NO MORE BLOG–SOFTWARE TOO SCREWED UP”– (but everything is screwed up anyway, in Eugene Oregon)



(representational piece of modern art, trying to represent GO DUCKS – – bought from Oregon artists)

The reason I am bitching and moaning and saying that I’m dumping my word press blog , are the following raisins: (snicker snicker).confidentwalk (1)

In the first place,I can’t find any way to fix this stupid word press frame on my blog, which is way too wide now, and I can’t fix it so that I can type on it properly.

Plus, when you try to leave the page,the sticker comes on:”You don’t want to leave the page do you?DON’T GO!! You will erase any changes!(which is what I was trying to do.) NO!! do not leave the page!:” and when i hit the button”leave the page,”it REFUSES TO LEAVE THE PAGE!!act13.gifbumpcrazy

YEAH. it freezes my whole screen, so I cannot leave the page! I cannot turn off the computer,or close it!!HA HA. WORDPRESS, you really fixed it, so no one can leave the page–you’re so scared they will erase their changes—which is what we’re trying to do! If we leave the page,we can erase the wrong changes we made, you dumpkoffs!! But you think we’re the ones screwing up!! So you fixed the “do not leave the page or you’ll erase your changes” so we cannot LEAVE the page at all!! We cannot turn off the computer screen!! Wow, what power and knowledge you guys have!! You made up our minds for us.  You wankers. (more raisins for you, snicker.)  I finally had to force the computer to close. ha ha. No, I’m not mad–yet. But I’m going in that direction.  :)

That is a big bad Wolf of my WordPress,.org, totally un- read by anybody on the web blog. Which they did not warn me about, when they gave me a blog. They never told me, nobody would ever read it because it

So now I have the whole job literally of transferring the whole thing over to Which is still free supposedly. But, if you look up all your instructions for doing this, you may as well go out and get a degree in computer software. Which I don’t want to do right now I am too old and I would die before it was done. Plus, the arthritis in my hands would not hold up for that._boxer__by_jSepia

So let’s start complaining about WordPress right now.I think that would be a very good idea. In the first place, okay word press, why didn’t you tell me that if I, for WordPress nobody the hell would ever read it? And it’s definitely not getting read. It’s probably because it’s not a very good blog, but it’s also not in the mainstream of anyway that’s what somebody recently told me and gave me a message on the blog. Supposedly write from WordPress. “Dear lady, please transfer all of your blog over to Nobody is reading your blog at all because you’re stuck on! – You idiot.”

so if I’m that much of an idiot, why am I supposed to be able to transfer all of my blog through your witty and simple instructions, over to Of course that’s going to be very easy to do. Especially since I can’t even figure out how to fix my margins, so that I can see the updates sign anymore. Angry_Mob_by_Sinister_Starfeesh

HOW THE HELL DO I TRANSFER MY BLOG OVER TO WORDPRESS. COM? The good fairies are just going to come over and fly it over?…Fairy_Transformation_by_Zikes

And also that’s another thing; what happened to update? The little sign on your page that lets you update when you type? I mean, that’s supposed to be there, right? Or wrong? So how I update this stupid thing? When there’s no update? So you went and changed something else on this dumb thing and didn’t tell me, as usual.

That’s what I get for having a free blog on WordPress. It’s kind of like having only extended basic service on cable TV; you can watch all those channels, but believe me if you’ve watched TV lately, you know that there’s absolutely nothing on.’re not going to be able to get anything watchable, until you upgrade to a couple of movie channels. – And pay extra.

The last time they actually wrote any good TV shows, was when they had that huge flood of science fiction shows on all the channels. That was it. And I’m not going to count all the stupid “lost” episodes. Do you remember the way they ended that show? COP OUT!  That was an absolute copout. That’s the way you get out of not knowing what the fuck to do with your ending; kill everybody off. No, Shakespeare did not do that because he was a good writer, he did that because it was the fashion. You’re not getting away with that excuse.TV writers have no relationship whatsoever to Shakespeare.

and let’s not forget the latest fiasco of that wonderful series called “MAD MEN”. Did that sucker end or not? I can’t tell. They’re not making any more. But they did not say that! Or at least not when I was watching. So I don’t know whether it’s off or not. But it is off. Ended.and there wasn’t even any ENDING. Unless the ending was supposed to be, that the main madman went off into the sunset, drinking his little alcoholic butt to oblivion. That’s not much of an ending. And  that show was definitely not “days of Wine and roses”. It was all about very risqué old-fashioned underwear and women’s girdles, and nylons, and how women were supposed to be just sex objects in the office. and men really really liked it.

Aww, the good old days!! when men were men, and they drank lots of liquor and didn’t worry about their livers.

that’s been happening a lot on TV; TV series that end without a boom, or a notice that they’re ending. So you’re up in the air, and asking your neighbors, or your friends, “say, is that show over? Or are they just haggling about wages again? And they’re always late getting the episodes out say, about a whole year?  and is Dr. who over?cause I don’t see any new episodes of that either?

“Boy do I miss the TARDIS. It Looks just like that out- house we used to have in the back.”

now let’s keep complaining and not slack off. All right, I’m going to complain about something political;HEY THERE!MR..PRESIDENT!. PRESIDENT OBAMA! Do you have any excuse for THROWING ALL  THOSE PEOPLE  OFF  OF MEDICARE  PART D WHO TAKE PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATION?    (DARLING? Sweetie?)

You think we’re all going to be very well supplied by our LOCAL mental health Department and state government?and that all those schizophrenic and psychotic people, including the ones who are dangerously criminal, criminals, on psychiatric medicine are just going to be taken care of by the local mental health department because they have plenty of funds ? And the state governments are going to be able to medicate all those dangerously psychotic, and often homeless, schizophrenics, because all the state governments have so much money?


you know that  one of them already got that Sen. in the head with a bullet. So does Pres. Obama think that he is completely protected and immune from getting one also from a very very crazy psychotic person off their medication? The medication that president Obama himself decided to stop? Because it cost too much money? And he wants to put all that money into Obama care, so you have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for your deductible or else you can’t use it? Isn’t that intelligent?

so let’s go on with our not slacking off complaint; if president Obama should get hit in the head by a bullet from a very crazy person or a very overly political person (not much difference),WHO IS he going to blame? Is he going to blame our local mental health Department, because they didn’t have to enough money to give the poor person medication? Is he going to complain about our state government because they didn’t have enough money for mental health?

