in World War III over, the city council declaring WORLD PEACE!happygreeceflag Plus, they’re forcing sick leave on all the businesses, and now we have troops of attorneys, clomping in here, suing the Council and the city and the county over it!” wowwowowwmonth0307Caroline looked really tired of it all; “and all the local employees, are all getting fired by their businesses; I don’t think it’s going to be that easy for Marianne to find another job.

“”yes,” I said in return, slurping down some vodka, and squishing a lemon in my mouth;” plus the UN representative, the  Dali Lama, mother Theresa’s representative,  and PEACE – WHALES,An_elegant_walrus_by_ichadoggi the whale saving organization, is here to make sure that nobody on the coast line, of Oregon, fools around With the local swimming mammals.” whale_buddy_by_silentdoveanotherflyingmombackand forth stor14“They better make sure there are no Japanese around, sharpening their sushi knives.” Grumbled Carolyn” I hear that whale can taste pretty good, if you know how to fix it.” That was a nauseating remark by itself.neither one of us liked sushi that much.chef

Of course, knowing the local government of Lane County, and the city of Eugene, our wonderful leaders had decided to ignore reality completely, and were completely convinced that they could control everything, and everyone, activate world peace, with lots of DRONES,anotherflyingmombackand forth stor14 and do anything they God damn blessed well wanted to!yakkkityyak2!cid_88AC88045F9D401695B4594887EE4568@DorothyHP

I knew their next project was to enable all the council members to walk on_ut3_hoverboard_blue__by_crula water, at the coastline in Florence_silversurfer__by_MenInASuitcase and it was going to be some kindheroesflyingthroughtheair!cid_20130424025215_13092maild0@gmx of stupid event.I made sure that I already had an appointment in my date book. walking on water was supposed to be reserved for Jesus Christ,_leosguard___edit__by_MrM4tty and to realize that the city Council and LANE COUNTY2ndflyingguyact08 had decided they could do the same thing, what word shall I use? – – Overwhelmingly nauseating and disgusting. I wondered who their drug dealer was anotherwonderfuldrugdeal stor01 who got them such good meth and superduper – grade heroin,b278100686fa02f8c779e2626006b33e for them to get in that condition.Rainbow_Happy__Or_Crazy_by_LemonARTs (1)

but, WORLD PEACE?rocketmen They can’t even get PEACE in this town! bonklersnor can they command on their Royal highness’s butts, to force requirements on any businesses that happen to be left in this County and city! Oh, By the Way,the businesses, they’re all MOVING AWAY!  BOOM_chtiiik_booom_CHIIK_by_Pixelisto

“situation normal; all fucked up!”– –(Sandraminadotty, in hot,droned Eugene, city of Fools.) :)