No, president Obama from his sick bed, while his brain is embedded with a couple of bullets, is going to have to complain about his own program, where he decided to cut all of that psychiatric medicine out of Medicare part D. And that’s the truth.

WHY? There’s no reason a lot of our senior citizens are not particularly un – crazy themselves.after all, president Obama has really inflamed seniors in every corner of our country, by cutting $700 billion out of their Medicare. If that’s not enough to make somebody crazy, I don’t know what is.after all, my age is about 67, and I am actually riddled with neurological antidepressant medication, or else I go crazy, go down to the local gun store, buy a whole bunch of handguns and rifles, and ammunition, get a little training from the National Rifle Association, and jump on a bus to Washington DC.

who says the elderly are jovial and mature? I say they are not jovial and mature. You should see some of the people in Eugene Oregon – a lot less mature than perhaps Hades. I have known and talk to or tried to talk to, so the extremely monstrously extreme left-wing liberals, in Eugene, who have ranted and raved horrendously, so badly, that I think president Obama should start worrying now. And those were middle-aged or elderly people.

They still had a lot of steam left in them. I know that those people happen to be very angry about the extreme non-left-wing stances that president Obama has been taking, (according to them anyhow) and if you cut off their medication, they’re probably going to take the next flying saucer, gray rabbit bus, or volkswagen bus to Washington DC, and probably shoot your head off. – If you can manage to get away from one of your Hawaiian  vacations with your wife and kiddies, or failed foreign visits, and actually BE in Washington DC.minding the business.

(did you know that Hitler actually invented the Volkswagen bus? (The “People’s car”?)and I’m sure that he also approved of the Mercedes-Benz.)”that German engineering.”

I forgot, Obama; you don’t really mind the business, you actually REINVENT all the LAWS of the federal government in the country. That’s what your true job is. And you also REINVENT the Constitution of the United States. I guess that is a pretty big job. That’s why when people look on the map of the world, for the United States of America, they can’t find it anymore. It’s listed as OBAMAVILLE.

the funny thing is, I just looked up some history, of 1776. The basic reasons that the colonists revolted against Britain and went to war, were the following: Taxation without representation, by Britain.the British were taxing the colonists to death. Also, if you were a colonist, you had no rights, you could be hauled away, to prison or what ever, without any trial or jury. No phone call. It was legal.thank God that could never happen now.

(Raisins, snicker snicker.) Plenty of raisins.

it is true,that suddenly I feel lighthearted and light shouldered, because there are no burdens and worries and stress on my shoulders now that I have written this great and wonderful blog episode. It really does make you feel free and better, to get all those worries off your mind, and transfer them onto everybody else on the web.

that is, until I get plenty of visits from the FBI and CIA, if I can manage to get them to read this blog, because they now think that, as a senior citizen I am extremely dangerous. DARN. and the last time the FBI visited me, they sent really big, tall, heavy duty young guys, with scowls on their faces. all over some ranting and raving on the web, where people usually rant and rave and nobody takes it seriously.but somehow, these great agents missed out completely on all signs of the forthcoming Boston bombing. Tsk tsk. What a bad day to miss.

After all, nobody’s reading my blog!that’s what I get for Instead can never get any real terrorists on here, reading it, to make any comments.

but who cares, all that matters is, now I feel good. And relaxed. That must be the real secret of writing a blog it makes YOU feel better, never mind the people who read or don’t read it. They’re not the main purpose of it after all. :)    

(   :)   Signing off, Sandramina, in Whoville homeless village, Eugene, OR,  kicking homeless people in the shins, stepping on their dogs’ paws, and raiding their bottles of “Boone’s Farm Apple-Cherry Wine”. I am such a MEAN old lady, I still want my Medicare part D!!  Why should I let Obamacare have it?? He’s still getting bribes from insurance-companies to screw the public. And THAT is a lotta dough.  $$$$$$$$) …





I was on the telephone, with my friend Ronni, who lives in Portland, when I was reading a copy of “Northwest Boomer and senior newsletter”. My eyes lit on the meeting at the Eugene city library, February 23rd, 2 PM, that said “why are there few black people in Oregon? A secret history.” And that was what their meeting was about. “It looks like you’re not supposed to be here, and you don’t exist,” I said to my friend who  is black. “According to this, there aren’t any of you in Oregon. Only white people.”_ohdeargodno__by_Sinister_Starfeesh

“who the hell said that?” Replied my friend, very irritated;” so I don’t exist? And the rest of my friends don’t either? Who the hell do these people think they are? A secret history? What are they blabbing about?” “I know what they’re going to talk about,” I replied. “They’re going to tell about how the University of Oregon was founded by members of the Klu Klux Klan; and that Oregon was terribly racist and had lots of Klu Klux Klan members here, OH! – – And the reason why there are not huge numbers of black people here (the way they are supposed to be) is because we’re still very racist in Oregon, and the university is still really racist. I also saw these people’s video on YouTube, describing how segregated the very old university was.”creat08.gifdemon makefacesgy

my friends laughing, very loud, resounded in my ear; “oh my, that is absolutely hysterical! Like all those black organizations at the University, don’t exist? And all the black student body especially during the 60s, didn’t exist?  I guess that would leave out affirmative-action also;and all those African American political groups that were so active and involved in the University. And I guess the African-American PROFESSORS in the college don’t exist either?”lightninghitsterb231lightninghitsterb231

“Yes, and I guess the African-American studies programs don’t exist either.  Wow! I guess these people in this group are running on hallucinatory mushrooms or something. Gee,Ronni,I guess you don’t exist after all!how you feel about that? At least you don’t have to pay taxes I guess, ha ha ha ha ha!”we laughed for a couple of more was really a gas, what this “very discriminated against group” was agitating about.chasevulturestor17

What were they agitating about? THE PAST.the old and ancient past of Oregon, where there truly were Klu Klux Klan operating, and lots of members that were here. But, Oregon was typical among quite a few states in the United States that had very active Ku Klux Klan and segregation of black people.there was no mention in the propaganda of this meeting, about all the other states at that time in history who had even more active Klu Klux Klan, especially in the deep South.for some reason, this group had decided that little old OREGON, and the University of Oregon, were far worse than any of the other southern states, as far as discrimination of black people, and that’s why there were so few black people in Oregon. We were absolutely still racist to the edge.makefacesgy

I did call up this group, later on, to try and find out just exactly what its motives were, as to digging up the old past and skewering Oregon and the University with it. Just what were it’s motives anyway? I mean,  history is one thing and it’s a good thing to read up on it. But as far as saying that “there are so few black people in Oregon, because it has such a horrible racist past, and it’s still racist and bad bad bad!” – – And deliberately not mentioning how racist the other states were, except for this one.poophorskngt

And that title was really misleading; “why are there so few black people in Oregon?” – Because of the very racist and Ku Klux Klan past in this state? Except that, all of that was completely gone. Vanished into the past. Oregon was one of the most liberal and left-wing and Democrats, and pro-ethnic diversity states and universities in the whole United States. so it was a little odd that they were accusing a very liberal left wing and Democrat state, of being anti-black?buttmad209

I talked to the leader of the group, but I still couldn’t get any real answers. What was the reason for dredging all this up, and smearing Oregon with it? The only thing I could get out of them was, “Oregon is still completely racist, against black people, and all their disgusting past has to be dug up and exhibited to everybody.” I had to admit that it really did exist in history. But why, oh, why, was it to blame for tons of black people not coming here en masse, to enjoy the rain, freezing cold weather, snow, hail, and lots of GLOOM that they would absolutely just love instead of California or Miami?famlap97.gifkaostorm

so according to this group, the only thing that kept so many black people from flocking here, to enjoy all the snow and snow storms, frozen streets, broken pipes, rain, sleet, months of GLOOM without sunshine, was that nasty old Oregon and the also nasty University of Oregon, had such a bad nasty naughty anti-black person past. And that was still going on! Oh my oh my!lumineux.gifhairscared BOOM_chtiiik_booom_CHIIK_by_Pixelisto

I had never thought about that before; was it really obvious that African American people just love all that nasty lovely wet and cold weather,and it seemed they wanted to come here in large groups and settle?among all the hippies? And all the unemployed and homeless? With the very high jobless rate, unemployment, and complete lack of jobs?and all the white trash? And the huge abundant amount of working poor? And they really longed to pay high prices for food, never see the sunshine all winter, watch their gardens get destroyed by super slugs, never be able to raise tomatoes instead of accidentally raising lots of banana slugs instead?l gunsshootinglove ove13

You know Black people just LOVE BANANA SLUGS; better than corn-bread.I  had ignored  all these facts.icon_confused  makefacesgy

It just really never occurred to me before. I guess I had been blocking it out. And the fact that I had African American friends, here Kept me from realizing just how much all the other Black folk in California, and warmer climates were being kept  From moving here, and getting used to all that wonderful freezing weather we had. It just never occurred to me, DARN! I didn’t really want to think that they too, desired to get up in the morning, put on huge fluffy coats, and shovel out 6 feet of snow hindering their cars and blocking their, skidding  all over the icy black freezing highways, ending up in snowbanks, having to be pulled out by American automobile Association tow trucks.fuckyeahseakingplz

To think that we were somehow keeping them from this paradise. Tsk tsk.#2fridaythe13th

I suppose they were tiring of lovely and warm, exotic and special Louisiana and St. Louis by now; and that they wanted so much to dessert all their family, and move here to this strange wonderful and not exotic or lovely, but somewhat green, state.not to mention all the great restaurants and cooking and FOOD. After all, Oregon has such great restaurants, full of vegetarianism, raw food, odd food, fast food. The South just couldn’t hold a candle with its Paul Prudomme, Cajun and Creole cooking, crawfish and seafood. Sigh. Corn bread, fried chicken, and other yummy yummys of the South, well, they were getting so tired of that – – they wanted to rough it in Oregon and go to Carl’s Junior instead.glompunch

I talked to some of my other friends about this, and they thought I was crazy.”why in hell would African-Americans want to move to Oregon in large groups? What the heck for? There wasn’t any employment, the welfare was all gone as or no food stamps here either. The government saw to that.” I guess they were just itching to compete with all that lower white trash here, for welfare and stuff like that? Sure, I’m sure they were. It was just our terrible discriminating segregating anti-black person past that was holding them back.superduper2angry

“I don’t think that a lot of my friends would want to dessert meat,  barbecue, and go all vegan instead,” one of my African-American acquaintances,” sure, I like greens; but nothing but Greens, and no MEAT? In favor of “all organic vegetables”, macrobiotic diets, brown rice and veggie-burgers?? Your town is pretty low-down on food, if you ask me.”Gluten-free diets”?  No bread??” He did some colorful language here, and I had to chuckle.”Damn, your town is taken over by YUPPIES!! “he continued.”Those self-important, “save the world instead of the U.S.”-type, who think it makes them Queen of the May to save all of Africa?!! OH, YEAH, I’d just LOVE to live among those snot-noses!!  Not to mention–”he lowered his voice-”You got the whole population of GAY SAN FRANCISCO THERE!! SHIT, MAN. ”   “Not really your cup of tea,then?” I replied. “No, I’ll pass on that. heh heh.”  I had forgotten that he really liked WOMEN. And that did not include lesbian women. ghostgrabfood2!cid_FF78CA367CF44289B18E48B1FA797710@DorothyHP

It appeared that a few of my African-American friends had no desire to move to Eugene, or Lane County, or even visit here. “You got nothing there, honey. Those organic-range-chicken-eggs aren’t enough reason.”  “Not the small organic boutique farms either?”  “Boutique “organic” small farms, a good reason to not live there or go there. Not in my budget, Sandramina!”secretlaugh

 And I had to agree that the COOKING HERE could not hold up to the Southern parts of the United States. Eugene Oregon thought that CUP-CAKES or TOFU were the be all and end all of cuisine; did I mention they have cake made out of BEETS HERE? _slamhead__revamp_by_Synfull  makefacesgymore2leatherface

No wonder my diet was working so well; hm…”beet-cake” was not so alluring to the palate.dighole

“I am not surprised you’re losing some weight, “said Ronni, from Portland.”Yeah, cake made of beets just somehow misses out compared to black bottom pie. mud pie. or black-bottom cupcakes. Or even Oreos.  Sheet.” She then invited me to come up some time to Portland. cause she still knew old-time good cooking, and was pretty handy with an oven or a skillet. “Want me to bring anything?” I asked. “Just your appetite, sugar, “and she laughed that hearty laugh of hers. What was such a really good cook, doing in PORTLAND? The hipster city was lucky to have her. aanother1love02

What were the few black people doing in Oregon? Just unlucky I guess. They just were not aware of how racist Oregon and the university of Oregon was, nasty, segregationist, and heavily into that vanished KKK that used to be, and no longer was.  UH…that is, “Why Are there so few black people in Oregon?”-group was well into it , being obsessed by it. The rest of us could easily live without it. 

I was heavily into fried chicken myself.   :)  _piethrow__by_de_Motemakefacesgyfry

(Sincerely, Sandraminda, in racist and liberal-left–wing Democrat Eugene Oregon, home of “beet-cake” and other lovely organic tidbits. )  > :O    GAG!!!makefacesgy




(tiny, bad, portrait of owners Cat)

Oh well, here I am, writing my own eulogy. I found out, too late, I have a serious bad blood pressure problem, wound up in the hospital for at least three days, and then was ordered by my doctor not to go on vacation or fly. Stay home and stay in bed and don’t do anything.try and get used to the new blood pressure medication, and don’t die yet. _raincloud__rvmp_by_bad_blood

.okay, I understand the part about “stay in bed”and “take your medication”pills and “don’t get upset,” and “don’t fly anywhere or go anywhere or take a vacation” and also “don’t get your blood pressure up and don’t have a heart attack or a stroke yet!” I understand all that. I just don’t know how to do it.

cowboyshootsterb255they tell you, to do all this stuff, but they don’t tell you HOW TO DO IT. If you tell me, “don’t shoot yourself in the head,” I understand that. I put the gun down. But how do I put down the high blood pressure, redo all my arteries and vascular system, and the hole in my heart, and also my entire family history of high blood pressure and strokes and heart attacks? EASY. Just ignore it.Are_You_Happy_by_de_Motein the meantime, I notice in the paper that the city and County Council, locally, has decided to take five blocks downtown, on Williamette Street, a main thoroughfare, and hack the hell out of it, get all the vehicles off, and make wonderful multiple BICYCLE LANES, for thousands and thousands of dollars, paid by the taxpayers. WONDERFUL! Now all we boomers can take our little bicycles, and have our strokes and our heart attacks downtown on Williamette Street! Because there won’t be any cars, or any customers for businesses, but there will be plenty of bicycles. accountingsmiley-chores013….

“BICYCLE RIDERS TAKE OVER ALL LANES DOWNTOWN, ABOUT TIME!!–yells the broke, unread, stupid little local newspaper. – As it fires more employees. At least, they fire all the employees in cars.or anybody who sides with them. Count me in._ride_a_bike__by_crula.don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderful heavy, one speed bright blue bicycle as a kid and a teenager here, and I took it everywhere. River Loop one, River loop two, _cannon_you name it.but that was when I still had FEET. Now I have very old FEET, they hurt like hell, the fibromyalgia hurts like hell, I have to take Valium for itrainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP (??) As my sister does, I have a bad back with osteoporosis in it, and everything else you can name. Especially joints.fool28.gif poiintblame.AND, I’ve bicycled all over the city as an adult; I took modern dance. And I took yoga actively for years, bending myself like a pretzel. I ate healthily. I washed my weight. All of that!And what did I wind up with?faint.gif fainting

NO, Dr.OZ, I DID NOT WIND UP WITH GOOD HEALTH!angered fuckyeahplz (1)– – YOU MONEY – GRUBBING, JERK, TV DR.!killstartreksterb291..stor20.gifloveearth.whipschainbabblingangrysmiley-angry039I AM JUST NOT Dead (DEAD!) – YET  !tvon2!cid_CDA07B31CEE84B9F9E0FFC68CCE7886A@DorothyHP

BUT most of the time, I feel like I AM ALREADY!

SO, you little bicycle idiots,3or4thhitler RUN your little 10 speeds, take over the streets, gang up in big flamedyoudamote37bicycle gangs, and wheel your little hearts out! Have fun while you’re young.BECAUSE once you get old, your bones will dissolve, your feet will get bad, your joints will disintegrate, and you’ll get fat fat fat and you won’t be able to lose it.Blade_board_by_CookiemagiK– –and everybody will hate you for fucking up Williamette Street downtown!angrymobplz

TRY River loop one, or River loop two, in stead. I would, if I could.444heartattack (1)

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene, Oregon, Lane County, and please “LEAVE WILLIAMETTE STREET THE FUCKING HELL ALONE, PLANNING DEPT.!!! – MAYOR! COUNCIL! You dirty CROOKS!” – – HEH HEH HEH!  – – oh my, I guess that was a local taxpayers group, handing out those pamphlets! aren’t they naughty?! – – in Eugene Oregon. fuckinposersmiley-level1_don007 )10608.gifredhotrod





“HEY!” I yelled to Carolyn, when she came in the door, holding a large hot chocolate as big as the barrel; “GUESS WHAT? We made the livability list in the top nine, of all the downtowns in the United States!” “Obviously they have never been here, seen the downtown, or even lived here,” calmly said Carolyn sipping her hot chocolate.”it must be one of those publicity stunts again, kind of like promoting Eugene as the “wildlife lovability town in the whole USA” which they did right after they shot and killed three wild cougars, because they messed up their landscape a little..

“I’m beginning to understand, that that is how Eugene operates now,” I said, taking a bite out of moldy chewing gum. “You promote parts of Eugene, like saying it’s the healthiest richest and most businesslike town in the United States,” when in actuality the County and the city are broke, schools are broke, and all the property is downgraded to worthlessness as far as value.  Or you promote Oregon as nature-loving and hugging wildlife and the environment; and ignore how Oregon has ALWAYS slaughtered wild life, and generally turned all wild critters into hamburger and garbage; as Oregon hates wild life, animals, or anything of nature that isn’t mankind.

“Too bad all these organic,green,yuppies who moved here, didn’t know, Oregon has always killed off all wildlife, and cut down all the damn trees!! HAH!!  They really fell for that Oregon-govt.-lie, that the pacific northwest is CONSERVATIVE as to NATURE. HA HA. Can you dig that?

“As a kid, I saw fish & wildlife, and lumber industry, and every govt, dept, or company, try to kill off all nature and any  rare wild animals they could!! No wonder a lot of wild life here is extinct, or on the edge.  Christ, it’s ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY HERE!!  My sister refuses to move back here, she hates Oregon  so much; she’ll never leave California. She remembers all the ass-hole shit that the Lane county, Eugene, and Oregon govt.; did to this state!  

“It’s a wonder there is ANY wild life here!! Or any other nature. Miles and miles of bare hills, no trees, no growth, nothing but cut-ground, stumps, and bad earth,that’s what we always saw. Sheesh. Bunch of white-trash southerners and people hiding from the rest of the world; and nature-exploiters. The waste of mankind, that’s the “nature-lovers” who’ve always ruled here. No wonder my sister will never return. All those natives who leave, usually don’t come back–unless they have to. And a majority of the natives HAVE left Oregon; why you don’t meet many. I can’t even find any of my old childhood friends. They have all left Oregon, for other states.”

“But now I understand how it’s done, all that “govt.-promotion-crap”; and I’m not so angry and murderous anymore. I’m not so likely to wind up in the Jefferson unit, trying to scalp all the psychiatrists with new razor blades.””yes, you’ve got a lot more sensible now, and you’re not fighting the system here anymore. You’re becoming just like the other inhabitants, getting dementia, poisoned with gasoline in the oxygen, and forgetting your name all the time. You’re getting NORMAL again!it’s really great to see you finally improving!” – – Replied Carolyn, proudly.

“yes, ever since that review of Oregon came out, saying their  downtown was rated so highly for livability it was number nine in the United States, it’s made me really proud, to go downtown, get hit over the head by a heroin addict, get mugged, and have to end up looking at a lineup of deadbeats, who are not going to get arrested for it or put in jail anyhow..I just accept it as a normal routine of Eugene.” I kept chewing the moldy gum, it reminded me of Mayor Percy. Carolyn nodded, as if she could see my progress.

“I feel like going out, and buying an eight dollar winter squash, that some organic peddler is trying to pawn off on me.” I said happily. “I don’t even mind getting swindled by politically correct organic,nutty farmers!and I no longer feel badly or angry, when I go down to the science factory, you know that cute little museum for kids? – – And I see lots of homeless people squatting there leaking a lot of dirt. I mean, if kids can’t get used to that, real reality, what good is a science factory going to do for them anyway? Besides, Western sciences so poo-bah.”

“Are you still talking to that anthropologist, who lived among those African tribes, and saw them operate with ESP there in their daily lives? That was amazing.” Finished Carolyn.”I know,” I said, continuing to chew. “She’s really got me turned on to the fact that I have this really strong ESP in my family, and I know things, and see things, I’m not supposed to know or see. Because the ESP runs in my family so strongly.”” for example?” Puzzled Carolyn.

“for example,” I said continuing, “I can tell when Mayor Percy is deciding not to come into work today, and cuts herself a nice fat check to vacation on the coast, out of the public Eugene funds in the city government. And then she takes a nice little vacation! It’s so clear! It just comes in like radio or telegraph, I just KNOW THINGS!” “That is doubly amazing,” says Carolyn, with a look of awe on her face.”what are you going to do with this wonderful familial ESP power?”

“I don’t know,” I said puzzled equally;” I thought at first, I should go spy on corporate heads, and figure out from their brains, how to get all their money. – For myself. Unfortunately, getting into one of those brains, is like getting into Mayor Percy’s brain – there’s nothing there but arrogance and ego, and not much else of a brain. Nothing to influence! So that’s kind of not working for me at this time.”

“Gee,”replied Carolyn, disappointed. “You’d think that if you could see what was in people’s minds, and where they were, and what they were doing, it would be very very valuable! You could work for the police department! You can find all the criminals!”.

“I definitely did try that,” I replied in an equally disappointed tone. “They did find a lot of the criminals, under my instruction, to the police department locally, but then when they caught them, they didn’t know what to do with them! Our police force in Eugene and Lane County is pretty much used to letting them all GO, and so does the Oregon justice system.. I mean, most of the population is infiltrated with plenty of criminals, how are you going to put them all in jail or prison? What are you going to do with all the pedophiles once you catch them? What are you going to do it all the burglars? Or the murders? There are just too many in the population to put in prison!”

“and the worst of it is, it’s really impossible to imprison them, even if I use my wonderful ESP to catch them, because basically, a lot of them are running the government, in the heads of power, even locally, and it’s kind of like fighting City Hall; you can SEE what they’re doing, but you can’t do anything about it!” Carolyn looked at me increasingly disappointed.

“– you can’t even tell the bank owners mind, about where he puts all his keys, to get into the bank, and all his combinations to get into the safe? I mean, ESP would be real handy for that!I don’t have to tell you, both of us are pretty low on funds, being retired, and we could use a little safe cracking enterprise, for fun and profit right now!”.

“you could just as well get somebody to hack into their online accounts, and online bank itself, you don’t have to go to all that trouble to analyze the poor dummies brain and suck out his information. It’s all on the web! It’s all in computer systems, that are completely easy to hack into! Who needs ESP nowadays? It’s an outmoded old Homo sapiens instinct, that was supposed to keep you and your family safe. But now you can use cell phones for that, and hire hackers to suck out a bank or every credit card on Target.”

“isn’t the information you get by reading people’s minds, any value at all?” Continued a very disappointed Carolyn. “There’s one being whose mind is so convoluted and manipulative, that I have delved into it. Very important mind. My CAT, Bella! That little pussy wants treats and goodies all day long, and I found the reason she does it is, she knows I’m a pushover and she get away with it! And she’s right.”

(  MEANWHILE, in Eugene,Sandramina, the ESP master, is getting hungry because it’s dinner time. Even people who scan your brain, and  can tell where you’re going and where you are and when you’re coming back( “remote viewing”) can get pretty hungry doing it. Back after more reflection, and not wanting to see any type of view into president Putin’s mind. It probably just looks like Stalin’s)MORE LATER! As if you really wanted to read all this crap.)

Later on, while Carolyn and I were having after-dinner coffee, and musing some more over my fantastic talent that was of no use to me, I went even further a-musing. ” Do you suppose, ” I asked Carolyn, ” That it’s not just THE END of everything wild, or green in Oregon, but its also the end of the human race too?” “That would be too optimistic an acessment,” replied Carolyn, biting an after-dinner mint. ” That’s too good to be hoped for. Even when all of Oregon turns into concrete and boutique-mini-organic farms, (along with massive freeways) there’s no way mankind is over–yet. It might take a little more time.”

“You think, the Asians will still be left? Waging wars against all the Blacks and Hispanics for anything that’s still left to eat??”  “Probably, ” she returned. “They are the major populations now, and they don’t like each other too much.Too much competition. Of course, they might keep a few white people for slaves, or pets, or “genetic experiments”. That’s possible. But white people in the future? Nah, we’re a dying race alright.I guess, a few white scientists would be useful to them. I don’t know. We’re not exactly the “coming-thing” anymore.”

“Maybe the caucasians who run Abercrombie & Fitch–you know, those smartie-pants clothiers ? They might keep that company, for fun. I would. Especially if I were Asian.” “The new people might want to dump Saturday Night Live,” she commented.” (My ESP was on the fritz, from the heavy smog that day. I could not scan for that loose, dangerous, armed,  rapist-criminal who was  running around Eugene lately. Of course I had my old shotgun loaded as usual.)

 “I agree, ” I said, “A last bastion of elite white liberal smugness. In fact, just erase most of  New York City, it’s so over back there. Besides flooding the subways, the hurricaines are flooding it more and more, itll all be under water along with the New York Times, and the Literate, intellectual set. They can go publish J.D.Salinger’s sexual peccadilloes in Minnesota or Cleveland.–oh, they’d all love Portland!!”  “They already do, “growled Caroline. “A good reason for the KKK to be revived again, as a reception party,”  “Hmm..” I sighed.” I bet KKK all moved back to Georgia. I would, too. Oregon could just become New-York-Oregon of the West. Most of it is already!!  UGH!!  Disgusting NYC Liberal smug-snobbery. And they’ll make everything expensive!” “Its already been done” she growled again. “Too bad we can’t sell our houses, and move away from this turkey state!!”  “My ESP says you’re dreaming of neck-tie-parties and pitchforks,” I said. “Don’t need ESP to see that!!”

“I’m sorry, Carolyn, ” I finished, ” ESP never did much for my family; gave my dad bad nightmares, that were true. It sometimes told me, I’d run into an old friend. But what use are those? A cell-phone and a computer online would do better. I know no one could control their talent, or force it to work, or make money off it. We were never picked out as being “that different.”  And the FBI never came knocking, to ask me to become a spy. Anyhow, I hate associating with drunks and womanizers. The FBI and the govt. doesn’t need ESP to stop terrorists; it needs to FIRE THEM ALL. Terrorists are laughing at them so hard!!”  “And you couldn’t read candidates-for-presidents; minds, to see what they’ll do after elections?” requested Carolyn. “Just read their records and histories, that’ll tell you better, ” I said. “You don’t need a mind-reader to tell you Democrats will raise taxes and put in a skirt-chasing libertine..” 

.”My friend in Michigan tells me, they have MORE TREES there, than they do in Oregon; you think that’s true?”  “What does your psychic power tell you?”  “–That a bill-collecter is going to be calling me soon; aha!  It’s finally good for something!!–I can cut off my phone-line, and lock all my doors and turn off the lights!! Wow, it’s great to have ESP after all!!   Who woulda guessed, I’d be able to KNOW WHEN to dodge the collection agency? ”  “Now THAT is power any American would be HAPPY to possess!” Carolyn gasped with envy. “AWWW, wow, a talent for our era!!  Sandramina, yer a genius!”

(Sandramina, psychically connecting with no one, with this blog, in wild-life- hating Eugene Oregon ;”We don’t watch “Cougar town” here!”  :(  )





Once again, the neighborhood church called in several of us volunteers. “We have an old lady stuck in her house, and her home care worker is sick for over a week.” They said on the phone. “She is covered by senior and disabled, but somehow we can’t get a hold of them. (??)” So I guess they were calling in the volunteers again. I called up Georgia, and we assembled our bunch of cleaning materials, brooms, dust pans, detergent, bleach, and mops.and we wore old clothes.

okay,maybe we weren’t Superman, but did he ever have to scrub out a bathroom? Nope. He was above it all (flying) but we weren’t.but we were supermen in our own right.batman

Georgia held her nose, and tried not to look absolutely disgusted at the smell. “It’s not so bad,” I tried to stick Vicks vapor rub under my nose, which was an old FBI trick. “At least she’s still alive, and she looks free of leprosy, or flesh eating virus.” “But this apartment has everything else!” whispered Georgia, coming down the hallway full of dust and dirt, and one or two cat poops.The cat poops were well dried up,from the looks. “AHA!”I speculated, trying to find the cat.”that means that, since they are not fresh, this non-cleaning has been going on for some time.”(Why do all old ladies have  cats instead of dogs? Maybe because dogs require long walks, and old ladies don’t?)Georgia gave a loud squeal, trying to dodge a very large black spider that came scurrying out of the small kitchen.Bugel_Monster_by_Sinister_Starfeesh

Why don’t old ladies adopt very large black spiders instead? they’re cheaper to feed, and just as cuddly and fuzzy.there sure are plenty of them around in Oregon. Of course, there were also plenty of cats at Greenhill cat shelter, but people were responsible for breeding all of them; and the spiders weren’t as smart as people. At least I don’t think so. That means, the people can control their breeding of  unwanted cats, and junking them all at Greenhill, and they should be more responsible than big- mother black spiders.

Once again, it doesn’t work out that way.people prove themselves to be LESS responsible than large black spiders, because the spiders eat all the nasty insects up. I can’t say the same for  people in Eugene. I think they still get plenty of food stamps.and since the whole planet will eventually have TOO many people, they’ll all starve to death and end up eating each other, (“soylent green! Soylent green is PEOPLE!!! AUGHHHH! “)arhh

that was a really really good movie. Charlton Heston was so convincing.THIN.

but back to semi-reality; “I found the old lady in the bed room!” Called out Georgia, sounding relieved. “There are lots of empty cardboard boxes from pizzas, but no flesh eating viruses this time!” I hesitated, from fear. “How does the bedroom itself look?” I hazarded. “It’s okay, I think we can get all the trash and dust,mold, dead mice, dirt out of it,in maybe about two hours. Considering if we have to go buy more bleach”. That was always a possibility in these cases. But now I was wondering where the CAT was, and hoping we didn’t have another “Corpus De-Cat-eye”.Cat fur was hard to scrape off surfaces, if it was dried up.And hopefully this time, cause of the pizza, the old lady didn’t eat the CAT.chat126.gifrunncat

(What was the REAL TRUTH about “Big Edie” and “Little Edie,”those relatives of Jackie Kennedy? Was there an ulterior reason they kept so many cats in their rotten manse? And WHO ate most of the cat food, cats or the women?) UGH.

Oh, shit, is there a porta-potty?2nddancingmoussecuredownload

“Honey,” Georgia was gently questioning our patient;”Doesn’t Senior & Disabled call you up, every month, to ask if you’re ok?I know they do that now.” “Yes, but my home-care worker gets angry if I tell them she’s not cleaning,” whispered our wrinkled friend,”So I’m afraid to tell them that.My home-care worker has a KEY to get in!She usually gets all my food shopping for me; she does (some) laundry.If I tell them she won’t clean…she’ll get angry and quit!!”300plz

“But you could always hire another one?”said Georgia to our patient; “NOOO, THIS IS THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESN’T STEAL!! ” shrieked the old lady.”She’s the best one I’ve had for years!!All the rest of them stole stuff!!  This one only  takes lots of days off, never dusts or vacums, throws the spoons in the trash,hides everything so I never find it again,,  and goes on vacation a  lot!!She’s GREAT!!  Besides, she has 3 or 4 other clients, and works 7 days a week!( She says.) She’s a SAINT. I can’t replace her!!”  Georgia stopped insisting, and we headed for the bathroom, using more Vicks-Vapo-Rub.”I hope that was the only spider, sighed Georgia, coughing in the dust;”Put on your pollen-mask,” I reminded her: “You don’t want sinusitus again.”

Eventually, after more hours than I wanted to count, the small apartment was (semi) clean, and we had finally found the cat; I had never seen a cat chew thru a bag of oatmeal, and eat it before; especially without milk. “Wow,” remarked Georgia, trying to wash the dried oats out of the fur with a damp rag, while I held all the wiggling claws from killing her.”It doesn’t LOOK like it has malnutrition.” “Oatmeal is good for you,” I sighed, “Probably this cat now has much lower blood pressure as a result.”flyinghearttomelove06

Do cats get high blood pressure? Only if they don’t sign up for their Obamacare.—and pay several thousand bucks before they are allowed to use it. This cat didn’t look that RICH. People (and cats) who got Obama(cat) were mostly the middle-class who got their REGULAR insurance cancelled,, and were forced onto Obuma-care.  What plan would the CATS have to be enrolled under? It had to be appropriately “Michelle-o-care”. ME-OW!catrub

As our last task,we both sat down to a moldy beer (hey, her fridge wasn’t clean either!),and went thru the un-paid piles of old-lady’s bills, & looked to see if any utility was going to soon get turned off.I was trying to sneak a peak at the tv news,along with the “Covet-Oregon”-brand-beer,(which was a house-brand of  Salem gas stations,) and puzzled that the cable-box wasn’t working.”But the BILLS  said that, even though we saw the electricity bill(for the cable-tv) charged far less amt. of months.”teevee

WHATT??”–the Comcast cable tv box and basic cable –in other words, Comcast was CHARGING FOR CABLE, when the electricity to the tv and box, was ALL OFF!!NO, Comcast  was charging her, for months there was NO ELECTRICITY!!–and no tv or cable box even EXISTED on the electrical!!(I called up EWEB,trust me, they know;)  as much as they over-charge, Comcast was over-charging EVEN MORE. “i didn’t know you could find this out,”murrmered Georgia, tired, sipping the lousy beer. (EWW!  if it had no alcohol, it would be dirty vinegar.)2ndcandyman

 “Yes, if you bribe someone,” I returned, trying to call up Comcast.They tried to get a supervisor, and disconnected me twice.”Maybe I should take that feed-back survey,”I sighed, trying to get a “human being” 3 more times before I gave up.(“FUCK YOU, you are a dumb robot!! And not one of Asimov’s!!”) “Say, didn’t someone walk on the moon?” I asked Georgia. “No, you blogged about that before cause yer ENT still can’t figure out how to get rid of ear-wax.  ” “Oh, yeah, well, we have split the atom? We fooled with that Boson-thingie? We even are pulling apart the very structure of matter?  So this minor stuff goes lagging?!!scared

Georgia, who was woozy on the crappy beer, looked at me.”And homo sapiens is still nothing more than a big ape with a big brain, playing on computers.We are STILL animals!! ” she said;”Animals with opposing thumbs who become dentists!!We still have an appendix, and wisdom-teeth.!! We give our wives breast cancer because we love our gas-spewing cars so much!! We are BABIES!!  STUPID , CORRUPT BABIES, at that. We still refuse to elect a woman president because she has breasts instead of a WANG!–LOOK at who we elected instead; a black Muslim thug from Chicago, who’s gay!!OK, OK, bi-sexual!!  Whatever!!  Gays get elected before women do!!  WHY? Because they’re male gays!!”drinking drool

 “I don’t want to get into that again,” I said,”Hilary probably killed–?? someone, and she hates men!!”  “No, just her fat ape-husband.” returned Georgia, waving the cheap beer can at my nose.”Don’t you?”  “Yeah, I’d be a minority if I didn’t. Maybe our patient should get satellite tv.”  We were both silent. “It’s time for us to go home,” I finally said, “And get drunk on something that tastes decent.” “Then you need to drink CALIFORNIA wine, not Oregon!!” We laughed hysterically; cause we could. Women can do anything. Even come up with better beer._Draughts__by_MenInASuitcase

“Can we still listen to the live show on the car radio?” asked Georgia, fiddling w/the radio while we pulled out of that driveway.”KSLZ?KZSL? Whatever. All-Comedy Brick-House Radio 1450 AM?? That one in Eugene?” “Yeah, if it’s not a re-run again, ” I snickered, “Cause they’re out getting plastered again at Maru restaurant (what the fuck is an “Asian tappa?” Its dim-sum, dummies!! A tappa is from SPAIN!!”) Yeah, dim-sum really sounds good right now.” “Sandramina, ” sighed Georgia, “You’re not in San Francisco any more. This is EUGENE!!”  “Aww, heck,” I sighed sourly, “No vegie-cuisine, organic junk, or raw food this time!! I had to puke all night long!!” “Vegetables get tainted with E-coli, too.” she replied. “Then it’s Chinese food–” “Yeah, they cook it, uh–? You name the place. ” “I already pushed one restaurant commercial, ” I whined. “And  I’m not pushing more right now, that fucking Salem beer is gonna make me hurl!!”.  puke

( Sandramina, signing off, cause my typing digit is too sore, and I’m longing for ginger-beef over white rice, in– ??  maybe Eugene Oregon? Only if I cook it myself, Eugenians!!  We lack REAL ethnicicity, in Eugene, Oregon. Along with everything else ( but we got all of gay S. F.; let’s trade em for Chinese!!  Ah-so!!” (Gung-Hai-Fat-Choy!  no matter what time of year.)   :)  

                                                   barman                                                Pimp_My_Emote_by_madb0y





(teeny tiny representation of cute little emoticons faking the moon landing)

all week long,I have been trying to get rid of this minor ear infection in my right ear; I thought I had gotten rid of it, by stuffing lots of “triple antibiotic cream” into my ear. But after I ran out of that stuff, and couldn’t get anymore, and used Neosporin instead, it didn’t work. The ear infection was getting worse

of course, my ENT Dr. was too busy to see me, and I would have to wait until next Wednesday. In the meantime, I was supposed to just tough it out.

And I tried. But that Friday night, all night long I had a fever and excruciating pain; so next day, I had to take the cab to the local urgent care drop-in clinic. GREAT! Not only painful, just the way I want to spend my Saturday. Having a badly infected ear, and letting some dumb nurse practitioner stick her sharp little tool way inside. And then tell me, she would only give me ear drops, and if it didn’t get well, I would have to COME BACK AGAIN! All because, there was no way any of my regular doctors could see me for it..

so, I have to write to that guy named “Dr.Oz”, and ask him what to do about ear wax, because that’s the way it works now. You look it up yourself on the web, and diagnose yourself, or you write to some TV personality Dr., because you’re own doesn’t even know your’s so much more important to get that stupid flag on the stupid moon, or for president Obama to memorialize himself down in history,then it is to solve the problems here on Earth.and

it’s so much more necessary, for EVERYBODY to get medical treatment, of a very mediocre quality, instead of having to pay money for it and actually get what you paid for.

all the doctors are getting revenge, for having to work in HMOs; they’re forcing us to diagnose OURSELVES, and do our own medical work!”hey, you don’t want to pay us for it? Then go do it yourselves!” Yes, go figure out yourself what to do about ear wax.

personally, I’m waiting until they come out with those very economical and accurate ANDROID DOCTORS, who can’t care whether you get well or not, unless it’s tied up in their programming. or, you have to write to some TV personality Dr., like Dr. Oz,. And only the rich will see or get treated by LIVE human beings.

remind me to get out my bank book, when I get home, and see how I’m really situated. Can I afford to get a real doctor, and pay real money, when I get sick?who is actually going to do the job correctly? Is my life really worth it? Is having a good and accurate Dr. worth it? Somebody you can call up, when you get sick, instead of going to a drop-in clinic or emergency?

well, let’s put it this way; I don’t need a fancy car. I don’t need a fancy house in a fancy neighborhood. I don’t have to send my kids to private school. And I don’t have to buy designer clothing or get fancy computer equipment. But my health? That’s worth a lot to me. Even if eventually I have to pay MONEY, again, for it.